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  1. Capt Wierd

    John Mcquaid

    Has anyone heard from John, talked to him last Spring, tried calling his landline, it's disconnected, cell phone is constantly busy
  2. Capt Wierd

    Walberg and Auge

    A friend of mine and myself are looking for any W & A catalogs from the 30s
  3. Capt Wierd

    Walberg and Auge Catalog

    Does anyone have a 1930s Walberg and Auge catalog?
  4. Capt Wierd

    Painted Drum Heads from the 30s

    Recently I've come across 2 great painted drum heads of the 30s, pretty rare. The first one I almost past up because I didn't recognize the head, it was upside down...
  5. Capt Wierd

    Another Viking Raid

    Well it's been awhile, the lack of pillaging the small towns of England and Scotland sure gets boring, so we're at it again A very rare Besson Bass Pedal, Pre war to go with my Besson trap kit Premier Canister throne for a future kit in Copper w/ Black Stripe Carlton Collapsible Bass...
  6. Capt Wierd

    My First Snare, not Premier

    August 1959
  7. Capt Wierd

    Carlton Snare Redux

    Just to prove the old adage, "You learn something new everyday" For years, I've beem calling the Carlton finish, ebony background with silver/gold slivers running through it, Raytex. It is only Raytex if it's Premier, if it's Carlton it's called "Electra" Here are 4 examples Carlton...
  8. Capt Wierd

    Looking for a Couple Vintage Catalogs

    I'm looking for either scans or actual catalogs from Walberg and Auge, Ajax and John Grey from the 30s
  9. Capt Wierd

    Hello, Again Sports Fans and Future Lounge Lizards

    This is the best pic I've found of the Carlton Combo, there is a rumor this maybe coming to America
  10. Capt Wierd

    The Raids will continue until the morale improves

    Now this is a wrap I've never, ever even seen or heard of but it must be the Greenwood Pearl wrap described in the 35-36 catalog. It has darkened over the years but it might clean up a little
  11. Capt Wierd

    Me Viking Mates are on vacation in the Canary Islands

    Some interesting late 30s green sparkle drums, snare and 2 orphan toms, we will be on the search for a bass drum. Unfortunately, the lever on the Dominion is broken. Some tried to tack a bottom head on the smaller tom
  12. Capt Wierd

    Holy Grail of Vintage Carlton

    Just got this in the UK, I have the matching bass from years ago, with diecast lugs, so now have the tube lug version bass and snare and the diecast lug
  13. Capt Wierd

    Old Posts

    How do I access old posts beyond the pages I can normally access? Archived posts??, need some pics off some of my old post due to computer issues
  14. Capt Wierd

    Boosey and Hawkes Low Hat

    Just found this little item, it is built similar to the Carlton Low Hat, same type of cast foot treadle,
  15. Capt Wierd

    Finally, Kentucky Cowbells

    It took me along time but I finally nailed a set, next stop my Gigster Console
  16. Capt Wierd

    Carlton Combination aka Cocktail kit

    This is interesting; It's the oldest version of the Carlton Combination Kit I've ever seen, now mine Other Versions: I already had a matching snare; The tricky part is trying to...
  17. Capt Wierd

    How It's All Done, UK to USA

    Some may have wondered how I get all my plunder to these shores, well here it is in pictures courtesy of Embassy Cargo in Basildon: Container pulls into dock Pallets being loaded Container sealed Container on its way to the port The ship departed Sunday, the 17th of June and...
  18. Capt Wierd

    Quickie Raid on the U.K.

    I've never seen this in any of the catalogs
  19. Capt Wierd

    Chas Laine to the white courtesy phone

    Chas got a nibble on wmp Oli14 inch floor tom
  20. Capt Wierd

    Zickos for the Zicko's Man For full Disclosure, they are my Cousin's in Brum