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    18 y/o Karen Carpenter

    Excerpt from Your All American College Show. Recorded Live on 6/22/1968. I’m not sure if the bass player in this video is the same, but very early in the history of the Carpenters (back when they were primarily a jazz trio), their bass player went on to become the Principal Tubist with the...
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    Help me ID this Agop - Post Split?

    Local seller has this listed as a 70s Agop but I'm pretty sure that's not right. I read that Zilciler was the company's name until around 82 then it changed to Istanbul. Anyway, after looking at the cymbal smith's signatures and noticing a lack of stamp denoting the "type" I'd say this is a...
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    Johnny Vidacovich on Brian Blade

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    When Church drummer doesn’t listen
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    Update- reply from Istanbul Agop rep - Agop Signature Hats

    I purchased a set of 15” Agop sigs from a forum member last week. They look incredible and arrived in great condition. Here we go! I go to seat the bottom hat on to my DW5000 stand and it doesn’t fit... The top hat fits just fine but it appears that the hole in the bottom hat is...
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    snare replacement suggestions- WFL Ray McKinley model - late 40s

    See pics - Calling all the crafty folks. Any suggestions or work arounds to make something else work? Luckily I don’t really need to replace them but if I ever did/do how the heck would I go about it?
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    Welcome Home Fibes!

    Six years ago I was going through a really rough time and had to sell these drums. I sold them to a forum member (Sdstix) who isn’t very active on the site anymore but nevertheless, he is such a great guy. Over the years we have stayed in touch via email. I can’t even begin to explain how...
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    48-52 WFL Badge - Ray McKinley - post nickel cleanup PICS

    I just picked this up for a really great price. Really Excited to own this snare - have always wanted one.
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    Old hoop mount spur

    Can’t find any similar on EBay, Reverb, etc. does anyone have one for sale?
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    How does one go about purchasing a YESS Mount - Mark II, IIM, or III

    Can I purchase any these mounts individually ? Is it possible? I can only find the original YESS mounts for purchase.
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    Rogers Covington Demo and Review

    These sound and look great but the price tag is just...brutal.
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    Looking for an EAD10 for ?

    If anyone has one and would be interested in a trade or partial trade let me know. For trade I’ve got 16,17,18,and 19 K dark thins, a Gretsch USA Snare, a nice Acro, and Some high end Yamaha and Sonor snare stands. Worth a try Cheers!
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    Some very musical drumming by Baard Kolstad

    The Sky is Red by Leprous What a crazy composition! This video has a little bit of everything.
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    UPDATE- my order from

    What was your experience like? I ordered a few things from DFD and Drummaker on 7/2. DFD Processed my order > gave me an order # > confirmation email > processed shipping the same day > emailed me a-tracking #. Great communication! I love DfD! I got my order on Saturday 7/5. On the...
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    Change my mind - Die cast hoops suck on snare drums

    Let’s hear whatha got! I’ve got a USA custom that I recently swapped out w 302s - Bang - infinitely more open, warm, and rim shots sound great. Same with my SQ2 snare.
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    Something just seemed fishy

    So I was on Facebook marketplace last night and came across a recently posted early 70s Supra...for $70. That should have been my first red flag. He had the ad worded as if it was left behind in a storage unit. I took the bait. He is about an hour from me - in Ohio. I asked if he’d be...
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    Rogers Dyna Air Vent grommet size?

    Can anyone confirm the size? I don’t have the shell to measure. It’s a 5 line COB Strangely all the big sites - precision, dfd, etc - only mention Ludwig, Gretsch, etc. - nothing about Rogers :/
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    WTB - Any Old Sparkle wrap pieces- any color/size/condition

    Working on sort of a jelly bean full dress mosaic kinda thing. Let me know what you have - anything will be of help! Thanks
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    Dynasonic Question

    On the throw off and butt plate sides there holes at both the top and bottom of the bearing edges. What this for?
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    Herb Warren showing off a great drum collection

    He has other cool drum comparisons on his YouTube page. Check it out