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  1. JimmySticks

    How Many 20’s Is To Many?

    I changed my cymbal arrangement recently, and I realized that I had set-up all 20” cymbals. 1 Kashian ride, 1 Kashian china and 2 Paiste rides (1 flat), all 20”cymbals. I like the fact that everything is rideable and they seem to play well together as well. The 2 Kashians are very crashable...
  2. JimmySticks

    BR and The “Old Whip Cream Roll”

    I just watched a very short, super interesting instructional video from Ed Shaughnessy a few days ago. He once asked Buddy Rich how he got such a fast seamless roll going, and Buddy told him it’s the “old whip cream roll”, and it was something he learned from the old New Orlean drummers. I’ve...
  3. JimmySticks

    Pork Pie Snare Help Please

    Right now I play a Ludwig Classic Maple piccolo snare and it has that great pop/crack sound that a piccolo should have, but it can lack depth. I play a Pork Pie kit, rosewood/zebrawood, and I’m thinking of going with a matching Pork Pie snare for it. They come in different sizes and I can’t...
  4. JimmySticks

    An Unimportant Rivet Question

    I recently scored two Kashian sizzle china cymbals, one being an 18” with 6 rivets and the other is 20” with 8 rivets. Pretty amazing since I never thought I’d find even one! The best part is that they both sound amazing. I play chinas with bell up, so on the 20” the rivet heads face up and...
  5. JimmySticks

    An Agop Dark Crash - Sold!!!

    Hey guys, I’m selling my Agop ION 17” crash. It’s a really great crash, but I just don’t have a use for it now. Like new! Give yourself a post Christmas gift!! Price drop - $110 shipped!!! SOLD!!!
  6. JimmySticks

    Can a Paiste 2002 Do Jazz!?

    Like many of you, I’m always looking out and listening for that next great “last” cymbal, so imagine my surprise when I caught the YouTube video (below) and heard a Paiste 2002 Black Label 20” ride doing some spang-a langin jazz and doing it like it like a boss! I mean it sounded great to my...
  7. JimmySticks

    OT - A Conversation on Jazz

    Like many of you, I’m a product of the classic rock era. I’m 61 now, but as a young teen I did start out loving jazz. Then I picked up the guitar and I realized that jazz was going to be really difficult. Not to mention the fact that ALL of my friends were rock guys, so I gravitated to it and...
  8. JimmySticks

    Stock Drum Heads

    I recently bought a Pork Pie bop Kit and it came with drum heads made by “Remo” with the Pork Pie logo on it. Are these any good in your opinion? Are they like, or somewhat like, Diplomat’s or Ambassador’s? I have some heads laying around, Evans G1s and Calftones that I will try soon and...
  9. JimmySticks

    Ohh, To Be a Successful Drummer!

    Not bad for a drummer -
  10. JimmySticks

    Bop Kit Experts Wanted. Opinions Needed

    So I'm in the market for a bop kit. I've pretty much nailed it down to 2 kits, well...maybe 3. But number 3 is at a different price point. All 3 are maple shells, sizes 18, 12, 14, no snare. First - the Pork Pie zebrawood/rosewood USA bop kit. Beautiful sound, and a lovely two tone wood finish...
  11. JimmySticks

    Piccolo Snares In Jazz

    I happen to love a good piccolo snare. That sharp "crack" is irresistible to me. But these days I'm playing mostly jazz and I'm not sure a piccolo fits that genre. So before I invest in one, I wanted some opinions on their use in jazz and whether they would be a good fit for me. I've heard what...
  12. JimmySticks

    Rivet Placement

    So some of you guys know that I'm having my 18" Kashian crash/ride lathed by Jesse Simpson in Brooklyn. He just brought the cymbal down from 1814 grams to 1600g and it sounds terrific. The ride is darker, more open and much less tingy/pingy, and the crash really opened up nicely as well. But I...
  13. JimmySticks

    What To Do - With a Heavy Crash/Ride

    I have an old Kashian 18" crash/ride that is very heavy at 1845g. I use small light sticks, maple 7As wood tip mostly, sometimes hickory with nylon tips which are a bit heavier. The problem is, when I ride it, it's like taking a twig and hitting a manhole cover. You can barely hear it. The...
  14. JimmySticks

    Remo Drums

    So what are your thoughts on Remo drums? I hear mostly good things about their sound, and that they are heavy shells, although I'm not sure of their material. They were somewhat short lived, but the great Louie Bellson played them and was a part owner I believe as well. Other than that, I don't...
  15. JimmySticks

    George H Way Drums

    I don't know anything about this brand, but within the first 5 seconds of this video, I was hooked on the sound of these drums. They made an instant fan out of me. Wow, such a deep, strong, vintage sound. That snare has real presence and power, and those toms sound exactly as toms should, with a...
  16. JimmySticks

    Those Wonderful Vintage Italians

    Last year, I stumbled pretty much by accident on an old Italian cymbal branded Kashian. It was a 20" ride that I was able to negotiate a good price on, so I took a chance and bought it. What a pleasant surprise this cymbal was. Beautiful sweet tone, not to dark, the right amount of wash and the...
  17. JimmySticks

    Jazz and China Cymbals

    I'm playing mostly jazz these days and I'm wondering if I should invest in a good china cymbal. I've only played a cheap china and I no longer even have that to gauge whether I'd like the sound for jazz. I know Mel Lewis used one throughout his career, but I'm no Mel Lewis(!) and I'm not sure I...
  18. JimmySticks

    A BD Pedal Question

    I hope this isn't a stupid question, but I've been thinking about the BD pedal I've been using lately. It's nothing great, just a vintage Tama strap model, and I'm not even sure what model it is. It always worked well and dependably and I've never given it much thought, until now. I play mostly...
  19. JimmySticks

    Kashian China & Cymbals

    Hi guys, I've become a big fan of Kashian cymbals recently. I started with an 18" crash/ride and really liked it, so I found a beautiful 20" ride another crash and hi hats. Now all I need is the china to complete the set. It's a rare bird and I don't have much hope in finding one, but I...
  20. JimmySticks

    Flat or Angled?

    I've noticed a trend in recent years where a lot of players have there cymbals low and flat, like barely above their toms. You never really saw that BITD. Then they were almost always slanted towards you with a little height. While it looks very cool to my eye, I've tried low and flat and it...