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  1. Living Dead Drummer

    New Music Video

    Hey! I've got a new video out with a group I've been recording with for the last 6/7 months. These guys are located all over the US and I've actually only ever met one of them, lol. This particular track I not only provided drums, but also backup vocals. Fun fact, Kegs don't like sticks. I...
  2. Living Dead Drummer

    Podcast Interview

    Did a fun chat on episode 100 of Mark Cale's podcast. Enjoy!
  3. Living Dead Drummer

    Hollywood recording session

    Had a session in Hollywood over the weekend for a band called Backdrifter. They do well with placement on TV shows like Cobra Ki. This will be their new single "How To Sway."
  4. Living Dead Drummer

    Kick drum mics

    Hey gang, I have two Samson Q-Kick mics for sale. Both in great shape, used in my studio for Floor Toms. One includes a hard shell case as well. $65 with case $55 with out. DM me.
  5. Living Dead Drummer

    Batter Heads 009 Season Finale with Mercedes Lander

    I've decided to take a break from my YouTube show, Batter Heads, for the holiday. This kind of effectively splits things up into "seasons" as I did 9 full episodes, and one bonus content episode with Bermuda. (Because we spent over 3 hours talking, lololololol). I couldn't have found a better...
  6. Living Dead Drummer

    Demon Fire by AC/DC

    An "online band" I've been recording with decided to cover one of the new AC/DC songs. Below is the full version we did, plus the "behind the scenes" from my drum tacking session, enjoy!
  7. Living Dead Drummer

    New AC/DC cover

    Got to record drums and backup vocals on this cover of AC/DC's Demon Fire. Tried to capture a good "Phil Rudd Sound" on the kit.
  8. Living Dead Drummer

    Interview with Rick Latham

    Got to chat with Rick Latham this week on my podcast.
  9. Living Dead Drummer

    New "Halloween" Music Video

    New music video from one of my groups, The Rhythm Coffin. Enjoy TOMBSTONED!
  10. Living Dead Drummer

    A chat with Todd Sucherman

    Had the pleasure of sitting down with Todd for my YouTube Series "Batter Heads." Hope you enjoy it, and if so, please do all those YouTube things that help my channel out...
  11. Living Dead Drummer

    Bermuda Bonus video

    Episode 001 of my YouTube series "Batter Heads" was a LONG talk with Bermuda Schwartz. It was so long in fact I cut almost 45 min out! Well I've decided to take a 25 min conversation about wether or not we think NAMM will happen in January and put it up. Spoilers, it's NOT. About a week after we...
  12. Living Dead Drummer

    In Baltimore, MD this weekend?

    Hey gang, if you’re in the Baltimore area this weekend I’ll be flying into town to perform with Michael Grant & The Assassins. We have a meet & greet set up for Friday and performing live Saturday. I believe both are at a place called Reverb? would love to meet some fellow drum forum members!
  13. Living Dead Drummer

    New Animated Music Video

    I think they got my likeness rather well...
  14. Living Dead Drummer

    Interview on Hellfire Radio

    Talking about being a session guy in the age of Covid...
  15. Living Dead Drummer

    Batter Heads Podcast 003 Nate Morton!

    Episode 3 of my YouTube series Batter Heads is now available, featuring Nate Morton from NBC’s The Voice.
  16. Living Dead Drummer

    How To Play "Monster On My Back"

    Got another "How To" video fro a song I recorded last year with The Rhythm Coffin. Here's "How To Play: MONSTER ON MY BACK"
  17. Living Dead Drummer

    Custom "Black Beauty" 14" x 5.5" $200 OBO

    14" x 5.5" "Black beauty" 1.5mm brass shell with black chrome plating. Made in Taiwan, no logos, or branding of any kind. Purchased new in 2003, use primarily in the studio, but was taken on the road a few times.