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  1. XDrums

    Mapex Venus Wrap Identification

    Does anyone know what this Mapex Venus Wrap is called? Blue, looks cracked.
  2. XDrums

    Ludwig Keystone Pre Serial Floor Tom

    Did Ludwig make a 13” floor tom. This looks like a mod as the CL post say extra holes. Does anyone know the wrap? I’m thinking about buying a Frankenstein kit.
  3. XDrums

    Tama Hardware Identify Era

    I have a Tama hi hat and boom cymbal stand both made in Japan. Black sticker with white lettering and a red stripe. Anyone know the era of these? Thanks!
  4. XDrums

    Paiste 16” Crash Identify

    Does anyone know what this series is? No model on cymbal. I think it’s older 80s or 90s not sure. Has dimples in it and ridges. I haven’t tried it yet but purchased for $40. Thanks!
  5. XDrums

    Zildjian Symphonic French Cymbal 18” SOLD

    Used cymbal. Zildjian Symphonic French 18”. Has some finish issues see pic. Looks like someone did some scouring on it. No cracks or keyholeing. Does have two edge dings right next to each other. See pics. 130$ plus shipping OBO
  6. XDrums

    Sonor Hi Hat Cymbals Vintage

    Just acquired these hi hat cymbals. They don’t look like anything special. But they are sonor and stamped made in Germany. They have RYRKO etched in them. 14”, slight keyhole and some dings. Has anyone ever seen these and any idea of year and or value? Thank you.
  7. XDrums

    Ludwig Drumset Model?

    Does anyone know the model of this Ludwig Drumset? I couldn’t find a picture of the badge anywhere. Looks like a beginner model but bass drum has wood hoops and the hardware looks heavy duty.
  8. XDrums

    Pearl Snare Drum

    Does anyone know what model this Pearl snare is?
  9. XDrums

    Premier Drums

    I just purchased this Premier set with all single braced hardware. It’s all premier and heavy duty. The drums are about 10-15 years old. The color is a gray sparkle. Do you know if this is the APK model?
  10. XDrums

    Pearl Limited Edition Snare

    How do I know if this snare is birch or not? I don’t know if it’s pearl vision either. I’ve seen some like this that say vision but I don’t see vision on the label.
  11. XDrums

    Zildjian Hi Hat Cymbals Vintage What Stamp is this?

    This is for a pair of 14" Zildjian hi hats. Do you know what the stamp is? It looks like 60s? What do you think they are worth? No cracks or keyholeing. Thanks. !
  12. XDrums

    Sonor 600 series boom stand

    Are these stands made in China? I believe this stand to be a 600 series boom as it swivels 360. There is a small made in China sticker on it.
  13. XDrums

    Vintage Zildjian Quick Beat Hi Hat Identification

    I just purchased a set of 14" Quick Beats. The top cymbal is cracked and the bottom is in good condition with petina. I can't see to find the stamp on the bottom cymbal but I need to look more closely. Lots of petina on these. Does anyone know the approximate age? They look really old. This...
  14. XDrums

    Ralph Kester Ching Ring Vintage

    Used Ralph Kester “Ching Ring”. From what I found online this predates the patent number. See pics. “Ching Ring”, DESIGNED BY RALPH KESTER TM REG PAT. PEND. I believe this to be authentic 1960s. Excellent to mint condition. Has fingerprints. Could look great if it was polished. No rust on rivets...
  15. XDrums

    Paiste Blue Label Ride 20”

    Can anyone tell me about this cymbal and value? Labeling on top is about gone. Can’t tell the series. Bottom is clear with blue labeling and made in Switzerland. Has some scratches and petina.
  16. XDrums

    Ralph Kester Ching Ring

    I just purchased this Ching ring. It has “Ching Ring” on it. Designed by Ralph Kester T.M. REG. PAT. PEND. There is no patent number. I believe this to be a reproduction. Can someone verify this?
  17. XDrums

    Sabian Rock Crash 18"

    Would anyone know the series on this Sabian 18" Rock Crash? It looks older due to the logo. Not sure if it's AA. Thanks.
  18. XDrums

    Tama Maple Snare 2001,2002

    Does anyone know is this snare is the Starcaster model, maple? The seller says it's maple and it sure does look like the starcaster. No starcaster nameplate. Do you think $200 is a decent price?
  19. XDrums

    Sabian AA Medium Hi Hat Cymbal 14"

    I just picked up this AA Medium Hi Hat cymbal single. There is no mark on the top or bottom indicating as such. How do I identify which one it is so I can buy another cymbal to match up with it? Sabian has been no help as I have emailed them days ago. I haven't weighed it yet and haven't spent a...
  20. XDrums

    Paiste/Ludwig Standard Cymbal Medium 18" SOLD

    Used Paiste/Ludwig standard cymbal that is 18”. It says Medium on it. I haven’t played it. It’s well used with scratches and color issues. It does have some bites on the edges. Fully functional with no cracks or keyholeing. Looks like there was some initials put in close to the bell. It’s marked...