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  1. kerope

    Istanbul (Mehmet AND Agop) Pre Split Cymbals for sale

    Hi I am selling my collection of these hand made and hand hammered Turkish cymbal ranging from Zilciler (Z) Istanbul initial black stencil logo (BSL) Green Logo (GL) and the final black logo (BL) 2 x 8" Splashes (BL) £60GBP each 1 x 10" Splash with hairline cracks at the bell £40GBP 1 x...
  2. kerope

    WTB Sonor S Class Pro Orphans

    Hi Looking for any orphans in grained maple finish. Thanks Al
  3. kerope

    SONOR S Class Pro Toms

    Hi - I'm looking or any SCP toms in grained maple finish only. Thanks.
  4. kerope

    Any Gretsch experts - help needed?

    Can anyone confirm when Gretsch started to fit a die Cast 8" hoop? I am in a predicament with a purchaser of 6" & 8" drop G Concert Toms with TF hoops. Here is a copy of our conversation, would really appreciate any help with this :) Hey Mr Dente - I’ve had all drums now rewrapped and...
  5. kerope

    Anyone playing Diril Cymbals?

    Just asking and would like some opinions if your answer is in the affirmative?
  6. kerope

    Mickey Rooney - Hear The Drummer Boy Play

    A light hearted start to the weekend and a film that kindled my love of drums and music:
  7. kerope


    Having me a happy birthday as I purchased these today:
  8. kerope

    Steve Smith playing with my band!!!!!!

    WOW!!! Look who dropped by and played a few numbers with my band .............
  9. kerope

    Holy Pimp My Radio King!!!!!!

  10. kerope

    This is more fishy than Pikes Market, Seattle!!!!

    So whaddaya think to this: Gretsch
  11. kerope

    Vintage Premier Bongos - with That Great Gretsch Sound??

    That Great Gretsch Sound?
  12. kerope

    OT: In a Blues mood today so ....... I know it's Wednesday but

    IMHO, Nobody but nobody plays this track better than the Allman Bros and we have the added bonus of Mr C too. Can somebody confirm if that is Dickie Betts taking the first solo? If it is, he's sure piled on some weight recently?
  13. kerope

    Separated at Birth? Let's revisit ...........

    With so many new members, I thought it would be fun to run this again: No real rules, drummers, musicians, celebrities ............. waddayagot? I'll start: Freddie Hubbard and Yaphet Koto
  14. kerope

    VERY IMPORTANT re the Charlie thread

    I intend to send a link of the birthday thread to my friend Bill Harrison, who looks after Charlie's drums so please add your comments and, hopefully, Mr W will get to see all the love that we have for him on this forum. Many Thanks Al :occasion5:
  15. kerope

    Our MAN Charlie is 70 years Old Today!!!

    Happy Birthday Charlie :occasion5: You really gave me inspiration as a 15 year old drummer when I learned your beat from 'Get Off My Cloud' - THANK YOU! Let's all make this a fitting cyber card for the M-A-N!!!!!!!
  16. kerope

    Show us your Sonor Phonics ...... please?

    I am new to the Sonor Phonic camp, having bought a Centennial Bop Kit just before Christmas. I have since acquired 4 Ferro Manganese Snares D500, D505, D506 & D508 & a Swinger that thinks it's a Supra. Yesterday I just picked up an 8/10/12/13/14/16/22 in Natural Oak and am so pleased with...
  17. kerope

    Does anybody play Turkish Cymbals???

    I went for these because they seemed quite cheap for Hand Hammered Turkish Cymbals. I know very little about them and thought for the price, I can't really lose if I don't like them. I don't really like 'new' cymbals, so I'm hoping I will be pleasantly surprised. Anyone here play them or has...
  18. kerope

    OT: I really miss Robert Palmer's contribution to Music!!!!

    Robert was always one step ahead in my book, a classy vocalist who wasn't afraid to swim against the tide of popular taste. His 1994 album 'Riding High' was way ahead of all the others that plundered the Great American Songbook: Robbie Williams, Rod Stewart, Jamie Cullum, Michael Buble...
  19. kerope

    Adam Nussbaum - Farting and Falling!!!!

    Just found this and had to share with you all:
  20. kerope

    Somewhere Down The Crazy River

    One of my favourite RR tracks - I've only ever heard the album version before! :occasion5: