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  1. Trilock_Gurtu

    Improving or Overplaying?

    Assuming you want to play songs, play in a band, play live, record songs...regular drumming type stuff, then I find most drummers practice in the wrong direction. They tend to practice all the rudiments, brush up on their Samba, develop speed, etc. I don't consider this "wrong", but odd...
  2. Trilock_Gurtu

    TRADED: Duluth Brass Manufacturing 6.5x14 Treebronze w/TAMA Hardware

    I'd love to hear that drum under a mic.
  3. Trilock_Gurtu

    14x6.5 12-Over-6 Lug Snare...say what?

    Anyone played/heard this type of thing?
  4. Trilock_Gurtu

    Dw Slingerland speculation for fun

    A spot on recreation of a Radio King set (anything mid 50's, and under), would be very cool. Wait...I just pictured the price, never mind.
  5. Trilock_Gurtu

    Thinking about busking.

    Looks like you bought a fellow musician a drink.
  6. Trilock_Gurtu

    Yamaha HW-3 Crosstown Hardware Pack, light, with case

    I think its better to post a picture of your hardware, not a commercial pic.
  7. Trilock_Gurtu

    DW Takes Over Slingerland Brand From Gibson

    Well, Gibson filing for bankruptcy, selling Slingerland, musical instruments sales in general going down, etc. Its a different world now a days. There are numerous factors for this, but look at how huge the video game market is these days - massive. Kids used to form a band, spend their free...
  8. Trilock_Gurtu

    In ear monitors, who uses them? Recommendations?

    I use them, not 100% of the time, though. I certainly use them for backing track/click/etc, type gigs. Sometimes I use them in the studio, sometimes cans.
  9. Trilock_Gurtu

    DW Takes Over Slingerland Brand From Gibson

    This is a huge point. You can get vintage Slingerland kits, in great condition, for quite cheap (minus Radio Kings, more 60's and up era, and compared to other vintage MIA brands). In general, they're not super rare, either. That's one of the things I love about Slingerland. Got my 70's three...
  10. Trilock_Gurtu

    Spent a lot of money on a snare drum....

    On Reverb for the last three years?
  11. Trilock_Gurtu

    Biggest, fattest, deepest floor tom...

    My 70's Premier African Mahogany 16x18. Deep deep deep.
  12. Trilock_Gurtu

    Gretsch Taylor Hawkins Snare?

    This. If you want close to that Taylor Hawkins snare sound, its this, not this signature model (I didn't even know he had one).
  13. Trilock_Gurtu

    Beat/style video demo

    When in doubt, blast beat it out.
  14. Trilock_Gurtu

    Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Like My Craviotto Snare?

    Very interesting. Thanks for the information.
  15. Trilock_Gurtu

    Beatdown Brown Gets A&F Snare

    "a bunch", roughly 0.113% of available drumming/snare videos on Youtube. "If you or anyone else has heard it from another snare, please direct me." You're assuming you, I, and others, are all hearing the same thing. We're not. Its subjective. What's "good", "swampy", "dark", "funky"...
  16. Trilock_Gurtu

    Beatdown Brown Gets A&F Snare

    Wait, are you suggesting what Rob played, and the snare sound, can't be reproduced? If so, whatever you're on, I'll have half lol. Additionally, Youtube has countless videos of playing/snares, help yourself. I'm not here to hold your hand through the obvious.
  17. Trilock_Gurtu

    Beatdown Brown Gets A&F Snare

    He has nothing to explain. What you stated was subjective, an opinion, nothing more. Stop trying to act like what you said has a definitive answer, and he doesn't know the secret handshake to get in. In your opinion that snare achieves those goals (inspiration, blah blah blah). In my opinion...
  18. Trilock_Gurtu

    * April Wine's * 2014 Tour Kit

    Yeah, no idea who they are.
  19. Trilock_Gurtu

    * April Wine's * 2014 Tour Kit

    I'd highly suggest posting pictures. Also, who's "April Wine"?