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  1. Tomb


    one of the groups I'm with is getting setup on this jamkazam and the band leader sent me a link to Berhinger interface boxes. I have zero knowledge of any of this stuff, and so just started looking into which device I should get. I bought an e-kit so I could play during covid without driving my...
  2. Tomb

    electronic drums - recommendations

    Never thought I'd see the day, but with most of my gigs cancelled I'm thinking about getting a set of electronic drums so I can at least play along to music, and with a full family and pets in the house, setting up my acoustic kit isn't going to fly. Full disclosure, I don't know the first...
  3. Tomb

    new Rogers kit

    just saw this on DCP Facebook page. very nice
  4. Tomb

    Eames kit "refresh"

    I've decided to have Mark Kohler (who took over Eames when Joe retired) build me a 12" tom so I can have the option of using a 2-up configuration if I so desire. At the same time, Mark will be refinishing my other shells because the particular color stain Joe used during the original build is no...
  5. Tomb

    kinda cool find

    Now that both my folks are gone, I've been going through their stuff, seems they saved everything :-( Anyway, I came across the receipt for my first drum set they bought me when I was 12. It was a 3 piece red sparkle Black Jack. Basically the kit I learned on. Eventually once I started playing...
  6. Tomb

    Lightweight snare stands

    I checked the ones listed on the Hardware weights spreadsheet pinned above and am thinking either the Yamaha SS3 or the Tama classic series snare stand, since they're both close in weight. Was wondering if anyone is using either of these and if so what are your thoughts? thanks...
  7. Tomb

    I'm spent...

    back to back gigs this weekend that I've been looking forward to for quite sometime, then the evening of the 4th, I wake up at night with a scratchy throat, aches and pains etc... I went downhill yesterday, but the show goes on, and it was an absolutely fantastic evening. Dinner set overlooking...
  8. Tomb

    praising the new Classic Maple's

    I've done a handful of gigs now with the new CM's, and just have to say they are simply beautiful and by far the best drum set I have ever owned. The tone, the feel, it's just all there. I can't believe how good the snare drum sounds. And I'm very happy I decided on the Downbeat configuration...
  9. Tomb

    First gig with the new CM's!

    I took delivery about a month ago, and friday night was the first time out. What beautiful drums! The build quality and the tone - they certainly lived up to expectations! I am amazed at how full they sound in the Downbeat sizes. This was a sub gig that I knew absolutely nothing about, so I...
  10. Tomb

    new kit just arrived!

    It's a great day. I haven't bought a new set of drums in 20 years. I've been saving for a while, and trying to figure out what configuration I wanted. Ultimately I decided on Steve Maxwell's vintage Ludwig build in the Downbeat configuration. This is my first set of Ludwig's, ever. Although most...
  11. Tomb

    Ludwig Bass Drum Mounted Cymbal Arm

    anyone using the bass drum mounted cymbal arm on a downbeat kit - is it too high for a ride cymbal? I tend to like my ride low (no higher than the mounted tom) and only at a slight angle towards me thanks, Tom
  12. Tomb

    Ludwig Bass Drum Shell Mount Cymbal Arm

    question for anyone using the Ludwig L1372 - will it adjust low enough for a ride cymbal? I like my ride to be about even with the height of the highest point of the mounted tom, certainly not any higher. And I only use a slight angle - nothing like in this picture
  13. Tomb

    Ear plugs

    anyone here try these Vibes?
  14. Tomb

    Ludwig Super Classic

    I am looking at a late 60's kit 22/13/16 that appears to be in very good condition, and born together. I have no idea what these are worth, and what is a reasonable price to pay? Anything else I should be aware of? thanks!
  15. Tomb

    Roger Taylor - Queen

    My son and I saw Queen with Adam Lambert last night in Boston Roger's DW concert tom kit sounded absolutely incredible, as did he! I have definitely seen a small resurgence in interest in these setups the past couple years. And by the way, the concert was amazing, almost beyond words. One of...
  16. Tomb

    DW 23" bass drum

    I was surprised to see they still sell this size. I thought it was a short lived idea I never understood the why. Is there a market for this size, when we already have 22" and 24"? If anyone has owned or played one, I would be interested in your thoughts...
  17. Tomb

    Bass drum port - Opinions wanted

    We're doing a memorial day party this weekend. It will be outdoors and I will be un-mic'd. Classic rock, and they are pretty good about keeping levels down, but my biggest concern is the bass drum. I might be able to mic it just a tad bit, not sure. I was thinking of going full on huge 70's...
  18. Tomb

    Drum Center of Portsmouth

    I went up last weekend to check out their new digs. very impressive! If you're in the area you should check them out. They are having a grand opening celebration on June 3rd.
  19. Tomb

    OT: Recommendations for ear buds

    My son has the Bose ear buds. He just uses them on his phone and computer. They're quite expensive. Amazing sound, but they broke. He wants really good sound without shelling out the big bucks for another set of Bose. Can you all recommend some you like that won't break the bank? thanks, Tom
  20. Tomb

    Eames tom

    I know this is a long shot, but if anyone has a 8x12 Eames tom either virgin or drilled for an L arm bracket please let me know. It also needs to have their "house" lugs thanks, Tom