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  1. SteveDilksDrums

    Mic Placement for Singing Drummers

    Hey everyone, I recently joined a new project where I will be doing some backing vocals as well as drumming. I haven't done this in any of my previous projects so I'm looking for some advice. When I was at practice, I noticed that I hit the mic with my sticks a few times. I had it placed to...
  2. SteveDilksDrums

    22" Dream China - Mislabel

    Hey everyone, Last night I picked up this beautiful 22" Dream China. Funny part is, although it is clearly a China cymbal it is marked as a Crash Ride. Perhaps a rare factory mislabel? Either way, I've been collecting Dream stuff lately and thought this was interesting. I also picked it up for...
  3. SteveDilksDrums

    New Release by Progeny - ProgMetal from Canada

    Hi Everyone, My band, Progeny just released a new track. It's called The Light. Check it out on Youtube and let us know what you think! You can also listen and download the song here
  4. SteveDilksDrums

    My Band Just Released Our Debut Single!

    Hey everyone! My new metal band, Progeny just released our first single. It would mean a lot if you guys could have a listen and let me know what you think! Also, please subscribe to our channel or follow/like us at any of the social links listed below! For Fans Of: Protest the Hero, Veil of...
  5. SteveDilksDrums

    My band just released our first single/music video!

    Pop/Punk/Rock - For fans of Blink 182, New Found Glory and the like! Enjoy!
  6. SteveDilksDrums

    Pop Goes Punk Cover!

    Hey everyone, My band Academy Killer did a pop/punk cover of 'Love Yourself' by Justin Bieber. We've had a really awesome response from it with some people telling us its even better than the original. Let me know what you think! Cheers Drummer Fam! Also here are some links if you want to...
  7. SteveDilksDrums

    My bassist and I jamming some Jackson 5 - I Want You Back

    Just a clip of my bassist and I warming up at practice. It was the first time he's pulled this one out so I was a bit rusty but we were just messing around. Enjoy!
  8. SteveDilksDrums

    Ghost Busters Drum Cover - Super Cool!!!

    There were a ton of Halloween themed drum covers this year popping up on Facebook and Youtube. I just found this one today and it is really cool. Both drummers are playing different parts of the same beats so that when they play together it sounds like 1 cohesive beat instead of just 2 drummers...
  9. SteveDilksDrums

    My Metal band just released our first track!!

    Hey everyone! Yesterday my metal band Paradise Falls released our first song. Go check it out on Facebook and if you dig it give our page a like. I would greatly appreciate any support from fellow forum members! Cheers!
  10. SteveDilksDrums

    My Metal band just released our first song!

    Hey everyone! Stoked that my Metal band Paradise Falls from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada released our first song yesterday. We've been working super hard to put some music out and will be releasing more very soon. Hope you all enjoy! Also if you like this...
  11. SteveDilksDrums

    YouTube Red - Are they seriously making contributors sign up?

    Hi All, It looks like YouTube is finally coming out with a paid subscription service. It will be packed with more features and exclusive content than the unpaid version and will cost $9.99/Month. What I didn't know until yesterday is that YouTube is making all contributors (people that post...
  12. SteveDilksDrums

    Brand new Canadian Pop Punk Band - Academy Killer

    Hey everyone! If you like pop/punk/rock and roll music like Blink 182, Hedley, Alkaline Trio and the like you should check out my new pop/punk band Academy Killer. Here are some tunes. Enjoy!
  13. SteveDilksDrums

    Drum Covers and Remix Videos!

    Check out my drum covers and remixes. All three are linked below. Enjoy!! The Holly Springs Disaster - Absolute Balderdash - Drum Cover Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX - Fancy - Drum Remix Chrispy - Inspector Gadget Theme Remix - Drum Remix Cheers!
  14. SteveDilksDrums

    Saluda Cymbals - What's your experience/opinion?

    Hey Everyone! I just inquired on the Saluda Cymbal website about their trade-in program. I'm looking at trading my collection of Zildjian A and A customs for a brand new set of custom Saluda Cymbals. What is everyone's experience with Saluda? Your opinion on the sound and quality? I know they...
  15. SteveDilksDrums

    New to Drumforum - Steve Dilks

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to drumforum and wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Steve Dilks and I've been playing drums for the last 6 years. Over the last year I've been really promoting myself as a drummer and trying to be a larger part of our great online community. I...