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  1. CLMacPherson

    Found (locally)

    Looking for a keystone badge for a 60's Ludwig bass drum. Let me know if you have a spare laying around. Thanks
  2. CLMacPherson

    How much does "Celebrity Owned" affect value?

    Hello all, I recently came accross a modified/rewrapped Gretsch Roundbadge kit that was previously owned by two different notable drummers. I'm curious if obtaining empirical provenance would be worth the trouble? Does the attachment raise the value of an already modified kit, or just provide...
  3. CLMacPherson

    Ludwig Jazzette bass drum or Timp Tom?

    I recntly won an auction for a little Ludwig bass drum, but I'm not entirely sure it's a bass drum. It's a 3-ply 12×18 B/O drum with a Ludwig tom mount on top. There are no spurs. My first thought was it probably started out life as a high school timp tom with an unoriginal tom mount added...
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    Snare is in good overall condition. It does have light tarnishing throughout, the worst of which is hidden by the batter hoop --->Please refer to the photos. Its currently wearing a lightly played AmbassadorX, a stock reso, and aftermarket puresound wires. Asking $350 net to me after shipping...
  5. CLMacPherson

    Gretsch Drop G - 13/16/22 (SOLD)

    I picked this set up a few years back and have decided to pass it on. It's the better half of a large double bass set the previous owner was parting out. No extra holes or modifications. The set shows a little wear, but has no significant gouges or deep scrapes. There are no cracks present in...
  6. CLMacPherson

    Let it be?

    I recently acquired a rather large set of early 80's Ludwigs and am enjoying them a lot...but it has an 18" floor tom that just sits in the background. I cant help but think it would make a great little 12x18 bass drum. Keep it as is or pick up the scalpel?
  7. CLMacPherson

    Yamaha Recording Customs SOLD (Reverb)

    Yamaha Recording Customs (1983) -9×10, 9×12,16×16 w/legs, 16×24 -Cherry Red Lacquer inside and out -Some road wear, but the egdes are true with no modifications. I tried to highlight the dings in the photos. -Soft bags are included, but do not match. -I also have a lot of exta NOS yamaha...
  8. CLMacPherson

    Any Yamaha sd6465 owners out there?

    Hello all, I recently purchased a set of Yamaha recording customs (that I'll be listing in the for sale section soon) which came with a copper sd6465 snare. I've fiddled with it a bit, but was wondering what other owners are running on the batter. It has a coated power stroke on it now which I...
  9. CLMacPherson

    Ludwig b/o (rounded corner) 13" tom

    Hello all. Thought some feelers on here might get a lead. I'm looking for a white cortex double headed 13" 6-ply tom. PayPal ready! Thanks, Chris
  10. CLMacPherson

    Made on a Friday

    I though it would be neat to shed the burden of perfection and proudly display our drums that have factory mistakes. Below is my 70's B/O Supra that was likely misdrilled at the factory back in the day. The butt-plate has a rather well done cover plate installed that hides a mistakingly placed...
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    Looking to purchase a set in Eastern New York, but need help with shipping. Any takers? Thanks, Chris
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    Ludwig Super value trending downward?

    I know discussing prices can seem somewhat crass, but I'm curious if anyone has sold a COB 5"×14" super lately? I'm seeing them sell in the $500-$600 range for decent examples through various online dealers/sites. Does anyone think they'll continue to trend downward? Thanks fellas
  15. CLMacPherson

    Ludwig club date tom

    Hello all. Looking for a 12" wfl/ludwig tom for a project set I'm assembling. Preferably mahogany if possible. Condition doesn't matter. Thanks
  16. CLMacPherson

    Slingerland 10x20 bass drum

    Has anyone run accross an original 10"x20" bass drum? I know a fella that has one, but I wanted to see if they ascertain if they were actually legit before I made an offer. Thanks all
  17. CLMacPherson

    6.5"x14" COB Dynasonic questions

    Hello all, I recently purchased a COB dynasonic that looks to be from the seventies, not a big R, and was wondering if there was such a thing as a transitional drum from the oval badge to the big R. I'm by no means a Rogers guy, so I'm basically running blind. The reason I'm asking is...
  18. CLMacPherson

    Gretsch Progressive Jazz

    Still keeping an eye out for a black nitron roundbadge/ssb or any natural finish ssb prog. Jazz set. Thanks all, Chris
  19. CLMacPherson

    1952 Gretsch Floor Show Snare

    Sold! Thanks
  20. CLMacPherson

    Sold (to original owner)

    Mid-Late 70's Ludwig lm402 snare - Aftermarket wires w/new Ludwig heads - This is a decent player grade drum. It has its fair share of scratches, but less actual pitting than normal. There is a bit of flaking on the bearing edge, but it doesn't seem to affect the tuning. Asking $385...