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  1. Geardaddy

    How to touch up scarred drums?

    I touched up a Yamaha Recording Custom Cherrywood kit using tinted fingernail polish. I bought several bottles of polish that I thought were close to the correct color and just experimented until I found an almost perfect color match. From a couple of feet away the gouges disappeared. It's easy...
  2. Geardaddy

    Yamaha YD-5000D Power Stage 2 Series (1985)

    I have a hard copy of the 85 catalog with the wrap listed in it as well as a picture of a Stage kit in that finish.
  3. Geardaddy

    Yamaha YD-5000D Power Stage 2 Series (1985)

    The wrap was called Black Chrome. The finish shows up in the 85 catalog available on the Stage series but is gone by the 86 catalog. Shells are listed as mahogany with an inner ply of beech. Drums were available in that finish in all of the Stage series sizes in the catalog. The GC and GF are...
  4. Geardaddy

    1973 Pearl Hairline Silver kit

    Update: the Pearl catalog on Drumarchive shown as: 12 page catalogue from 1975(?) (USA/Europe market) does show Hairline Silver on page 3 in the color finishes along with Hairline Gold and Hairline Blue.
  5. Geardaddy

    1973 Pearl Hairline Silver kit

    I did find a 1975 Pearl catalog here: It does show what I think is Hairline Silver in the color swatches (No. 34) as well as a kit in that color on page 10 of the catalog. Unfortunately, the catalog is in Japanese so I can't be certain. Possibly...
  6. Geardaddy

    Vintage Yamaha collectors , check this one out

    Those are nice sounding kits, but that one has a lot of mods and extra holes to be asking that much for it. Just my opinion.
  7. Geardaddy

    Snare wires suggestions for Yamaha snare

    I have that same Yamaha SD-075 snare. It still has the original 20 strand wires from Yamaha on it. They are tied on with string. If that was good enough for Yamaha, it's good enough for me. The snare sounds fantastic.
  8. Geardaddy

    Recording custom?

    In the 80's all of Yamaha drums used the same badge (pictured on your drum) and the model would indicate what the drum was (SD for snare drum, BD for bass drum, etc) followed by the model number/size (096, 22, etc). In the 90's the drums started getting different badges for each of the different...
  9. Geardaddy

    Recording custom?

    If you go strictly by the revised Yamaha dating guide, then that snare should be from March of 1999. However, if you factor in the pictures of the actual snare drum it changes things. The photographic evidence like the style of lugs and throw and most importantly, the badge, it indicates that...
  10. Geardaddy

    Interesting Parts

    I believe that the first picture is a pair of cymbal stand clamp wing nuts (and bolt) from a MIJ stand. I'm thinking the 70's or early 80's super lightweight entry level metric stuff from Percussion Plus or some similar brand. Third picture is a Gretsch lug. Fourth picture looks like the leg...
  11. Geardaddy

    Can you help me find a wing screw for my stand?

    The problem is that they are NOT, I repeat NOT 8mm wing nuts. I refurbished some LP congas a few years ago and discovered that LP uses SAE thread wing nuts. I'm pretty sure they are 5/16"-18 thread but it's been too long to be absolutely certain. As others have said, take it to an Ace Hardware...
  12. Geardaddy

    question on Ludwig Standard

    I owned a Ludwig Standard kit in Blue Strata with classic lugs (which also had white interior paint) and I've seen 2 other kits with classic lugs. I'm betting they all came from the factory that way. Ludwig would do whatever it took to get product out the door. No Standard lugs in stock, just...
  13. Geardaddy

    Another new name for Ludwig drums

    Most of us on this forum are familiar with some people reading the 70's Ludwig logo upside down and referring to them as "biman" drums. Well, I've discovered a new name for Ludwigs. I've been seeing drums on eBay from Japan referred to as Ludwig "Radic" (or sometimes Radick) drums. I'd see a...
  14. Geardaddy

    90's Yamaha RC Floor Tom Bracket failure

    So basically your complaint is that a $7 wing nut has failed after being set up and torn down roughly 2000+ times (according to your description) since 2008. And since you are not the only person doing this, you have no way of knowing what was done to the wing nuts when other people took care of...
  15. Geardaddy

    hi hat rod for Jacques Capelle stand

    Knowing what the thread size is on your stand would make it easier to find an aftermarket rod that would work. I have at least a dozen stray top rods in my spare parts and the metric ones only have a couple of different thread sizes. I'd bet that one of them would work for you. I'm assuming that...
  16. Geardaddy

    Looked at an interesting Ringo kit today

    The snare was definitely brass. It had the telltale signs. Pre-serial number badge, crimped snare beds, flanges curved back inward, seamed shell and the weight was more than a Ludalloy Supra would be. The BB muffler had red felt.
  17. Geardaddy

    Looked at an interesting Ringo kit today

    Saw an ad on FB Marketplace for a Vintage Ludwig drum set in original cases. Looked at the 2 posted pictures and saw BOP so I sent a message. When I saw the kit in person today I was slightly underwhelmed. The owner of the kit inherited it from her uncle who died about 7 years ago, but hadn't...
  18. Geardaddy

    60's 70's Yamaha Snares

    They used several different throw-offs over the years. I own a wood snare in Brown Willow with a P-83 type throw and an adjustable butt. I also have a couple of steel shell models, one with the flip type throw and one with a different lever type throw. The wood shell snare shells are supposed...
  19. Geardaddy

    Rogers Swivomatic top nut

    I have the one I posted in the picture. PM me if you are interested.
  20. Geardaddy

    Rogers Swivomatic top nut

    Is this the part you are looking for?