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    18 y/o Karen Carpenter

    Excerpt from Your All American College Show. Recorded Live on 6/22/1968. I’m not sure if the bass player in this video is the same, but very early in the history of the Carpenters (back when they were primarily a jazz trio), their bass player went on to become the Principal Tubist with the...
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    will trade

    MJB - this is another thread that is almost two years old. Instead of posting this drum on every thread perhaps just keep it to your own “swap” thread. Post a thread in the swap shop - Give us a list of what you are willing to trade for and bam - Bob’s your uncle. If anyone is interested...
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    WTT:Istanbul 30th anniversary 3 rivets for 22 Zildjian Renaissance ride

    Guys...I believe this post is from a year and half ago. Also, I've seen that white Ludwig tom posted this past week about as many times as I get a phone call about my car's extended warranty.
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    Rogers Bop for Camco

    FYI - Maxwells has what looks like a 3D moire shell bank. BD is definitely bigger than 20x14 though. It looks like there may be a second smaller BD. I caught a glimpse of them in this video
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    Help me ID this Agop - Post Split?

    Local seller has this listed as a 70s Agop but I'm pretty sure that's not right. I read that Zilciler was the company's name until around 82 then it changed to Istanbul. Anyway, after looking at the cymbal smith's signatures and noticing a lack of stamp denoting the "type" I'd say this is a...
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    Johnny Vidacovich on Brian Blade

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    When Church drummer doesn’t listen
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    Dating a Gretsch bass drum

    This guy has the bass drum here listed as 22x14. That thing has got to be a 22x18.
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    Modern Drummer...Help Me Keep My Collection Complete? (Need Jan 2021)

    PM me your address- I’m done reading my copy
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    Best method for inlay mounting?

    I've used DAP contact cement for inlays with great success. *edited - you should probably try to clean up any glue/residue on the back of the inlay first. Afterwards you'll want to rough it up slightly with...
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    What are your impressions of this ride cymbal?

    I’m pretty sure this is the Larnell Lewis’ go to ride. I think it sounds amazingly musical in context.
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    Remo Classic Fit?

    Yes! The Classic fit worked really well for my SSB. You may want to consider notching:
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    Some Steve Jordan Photos Different Kits

    What was Steve “Getdwa” playing back when he was with the Blues Brothers? I can quite make out his set. It kinda looks like a Gretsch RB (concert Tomafied) with Slingy hardware. Man he really swang all those Blues Brothers tunes.
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    Remo Classic Fit?

    I called my guy Mike at Sweetwater and he placed a direct order for a 22” (diplomat) Fiberskyn. He said they are usually a special order.
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    Update- reply from Istanbul Agop rep - Agop Signature Hats

    Scott said he’s never seen this on a pair of hats- EVER! So... Istanbul’s quality control missed this, Maxwell’s missed this, and the original owner missed it. The odds are astronomical. The way my luck is going with this cymbal I’d probably get run over by Sasquatch on the way to Ace...
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    Update- reply from Istanbul Agop rep - Agop Signature Hats

    Scott said “we are equipped to do the reaming in the US”. I believe I’ll still be able to say it was crafted in Istanbul right?
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    Update- reply from Istanbul Agop rep - Agop Signature Hats

    Deepsoul, JDA, Butch1970, and others... Thanks for all the suggestions and while I appreciate your confidence, I'm just not comfortable filing down this cymbal. The original owner and DFO seller (who has been great btw) put me in touch with Scott at Istanbul Agop. I sent him an email...
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    Update- reply from Istanbul Agop rep - Agop Signature Hats

    That's the thing that is frustrating - I can't even tell what it sounds like because the bottom cymbal is so stiff and choked.
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    Update- reply from Istanbul Agop rep - Agop Signature Hats

    Has anyone else has ever noticed a discrepancy in hole sizes on their Agop hats? Can you take a look? These are supposed to be pro level cymbals and they were not cheap. Am I making a big deal out of nothing here? I don’t want to modify the cymbal. Nor do I don’t want to shave down the post...
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    Update- reply from Istanbul Agop rep - Agop Signature Hats

    I purchased a set of 15” Agop sigs from a forum member last week. They look incredible and arrived in great condition. Here we go! I go to seat the bottom hat on to my DW5000 stand and it doesn’t fit... The top hat fits just fine but it appears that the hole in the bottom hat is...