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  1. Powertone

    Rogers Green Sparkle 12" or 13" tom Cleve era only

    I am so sorry to hear that!
  2. Powertone

    **SOLD** EARLY 20’s Ludwig & Ludwig 6.5x14 heavy brass

    A great heavy brass two piece shell in a very desirable size. Attached 1922 catalogue listing. Replacement strainer makes it playable. No extra holes is great! Original banded steel hoops. Like the idea of adding 50’s Ludwig nickel over brass triple flange hoops and playing it! Clean, but...
  3. Powertone

    How much does "Celebrity Owned" affect value?

    Nothing to add that hasn’t been said, except be able to get indisputable provenance.
  4. Powertone

    6.5X14 1930's Ludwig Pioneer NOB. How to get more snare response out of this drum???

    glad your combo worked out for you. I am inclined to say replace the CS head with an ambassador, but if it working fine with the CS, then go with it.
  5. Powertone

    Vintage Rogers Century - Blue Sparkle - take a look

    Deeper Rogers drums have a longer throw off handle.
  6. Powertone

    Rogers B&B Drum Battle @ Steve Maxwell's Video

    Great stuff and great sounding Rogers!
  7. Powertone

    Memory Lock for Rogers Swan Leg HH?

    Had the same issue. Luckily I had the correct size memory lock that works very well. I have also used the aforementioned hose clamp.
  8. Powertone

    Vintage Rogers Century - Blue Sparkle - take a look

    A monster drum! I know that drum. Nice to see it again.
  9. Powertone

    Rogers Experts Only Please

    Rogers generally began using the clock face strainer during the script badge era. So yes, it would be on your Holiday if it is a script badge. I have seen Eagle badge Holidays that had two different strainers, but not a clock face. However..... It is entirely possible that your Eagle badge...
  10. Powertone

    Rogers Experts Only Please

    A lot of anomalies. Tube lugs are not correct, should be a 3 ply shell, and incorrect strainer for an Eagle badge. Would need to see better interior photos to get a better idea as to what is going on.
  11. Powertone

    Rogers Cleveland WMP Powertone wrap question

    My guess is someone was trying to remove the yellowing from WMP. They didn’t want vintage drums to look vintage...
  12. Powertone

    Dream Dark Matter 16” Crash cymbal

    The Dream Dark Matter crashes are interesting Cymbals. Read all about them on the Dream site. They are hand forged and hand hammered. Charred finish due to repeated firings that allow the cymbal sound to continue evolving over time. This example weighs 1062 grams and was used briefly for a...
  13. Powertone

    Ride suggestions for using rods...

    I use a lot of alternative sticks such as cool rods, hot rods, assorted nylon brushes, etc. for a roots project. I have been on the hunt for a 20” ride that responds well to the rods. Looking for a brighter sound that can somewhat be heard. Any thought or suggestions would be appreciated.
  14. Powertone

    WFL Supreme 14x5.5 Snare beds are off?

    At the end of the day, how does the drum play? It is what it is.
  15. Powertone

    SOLD! Thanks DFO.. Matt Bettis 20” Ride Cymbal 1970 grams

    Beautiful Bettis 20” Ride Cymbal in like new condition. 1970 grams. See attached YouTube video of exact cymbal. i bought this to use as a general ride, but can’t get away from my 22” rides, so someone should enjoy. The video is very accurate as to sound. Asking $185 plus actual shipping costs.
  16. Powertone

    Snare wires for a 15” drum - modify?

    While finding 15” wires can be challenging, I have had no problem finding 20 strands and even found a nice set of pure sounds.
  17. Powertone

    Sold Slingerland Radio King

    Beautiful drums and excellent Reverb ad!
  18. Powertone

    Rogers: Were there ever clear interior, non flat grey, Toms on a Cleveland/Dayton era kit?

    Could be employee, could be endorser, could be special order. The norm was flat grey interiors as you know.
  19. Powertone

    Rescuing and pimping out my Leedy Broadway.

    Murphy’s oil soap should clean the inside nicely and no harm the wood.
  20. Powertone

    Earthtone head logo removal and decal made?

    Gramps..... or.... if you have a good artist friend, you could match the color of the head, airbrush over the logo, and have someone reproduce the Jos B Rogers signature.