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    What are they trying to tell me?

    [DFO] Drum Forum would like your permission to enable push notifications. OK, I'll admit it. I'm not computer spurt. So guys and gals what does this mean if I click on it. sherm
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    Humm; just a thought; drum bag

    For those looking for something different; one bag for three toms with wheels. I was looking for something like this about four years ago and they were not to be found. I tried the 48" Ahead Hardware bag for while but it wasn't ideal. Looks like a 16" floor tom might fit...
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    8 and 10 inch drums

    In a good number of threads over the years I read that a lot of drummers feel like 8 and 10 inch toms are like bongos. I used to feel the same way until I purchased a 8 and 10 in 1994 for that very reason, to be used in Big band style music and they did a great job for the Latin style songs...
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    OT: I don't really mean to be...

    I don't really mean to be harsh when replying to questions but sometimes we'll get a question that..just, well...maybe I should have keep my mouth shut. Then I'll stop and think; maybe I said that wrong. So why are we really here in the first place? I think to learn from each other to begin...
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    Setting in with Sam Bentley's band; for about three songs. The old man is having fun!!! Yep it was fun but I was having more fun that day dancing with all the good looking wOmans. LOL! sherm
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    OT: Anyone remember this guy

    I listened to him in the early 60's when I was in high school on a couple albums; don't remember the titles. But I've never heard him play this type of music. It was normally Jazz. Enjoy: sherm
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    My new Ludwig's

    I think I finally figured out how to load pictures. So here is the new Ludwig Classic Maple drums I got last December. 8x10, 9x12, 16x16 and 14x20 bass the snare is the late 80's 6.5x14 Supra that I've been using. sherm
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    OH NO What I Do Now (FIXED)

    Wednesday night while setting up my new Ludwig bass drum the extension/bottom half of the spur would not pull out. I ended up putting that spur on a small plastic box then leveled the other side to match. Today I'll be able to unload and check it out. Anyone have any suggestions? sherm
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    OT: Kind of...

    So, you wanna be a drummer; so do it. Watch to the end. sherm
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    The wright way to play Wipe Out ????

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    What to do with...

    What do you do with your old drum heads? I found they do great as drain pans. I dabble in RC airplanes with Nitro engines and graduating to small Gas engines. The Nitro engines especially after flying are wet with unused fuel and oil and they drip on every thing. I use then in the car/truck...
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    My NEW Ludwig's!!

    OK; finally, finally my new CM Ludwig’s made the trip. I picked them up last week from Tommy’s Drum Shop. They are beautiful (of course I would say that) and they sound amazing. There are no mounting holes on the drums except the 16x16 has the standard led mounts and the bass drum is with...
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    Drum Tune Pro Just found this on You Tube then went to the website. Anyone using this? sherm
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    LOL, still waiting for...

    LngOL; I'm still waiting for the parts to repair my Iron Cobra Hi-Hat. I played a couple gigs with the bailing wire fix without any problems. Tuesday night it gave out on the first song. I was able to fix it during break but didn't do a very good job, it broke again about half way through the...
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    Hi-Hat Blow-OUT

    Yep, I had a Hi-Hat Blow-OUT tonight while setting up just prior to a gig. I have an old Level Glide Tama Iron Cobra Hi-Hat and the pull chain broke off at the bottom of the main rod. I know I've had this thing 25 years or more and the only thing I've changed is the nylon pull strap some years...
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    WoW, new hearing aids!!

    WoW, new hearing aids!! For the past 10 years at least, Ive been wearing hearing aids; you know the type that looks like you have chewing gum in your ears. For the most part they work well but I had to take them out while playing music. Over load city!! Last month I qualified for a major...
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    Lets talk about Coverings/Wrap

    I remember back in the old days when I was a brat in the 50's through the 60's I would dream of having a monster set of drums in a Pearl finish. Today I'm still using a late 80's Ludwig Classic Cherry stain finish, which is a large 8 piece set; I only use 4 or 5 now. And they are more Red in...
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    O-Rings on Lug Bolts

    This may sound silly to some here but for years I've seen these little "O" rings on the lug bolts below the rim on my Ludwig 10x12 tom and I've never asked why they are there. It's the only drum I have that has them. The drum was purchased years later after I purchased the kit. So going to...
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    Gorilla Snot

    Anyone use this stuff? As I get older my fingers are drier and I tend to drop sticks. I've used this before but it's a mess to handle and...
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    Anyone recognize these drums

    Anyone recognize these drums; are they REMO? The videos are not the best but seem to be REMO due to the shape of the badge on the toms. I didn't realize REMO made drums of this caliber. The snare sounds like metal or is that his tuning. Anyone here know anything about them and the type...