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  1. TheElectricCompany

    If You Could Find One Drum...

    How many of y’all have a holy grail drum? The drum you’ve been searching for for years but that’s never turned up, or that’s been snatched up by another buyer before you even knew it was available. What is the one drum above all others that you wish you could add to your collection? There’s...
  2. TheElectricCompany

    Near Heart Attack: Ringo Jazz Fest

    First thing I noticed was the badge one panel from the throw-off, then I confirmed it had eight lugs. I was texting my wife to prepare her for the hit to our savings account when I noticed the item description...
  3. TheElectricCompany

    Ludwig Atlas Snare Stand Question

    Did Ludwig offer different sizes of Atlas snare stands in the early '70s? I've got a stand that's too tall to use on a kit and it would probably work better as a concert snare stand. I think the length of the base is 12 inches, as marked in the picture below. I'll double check when I get...
  4. TheElectricCompany

    Ludwig Orphans/Project Shells

    I'm trying to put together a kit for my dad. He's not had a set of Ludwigs since the '70s and he hates the Tamas he's had the past 30 years. Looking for 3-ply Ludwig shells. Nothing with structural damage. Clear or white interiors only. Hardware and wrap not important. Badge not necessary but...
  5. TheElectricCompany

    Bass Pedal Maintenance

    Do you perform any kind of routine maintenance on your bass pedal? A member of the PDF has indicated he lubricates the bearings of his Demon Drive a few times a year and I believe that's wildly excessive. I've owned my 9000 for over eight years and I've never performed any kind of...
  6. TheElectricCompany

    Snare Identification

    What do y'all think of this one? I don't have any idea but the seller says it's a Ludwig. Does it look familiar to anyone? I've asked for more pictures but I don't think I'm gonna get them.
  7. TheElectricCompany

    OT: Traveling to Rushock

    My wife and I are visiting the Cotswolds next month and would like to take a trip to Rushock to see John Bonham's grave. Has anyone traveled to Rushock from the Cotswolds, or know of the best way to get to and from Rushock? We'll be staying in Chipping Campden and won't have a rental car...
  8. TheElectricCompany

    Judging Drum Sizes from Photos

    I'm almost positive the champagne drum on the end of this picture is a 24. The seller says it's a 22 and I have no reason to doubt them, but MAN... to my eyes that does not look like a 22. What do y'all think?
  9. TheElectricCompany

    Advice Wanted: Oyster Blue Club Date

    I'm going out of town this week so I'm checking out the local OfferUp and Letgo and I see a seller with two oyster blue club dates, a 13 and 22. He also has an oyster blue 16 with classic lugs. The bass wrap looks really dull but structurally sound from the photos. The chrome on the toms seems...
  10. TheElectricCompany

    Curious About Late '60s LM402s

    I've wanted a B/O LM402 for years but have never pulled the trigger on one, and lately I've been drawn to Keystone drums instead. Is it just me, or do late Keystone-era 402s rarely come up for sale? Are they truly uncommon or do people just hang onto them once they've got them? I'd really like...
  11. TheElectricCompany

    My John Bonham Groom's Cake

    I got married two weekends ago! The wedding was incredible, easily the best day of my life. For those who don't know, some weddings will feature two cakes. One is THE wedding cake, pretty, white and tall, the other is a groom's cake which is usually personalized and fun. For my groom's cake...
  12. TheElectricCompany

    Be Still, My Heart

    I have loved champagne sparkle as long as I can remember, and this is the most stunning kit I've ever seen. In my eyes, the only thing keeping it from being the perfect set is the 13x9 tom. If it were a 14x10- a factory Bonham champagne kit- I might have had a heart attack. If only I had...
  13. TheElectricCompany

    FOUND: Ludwig Pointy B/O Badge

    I've got a tom I need a pointy B/O badge for. I'm not interested any a rounded corner or anything incomplete. Let me know what you've got! Thanks! Found- thanks to all who got in touch!
  14. TheElectricCompany

    Ludwig 20” Hoop(s)

    Im looking for at least one 20" Ludwig hoop in decent condition. If you have two hoops I'd be interested in both but only if they're in better shape than what I have now. Inlay is not important as I have the inlays already.
  15. TheElectricCompany

    One Ludwig 5/16" Curved Spur

    I need one Ludwig 5/16" curved spur. I do not need the mount. A kick I recently bought came only with one. Rubber feet not necessary, but let me know if you have one/extra. Thanks!
  16. TheElectricCompany

    Baseball Bat Muffler on B/O Ludwig?

    Has anyone ever encountered a B/O Ludwig with a baseball bat muffler? Ive got a 3-ply shell with a white interior and BB muffler but no badge. The wrap is faded overall but the unfaded area around the grommet is pretty large and seems to be same shape as a B/O badge.
  17. TheElectricCompany

    Complement to Champagne?

    Here's a question for a lazy Wednesday (don't tell my boss). I'm looking at a champagne Ludwig shell with no hoops and I know that finding matching hoops will be tough. Besides champagne, what color inlay do you think would look best on a champagne kick? Silver sparkle? WMP? Red sparkle? A...
  18. TheElectricCompany

    Ludwig 14x14 Project Shell

    I'm window shopping for a 14x14 3-ply project shell. Let me know if you've got something you're thinking of letting go. However, if you have a complete tom in champagne sparkle you want to let go for $100...
  19. TheElectricCompany

    Paiste Identification

    Any idea what this might say below the bell? It appears to be too long to just say crash or ride, right?
  20. TheElectricCompany

    A Fun Date Stamp Coincidence

    Yesterday I received a B/O 18x16 in the mail. It's the first Ludwig I've had with a date stamp, and it just so happens that I received the drum on its 47th birthday! September 21, 1970.