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  1. dale w miller

    Nunchuck Drummer!

    Taking Johnny Lawrence’s love of metal to the next level!
  2. dale w miller

    My New Fender Jazz Bass

    I just got this a couple of weeks ago. I’m loving it. It seems better in my hands than any guitar ever did. Fender Jazz Bass 2020 in Dark Night finish
  3. dale w miller

    My Current Snare Collection

    I decided to post this because I am bored..... Top to bottom, Left to Right. Column 1: Dunnett 6.5 x 14 “mild steel” Purple Trussart finished ‘20 Ludwig 6.5 x 14 Black Beauty with tube lugs and Dunnett strainer ‘96 GMS 6.5 x 14 Grand Master Vintage Maple with re-rings and tamo ash veneer...
  4. dale w miller


    I don’t even know what to say with these child prodigies, but what the....... I think I’ll quit until I wrap my head around this.
  5. dale w miller

    Fender American Telecaster for American Jazz Bass

    *******SOLD****** I know this is a drum forum, but I know a lot of us are multi instrumentalist. This is a 2011 60th Anniversary Fender Telecaster. No case, but have top quality brand new bag. I am open to a trade, but only if it’s an American made Fender Jazz Bass in great condition.
  6. dale w miller

    Wrist Burning

    No matter how relax and fluid I may be playing that day, when I sit down and really push myself there’s always a tempo where wrists burn depending on the rudiment. Speed has been my biggest weakness every since I started caring about tempo and I didn’t just go for it like I would when I was...
  7. dale w miller

    Stick Size Titles

    Where did these classic stick size titles come from? In particular, I am interested in 5A, 5B, 2A, 3A, and any other title that is used regardless of the maker.
  8. dale w miller

    Abbreviation Terms Used

    I see you guys use terms like B/O, NOB, etc. What do these all mean? Would someone mind listing all the ones used around here so I know what you all are speaking of? Thanks.
  9. dale w miller

    Cymbal Bag Recommendation

    Does anyone have a great cymbal bag recommendation? I’m not looking to cut corners here. I don’t want to say money is no object, but I’m also looking for what some say is high quality.
  10. dale w miller

    Family Heirloom

    My great aunt’s 1930’s Forrest Baby Grand piano with ivory keys. I’m psyched it was passed on to me.
  11. dale w miller

    Determining Shipping Cost and a Hint on Selling

    I’ve only sold one kit in my life and I got killed on the shipping. I underestimated on it. How do you guys determine shipping without lugging the kit down to a UPS or FedEx depot? So many sales announce the shipping before the sale is made. Since shipping is usually affected by the distance...