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  1. Heartbeat

    Any Tama 1st Chair users? Roc n soc hugger?

    The Roc n Soc Hugger refers to the seat. It's just a slimmer version of their tractor/saddle seat (I have two of them and like them). But they aren't round.
  2. Heartbeat

    Bring on the funk!

    "Too hot in the hot tub!" (one of my favorite SNL skits) :icon_lol: Funk-rockers Mother's Finest. One of my bands opened for them. They were super nice to us and brought the house down.
  3. Heartbeat

    OT: if DISCO isn't something you care much for..

    Dennis Bryon is severely under-rated, IMO. I've always loved his groove on Nights on Broadway. His book, You Should Be Dancing: My Life with the Bee Gees, is on my to-read list.
  4. Heartbeat

    How About Songs w/Ride Cymbals That We Liked?

    I'm obsessed with this band right now, partly because of the ride. LOL! My guess is it's a 22" Kerope Medium? I'm a Paiste freak, but I love this. Chris Powell on drums.
  5. Heartbeat

    Ear protection- what do you use?

    For non-molded, I use Earasers and buy the -26db version through their website (-19db is their "standard"). They also offer a maximum -31db filter. I've found them to be the most comfortable OTC earplug. I don't feel them at all. For custom molded, I use Dream Earz acrylic earplugs and also...
  6. Heartbeat

    Anyone planning/dreaming about a move?

    Well, I was thinking about Texas....
  7. Heartbeat

    Finished My Comparison of 60's Supraphonic to 2020 Version

    Yes, this is the difference in sound between 1.6mm and 2.3mm hoops.
  8. Heartbeat

    Finished My Comparison of 60's Supraphonic to 2020 Version

    Likely 1.6mm hoops on the 60s Supra, which are lighter than the 2.3mm that come on the new ones.
  9. Heartbeat

    High frequency overtones?

    I hear it in #2, 3, and 4, when you're using the VF 5A. So if it's your stick, that's an easy change.
  10. Heartbeat

    Foot Work

    Such a killer drum track! My older brother used to play their albums. I loved them. Years ago, I made one of my bands play Tighten Up Your Wig. So fun!
  11. Heartbeat

    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    Had a super transaction with @dustjacket on some Paistes. Excellent communication and shipping. Thumbs up!
  12. Heartbeat

    What's your favorite snare drum?

    100th Anniversary 6.5" Black Beauty
  13. Heartbeat

    Live From My Drum Room - Gregg Bissonette & Dave Mattacks

    Loved this! Gregg is a trip! I really enjoyed meeting him and attending his clinic at the Chicago Drum Show. One of my favorites.
  14. Heartbeat

    New Rogers Dyna-Sonic

    Those sound so good! I've been drooling over the new green marine pearl. Yours is gorgeous. Enjoy.
  15. Heartbeat

    Anyone else been impulsively buying and selling cymbals lately?

    So far: 2 rides, 3 crashes, a pair of hi-hats, 3 snare drums. And I have my eye on 2 more crashes, a snare, and a 3-piece kit. Don't tell my husband.
  16. Heartbeat

    Asking for friend How many sets is too much ?

    What do you guys tell your spouse when you're wanting to buy a new kit that can't be sneaked in? Asking for a friend....
  17. Heartbeat

    Hats and ride for a banjo-rock, grass-rock band?

    Thanks Mike! Four bands right now. Ha! Just hoping gigs come back soon with the warmer weather.
  18. Heartbeat

    Hats and ride for a banjo-rock, grass-rock band?

    Thank you for all your input! I'm considering everything you've mentioned. Yes, this is a very different project that's a lot of fun. @CC Cirillo - good idea about the Pioneer, thanks!
  19. Heartbeat

    Hats and ride for a banjo-rock, grass-rock band?

    I've started playing with an all-female "banjo-rock/grass-rock" band (which is how our singer is describing it, LOL). We have one player who either plays banjo, mandolin, or acoustic guitar, depending on the song; one player on keys; 3-part vocal harmonies, and we're adding a bassist soon. Not...
  20. Heartbeat

    OT: Your Favorite War Movies

    Die Weisse Rose We watched it in my high school German class, way back when. I then visited Germany twice (before and right after the wall came down) as part of an exchange program, lived with German families. When I went to Munich, I made sure to go to the University where much of the story...