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  1. mgdrummer

    Is it a Sonor SQ2 demo, or an Alice In Chains cover?

    My good friend Mike Gallus of Mike’s Drum Shop in Villa Park, IL lent me his brand new medium beech SQ2 kit to play around with in my studio. So I shot video while tracking the drums to a drumless version of Would? that I found on YouTube. I am really impressed with the toms on this kit! They...
  2. mgdrummer

    Brad Paisley "Mud On The Tires" in my new studio space

    I finished out part of my basement as a practice/recording space. With gigs at a minimum I've recently found some of the drumless tracks that are on Youtube to be a way to woodshed and work on my engineering and mixing abilities. Here's "Mud On The Tires" by Brad Paisley. No editing, no sound...
  3. mgdrummer

    Premier 36 chrome over aluminum snare

    Looking for a 70's chromed aluminum Premier model #36 6.5x14 snare drum. Basically Premier's version of the Ludwig 402. Shoot me a PM and let me know if you've got one to sell! Thanks!
  4. mgdrummer

    Looking for 90's Premier Genista, Signia and Gen-X in Damask/Cherrywood/Cherry

    Here's my running list of pieces I'm looking to add to their respective shell banks. 90's Genista in Damask red: 11x13 power tom w/RIMS mount 16x18 bass drum 18x20 bass drum 16x24 bass drum Signia in Cherrywood: 14x14 floor tom 16x18 floor tom 16x24 bass drum MKI Gen-X (mini Genista lugs) in...
  5. mgdrummer

    Remote recording/online collaboration video finished! Fun & Funny...

    I posted my recording performance video for this tune in the video section awhile back, but I thought the final full production video might be appreciated enough here. We’ve got a pretty impressive community of musicians in the suburbs of Chicago, many of whom I’ve gotten to be friends with...
  6. mgdrummer

    Helloween "I Want Out" online collaboration cover

    With everything being shut down I've been rediscovering my interest in home recording. This is a cover that a bunch of local musician friends & I put together by sending tracks back & forth to each other and I ended up mixing the final version of the tune. The drum sound is the actual drums...
  7. mgdrummer

    Still looking for Premier Genista, Signia and MKI Gen-X

    Hi all, here's my current "wish list" to complete my shell banks: Genista (Damask Red) 12x13 power tom 16x18 bass drum 18x20 bass drum 16x24 bass drum Signia (Cherrywood) 14x14 floor tom 16x24 bass drum Gen-X (Cherry) 6x14 snare 10x13 tom 14x14 floor tom 16x16 floor tom 16x18 floor tom 18x20...
  8. mgdrummer

    Cherrywood Premier Signia

    Hi all, I’m after the following pieces to round out my Signia shell bank: 16x24 bass drum 14x14 and 16x18 floor toms Looking for specimens in great condition. A few small blemishes are ok, unfortunately I’m not interested in anything that has major road rash.
  9. mgdrummer

    Speaking of tributes, how about Queensryche: Jet City Woman

    "Silent Lucidity" was/is a Chicago based Queensryche tribute that we formed in 1998 and stayed active for the better part of a decade with multiple members coming & going. Two years ago we did what was supposed to be a one-off reunion show where we rotated many of the various members in/out...
  10. mgdrummer

    New 602 reissue heavy hats

    I was able to pick up a pair of the recently reissued 15” 602 heavy hats yesterday, they will be going in the bag and out to a gig tonight. I’m really excited about these as I’ve had all the reissue hats in 15”, and these seem to track the best with my hands out of all of them. The extra...
  11. mgdrummer

    Paiste Hats & Rides (Masters, Reissued 602's, 2002)

    No pics at the moment but I have something better: VIDEOS! All cymbals are in excellent condition except the 2002 hats, they're a bit worn w/faded logos but no cracks, keyholes, etc. Prices do NOT include shipping. 15" Reissue 602 medium hats $SOLD! 22" Reissue 602 medium ride $SOLD! 21"...
  12. mgdrummer

    5.5x14 Premier Signia snare

    Very nice Cherrywood lacquer Signia snare, recently cleaned & detailed. I have two and this one is cleaner. $350 shipped to the lower 48 as pictured. For those whom it matters to, I have a heavy cast stress hoop from another snare that I can replace the stock TR8 flanged hoop with. This...
  13. mgdrummer

    Cherrywood Premier Signia 24” kick/18” floor tom

    Looking to round out my Signia shell bank with a 16x24 kick and 16x18 floor tom in cherrywood lacquer. May even consider a full kit if you have both sizes.
  14. mgdrummer

    Nicko leaves Sonor for British Drum Co

    BDC posted a teaser video announcing Nicko is now a BDC artist. Didn’t see that coming! I thought he was happy as could be to be back with Sonor from everything I’d seen & heard from him in videos relating to his gear.
  15. mgdrummer

    MKI Premier Gen-X in Cherry lacquer

    Need at least a 16x16 floor tom, willing to consider a full kit if you don't want to part it out. Otherwise I have 13x16 and 11x14 hanging toms available to work out a trade. Also looking for any other Cherry pieces that AREN'T 8x10, 9x12, 11x14, 13x16 and 18x22. 24" kick, traditional floor...
  16. mgdrummer

    14" 90's Premier flanged hoops for snare & tom

    In need of a 10 lug 14" snare batter hoop and a 14" 8 lug tom/floor tom hoop. Signia/Genista era only please, thanks!
  17. mgdrummer

    Wanted: Premier 642 throw off

    Hi all, I'm in need of a Premier 642 throw off. Anyone have one they can part with? Thanks- Mike
  18. mgdrummer

    16x16 Premier Gen-X floor tom

    In need of a 16x16 Premier Gen-X floor tom in Cherry lacquer. Needs to be the MKI version with the mini Genista lugs and black round badge. Can buy outright or would be willing to trade matching 11x14 and 13x16 hanging toms for it. Thanks!
  19. mgdrummer

    At my wit's end with Guitar Center

    Full disclosure: I used to work for GC in 98/99. Besides the not true pay it wasn't a bad job, and we used to get in all kinds of cool stuff at the time that I was with the company. Being a 90's Premier nut & discontinued Paiste fanatic I'm always scouring their used listings for stuff I want/need...
  20. mgdrummer

    22" Paiste Twenty ride (raw bell)

    Hi all, I'm looking to find another 22" original Twenty series ride. Anyone have one that's not getting played? Willing to buy outright or possibly trade my 21" Twenty Masters medium ride.