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  1. kerope

    Istanbul (Mehmet AND Agop) Pre Split Cymbals for sale

    Edited to update the cymbals that are still available . . . . .
  2. kerope

    OT (sort of) - Tinnitus

    I have intermittent tinnitus. I tend to notice it when it temporarily stops. I took a break from gigging in 1999 through 2005, when I joined a ska band. They were loud and I found that between sets and talking to someone, I just couldn't hear what they were saying. I found myself doing the...
  3. kerope

    “Time Outtakes” shows Morello’s development of Take 5 drum part

    Great post - thank you :)
  4. kerope

    Throw-off location while snare is on stand.

    Playing trad grip, I have the snare at an angle and find the the snare cradle arm works for me at 9;00, so throw is at around 8:30
  5. kerope

    Gary Husband moving from Zildjian to......?

    It's funny but reading this thread takes me back to when I was just getting to grips with drums and drumming and had the choice of only Zildjian or Paiste, as they were the only major players at the start of the 1970's. Almost fifty years on and there is now a plethora of major players.
  6. kerope

    Can You Do a 3 or 4 Stroke ROLL?

    I remember seeing Roy Burns do a Rogers clinic in London in the very late 1960s. He did a single stroke roll from slow to blisteringly fast, then did a double stroke roll from slow to the same blistering speed, and yep, then he did exactly the same with a three stoke roll. It took me a few...
  7. kerope

    Button tips

    On the subject of button feet, has anyone seen this style of Buck Rogers snare stand before, in particular the slight curvature of the tripod?
  8. kerope

    Istanbul (Mehmet AND Agop) Pre Split Cymbals for sale

    Hey Steven - I'm good thanks and how about you? I tend to use FB for drums and stuff these days, but recently I started getting DFO notifications and that awakened my curiosity. :) PS I'm Al Dente Falmouth UK on Facebook if you are on there?
  9. kerope

    Istanbul (Mehmet AND Agop) Pre Split Cymbals for sale

    Hi I am selling my collection of these hand made and hand hammered Turkish cymbal ranging from Zilciler (Z) Istanbul initial black stencil logo (BSL) Green Logo (GL) and the final black logo (BL) 2 x 8" Splashes (BL) £60GBP each 1 x 10" Splash with hairline cracks at the bell £40GBP 1 x...
  10. kerope

    Do you use your 8” tom?

    I love 8” toms and for the last 3 years I’ve been using it as my first rack tom with a 10” in second position. I have a 12x10 and 14x12 mounted in the normal FT position. Being thin maple shells i can get a nice low tone with reasonable stick rebound.
  11. kerope

    What Year Did you begin drumming?

    Summer of '66, shame I couldn't have waited three more years . . . . . . . My photo is from '68 :)
  12. kerope

    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    A pre split Istanbul Agop/Mehmet 8" Splash. I've been after one for a few years now, I have 2 x 10" splashes, so think my set up is complete? But don't quote me on that!! :evil4:
  13. kerope

    WTB Sonor S Class Pro Orphans

    Hi Looking for any orphans in grained maple finish. Thanks Al
  14. kerope

    Do Cymbals really go bad?

    "Do Cymbals really go bad?" Not as often as a drummer's ears do!
  15. kerope

    SONOR S Class Pro Toms

    Hi - I'm looking or any SCP toms in grained maple finish only. Thanks.
  16. kerope

    What was the best 60's-70's era Gretsch snare?

    I recently sold my Gretsch 24CT Gold Engraved snare drum for 3500GBP, I paid about 3000GBp for it 15 years earlier.
  17. kerope

    Going Back - to Traditional Grip

    I did the same pretty much the same age as you (66) and tried matched after many years of Trad. I got matched t down pretty good between 190 and 1999. Then took a break from gigs for a while and was watching Weckls 'How to Develop Technique' DVD and started messing with Trad again. Well that...
  18. kerope

    Neil Peart versus Nigel tuffnel

    Laughing but so bored by Good & Peart, I lasted about 3 minutes. Conversely, I could watch Nigel and Marty everyday until I day and still laugh at it . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  19. kerope

    Louie Palmer

    Louis is great, been through a few brands over the last couple of years but seems satisfied now. He's been gigging with Mike Stern so his star is firmly in the ascending movement. He's one of the few YT drummers that never fails to keep my interest, and that really is saying something.
  20. kerope

    Rich Sticks Closing

    I bought my last big batch of sticks from Jeff Rich - now igendrumsticks - around 10 years ago and like Mike and Louis, I have many left and they are showing no signs of degenerating any time soon. I have played Maple sticks for the last 15 years and am not particularly a hard hitter. I cannot...