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  1. Geardaddy

    Another new name for Ludwig drums

    Most of us on this forum are familiar with some people reading the 70's Ludwig logo upside down and referring to them as "biman" drums. Well, I've discovered a new name for Ludwigs. I've been seeing drums on eBay from Japan referred to as Ludwig "Radic" (or sometimes Radick) drums. I'd see a...
  2. Geardaddy

    Looked at an interesting Ringo kit today

    Saw an ad on FB Marketplace for a Vintage Ludwig drum set in original cases. Looked at the 2 posted pictures and saw BOP so I sent a message. When I saw the kit in person today I was slightly underwhelmed. The owner of the kit inherited it from her uncle who died about 7 years ago, but hadn't...
  3. Geardaddy

    Want to find a DW Collectors 6.5x14 black nickel over brass snare drum

    The title pretty much says it all. Prefer chrome hardware, but let me know what you've got. Thanks.
  4. Geardaddy

    Interesting Prototype drum kit on eBay with keyless tuning lugs The pictures and description speak for themselves. Interesting concept, but I would think that it would take a lot of finger strength to achieve any higher tuning ranges.
  5. Geardaddy

    WTB: Zildjian A series Mastersound 13" hi hat top cymbal

    I'm looking for a 13" Zildjian Mastersound A series top hi hat cymbal to go with the Mastersound bottom cymbal I own. Will consider other Zildjian 13" hi hat top cymbals as well. Or maybe even other brands if they would pair well with the Mastersound bottom. Thanks.
  6. Geardaddy

    K Zildjian 14" late 60’s hi hat cymbals

    For sale is a set of K Zildjian 14" hi hat cymbals in excellent condition No key-holing or cracks, but each cymbal has one very small flea bite on the edge They have the K Zildjian Older New Stamp which dates them from about 1967-1972 The cymbals weigh in at 800g (top) and 925g (bottom)...
  7. Geardaddy

    SOLD Pearl Masters Studio birch 12 x 9 Platinum Mist tom

    Pearl Masters Studio 12 x 9 tom in excellent condition 6 ply birch shell Includes the Pearl Optimount and Mastercast hoops Platinum Mist lacquer finish Email with questions Asking $100 plus shipping and Paypal fees
  8. Geardaddy

    SOLD! Yamaha Club Custom 5.5x14 Orange Swirl Snare drum

    Yamaha Club Custom Snare drum in excellent condition 5.5x14 Kapur shell One small scuff above the butt is pictured Email with questions Asking $300 plus shipping and Paypal fees
  9. Geardaddy

    New (to me) Yamaha 9000D series drums

    I just acquired a vintage Yamaha drum kit that is not only a very nice set of drums, but also holds a great deal of sentimental value to me personally. It’s a 4 piece set of Yamaha 9000D birch shell drums from 1978 - 79. The drums are 8x12, 9x13, 16x16 and 14x22. This kit belonged to the...
  10. Geardaddy

    Unusual MIJ snare drum find

    I just picked up an unusual MIJ snare drum on Craigslist. It’s an Apollo Megatone 5x14 steel shell snare with a Super Sensitive type parallel throwoff. It was made by Star. For a MIJ stencil snare drum, this thing is a beast. It weighs in at 11.5 pounds mostly because of a super thick steel...
  11. Geardaddy

    Interesting drum company connection

    I own an older PDP Rat Rod snare drum shell and I decided to strip the hardware off of it to refinish the rather ugly flat black maple shell. I had a laugh after I removed the badge and looked at the back of it. The PDP badge was made from recycled aluminum stock that was already printed for...
  12. Geardaddy

    Camco LA concert tom drum kit – RARE!

    I’m selling this kit for a friend of mine. The kit consists of two 9x13 rack toms, a 16x16 floor tom and a 14x22 bass drum. The rack toms have Rogers Big R mounts. The floor tom has Ludwig leg mounts and legs. The bass drum has Sonor spurs and a Rogers Big R tom mount. The 3 toms all have...
  13. Geardaddy

    Rare "Ludwig" snare drum on eBay

    Saw this on eBay. it is wrong is so many ways. Ludwig 14" x 3" RARE COS Piccolo Snare Drum w/ 12 Lug Design Excellent! Ludwig 14" x 3" Chrome over Steel Shell Piccolo Snare Drum. This snare sounds great! It is very crisp due to it's Ludwig...
  14. Geardaddy

    Ludwig Classic maple snare drum question

    Saw this snare drum for sale on CL. The seller states that the shell is "maple sandwiched between black oak" but the sticker inside the drum says it is a 7 ply maple shell. So does anyone here know what the is the actual shell construction of this drum? Thanks in advance for any insight. CL...
  15. Geardaddy

    Craigslist Score

    I was checking out Craigslist yesterday when an ad for Snare drum and stand caught my eye. I pulled up the ad and saw two very bad pictures (See the first 2 pictures below). The price was cheap and I could see what I thought were Imperial lugs so I sent an email to the seller. A couple of hours...
  16. Geardaddy

    Interesting snare drum stand

    I saw this drum kit for sale on OfferUp. I did a double take when I saw what they were using to hold up the snare.
  17. Geardaddy

    Slingerland bass drum spurs thread size?

    I recently acquired an early 70's Slingerland kit and the bass drum spur mounts are stripped. The wing screws for the mounts are also missing. I want to put helicoils in the mounts and find the correct size wing screws. However, I don't know what size the threads are supposed to be. I know they...
  18. Geardaddy

    SOLD Ludwig Standard Avocado Strata snare drum

    For sale is a Ludwig Standard Avocado Strata snare drum. The drum is in excellent playing condition and has all original parts except for heads. It sounds like a Jazz Festival. Email with questions.
  19. Geardaddy

    "Customized" 70's Ludwig Supraphonic snare

    For sale is a "Custom" Ludwig 5x14 Supraphonic 400 snare drum. The chrome plating on the shell was in such bad shape that I had a plating shop strip it off and then painted the shell with a red hammer finish paint. The hammer finish paint completely hides the pitting that remained after the...
  20. Geardaddy

    SOLD - Zickos snare drum

    1970's Zickos 6 x 14 clear acrylic snare drum for sale. The drum is in good condition for its age. There are no extra holes in the drum, but there is a 3 inch repaired crack starting from one of the lug holes. SOLD