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    Help me identify this drum break

    According to the wikipedia article for 'I Thing', the beat is (or was inspied by ) a Zigaboo Modeliste drum break
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    New Classic Maples arrived! ...and wow are they pink!!

    I'm slightly aroused
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    Help me identify this drum break

    I was watching this great set by DJ Jazzy Jeff and he played this drum break that sounded vaguely familiar but...I just cant place it. It's a kind of Booker T and the MGs or Lonnie Smith vibe. It occurs at about 26:54 in this set. This link should take you there
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    OT: Your Favorite War Movies

    Did you know that R. Lee Ermey played a drill sergeant in a feature film in the 70s, and was also in a near-fatal car wreck while Full Metal Jacket was being shot? This video is very much worth watching.
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    OT: Your Favorite War Movies

    can't believe I made it well into my 40 before I saw this. Incredible movie with an incredible cast. It's a sharp and profound satire
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    Set up in the park and vibe a little

    The hi hat is an old but substantial Slingerland with a hexagonal rod. The kick pedal is a Tama HP50
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    Set up in the park and vibe a little

    Maybe 6 months ago I was invited by a downtown restaurant to set up and play across the street from their outside dining area. I was maybe 15 minutes into playing when a 20-something woman walked up to me with a very unhappy, almost on the verge of tears, look on her face. I stopped playing when...
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    Set up in the park and vibe a little

    Since I live in a very small house with my wife and son, any playing inside is bound to bother someone. This is probably the 10th time over the past year I've set up in a public space and just vibed. 90% of the time it's been welcomed and encouraged
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    Set up in the park and vibe a little

    We had a rare 70-degree day last week so I set up in a park downtown and played for around 45 minutes. The owner of a local arts publication came out from his office and shot some video. This was the first 'public performance' of my recently acquired vintage Slingerland kit. Imma guessin' you...
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    Ludwig Neusonic 2021

    I've always liked those mini lugs. It was those lugs and keystone badges that sold me on the Rocker Pro back in the late 90s
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    Worst decision you ever made related to drumming.

    Got desperate (impatient) trying to sell my Zickos kit and lost my arse on them. I can hardly stand to look at pictures of the kit now. Woof!
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    I would recommend a Dream vintage bliss. The only reason I sold mine is because it couldn’t produce the volume equal to my Zildjian/Sabians on stage
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    In search of bass drum mounted cymbal arm...

    It appears I have a stock cymbal arm mount on my newly acquired Slingerland bass drum. Were these pretty much universal from brand to brand? What size (diameter?) cymbal arm should I be looking for? Does Gibraltar make a sturdy plug-n-play version?
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    OT - Super Bowl predictions

    The Packers have some serious questions to answer and I hope the Wisconsin sports media is as tough on the coaching staff as they should be. I'm far from a strategist, but there were some huge head-scratching moments in the 4th quarter. Tom Brady is about the last person I want to see in the...
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    Instagram drummers

    most of my personal vids on IG are drum vids. I might check IG once or twice a week. Two drummers I really like on youtube are Carter Mclean and Nate the 80/20 drummer (Nate Smith?)
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    OT: Your Favorite War Movies

    Fear & Desire is a very interesting film within the context of its era. The actor who played Private Sydney went on to direct some pretty good films. 1917 is easily one of the best films I've seen in the past 5 years. other great films include Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket and The Thin Red...
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    I landed myself a beautiful '60s Slingy 5 piece...

    That’s a good point. I never would have thought about there being a second bass drum. How amazing would that have been? They’re literally packing up the house and moving to Florida so anything they may have overlooked likely wouldn’t have been recognizable as a piece of the kit.
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    In the Market for a new drum throne

    I vote roc-n-soc
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    Have you ever auditioned for a Branson show?

    He's been part of the Branson scene for at least 25 years and I've always considered him to be sincere. I trust him.