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    Set up in the park and vibe a little

    We had a rare 70-degree day last week so I set up in a park downtown and played for around 45 minutes. The owner of a local arts publication came out from his office and shot some video. This was the first 'public performance' of my recently acquired vintage Slingerland kit. Imma guessin' you...
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    In search of bass drum mounted cymbal arm...

    It appears I have a stock cymbal arm mount on my newly acquired Slingerland bass drum. Were these pretty much universal from brand to brand? What size (diameter?) cymbal arm should I be looking for? Does Gibraltar make a sturdy plug-n-play version?
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    Have you ever auditioned for a Branson show?

    Has anyone here assembled a demo reel for auditioning purposes? A friend of mine in Branson, Missouri (working musician) is encouraging me to put together a demo packet and sending it to all the shows/theatres there. After losing my job back in August, the prospects of finding local full-time...
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    I landed myself a beautiful '60s Slingy 5 piece...

    Quick back story - These belonged to a fella that I jammed with quite a bit at our local country jamborees. I never saw him play the drums because I knew him as a guitar player. He passed away after a long illness and one day his widow called saying he left behind 4 drum kits and she invited me...
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    Band’s from 20 years ago w/ great drummers...

    That I’ve just become aware of... Don Caballero Faraquet Hella I’m not sure how these bands got past me I find Caballero to be the most interesting musically
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    Order with

    I placed an order with on the April 14th and got a confirmation the next day. Despite their claim to ship heads "2-5 business days" after ordering, I haven't heard a peep from them since. I've emailed them twice in the past 5 days with no response. They've had a message on...
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    Wow! This is great (Randolph & Stewart in Vic Firth Duo)

    I love that they're playing together and not necessarily trying to outchop each other
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    THEE most impressive recent drum kit performance I've seen (Maison Guidry)

    This is one of the most impressive display of chops and feel I've seen in a recent performance Maison Guidry in support of the Jonathan Scales Fourchestra in Tiny Desk concert at NPR Yikes!
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    10 years at

    Feb 14th marks my tenth year at DFO. Now, I did frequent the DCI board back in the early 2000s under the name 'Fat Chance' but my time here at DFO has been a quality experience. I've learned a lot, I've shared a lot. I've bought your stuff... you've bought my stuff. The administrators and...
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    Short documentary on the making of Rush’s Snakes & Arrows album

    Great insight into their creative process. Plus, some candid moments caught ‘on tape’. Did you know Neil recorded one of the tracks on a 4 piece?
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    Leon Bridges & Khruangbin team up for some old school funk

    real nice...
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    How are you mounting multiple splashes?

    I always thought I would like to have 3 splashes mounted generally above my hi hat/high mounted tom area but never bothered figuring out the logistics. I'm guessing there is hardware that accommodates multiple splashes on one stand? How are you mounting multiple splashes?
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    Recent sound check from Gavin Harrison

    great playing, great sounding drums. Please listen through quality speakers/headphones
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    Credit Anderson Paak for keeping live drums in the mainstream spotlight

    33 year old Rap/R&B sensation Anderson Paak often performs his songs while playing drums. It's been a while since we've seen a singing drummer prominently featured on network variety/talk shows. I had originally planned on posting his recent performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live but for some stupid...
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    Tell me about my new (used) Pearl Masters Custom Snare drum

    Two weeks ago, I bought a Pearl Maple Masters Custom snare from the Ben Folds Studio A sale on Reverb. The drum, my first wood ply snare made by Pearl, is in very good shape. The color was listed as Antique Yellow. It has re-rings and diecast hoops. I don't really have an eye for it but I would...
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    OT: Ben Folds selling 250 items from his studio on Reverb

    From RCA Studio A in Nashville . . . his Reverb store just went live. Listings include drums, drumkits and cymbals
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    Being a drummer in the Country & Western/Western Swing world

    As much as I fancy myself a rock/contemporary drummer. My most regular gig is playing a country dance 2-3 times a month at a city-run rec center. Most of the music is C&W from the '50s-'80s along with some Western Swing in the tradition of Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys. I often share the...
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    OT: Help me prep/pack for a nearly two-week vacation

    My wife and I will soon embark on the trip of a lifetime, beginning with a week-long tour through interior Alaska and finishing with a four-day cruise from Glacier Bay to Vancouver. This adventure is so far beyond the scale of any trip we've ever taken before. It is our first ever group...
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    Surprised Matt Halpern doesn't get more attention here...

    He has the funky sensibilities of Chad Smith and the ability to groove his way through mind-bending meter changes, in the same fashion as Mike Portnoy. Quite the powerhouse drummer.
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    Another fascinating performance by Nate Smith

    Dude has a sense of rhythm that occupies spaces unfamiliar to me. If Nate's drumming was represented by a Venn diagram... the three circles would be Intuition, Mystery & Stank