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  1. longfade

    OT: Gmail / Google

    I've been using Gmail for years now, and am extremely unhappy (to put it politely) with the new Gmail interface. What galls me the most is its mandatory nature - there is no way to revert to the 'classic' look. There seems to be a trend with the more popular email providers, Facebook, etc...
  2. longfade

    Yamaha maple bop kit

    I'm not that informed about this series, but this looks like a heck of a deal to me...I wish I could afford the $$ and another kit.
  3. longfade

    Quick weld-on question....

    Hi guys, I have a couple of cracked acrylic shells, and am hoping to get them weld-on'd tomorrow. I have the weld-on #3 and plan on clamping the shells w/a couple of strap clamps, and applying the weld-on from the inside. Does the weld-on usually go all the way through a crack if it's clamped...
  4. longfade

    Hell of a Sonor deal This seems like a really good deal on these. I wish I was in the market - that's a lot of drum for the money, and would probably make a very versatile set of drums.
  5. longfade

    Larry Goldings' drummer

    This guy's smoking! I'm so used to seeing Bill Stewart w/Larry Goldings it's kind of a nice change (as much as I love Bill Stewart). I'd like to check out more of whoever this is.
  6. longfade

    Repairing cracked acrylic drums

    I know there are a number of good threads about repairing cracked vistalite/acrylic drums, but for some reason I can’t find the one I was looking for - sorry for the redundancy. If someone can at least direct me to an existing “how to repair acrylic drums” thread, I’m sure that would answer my...
  7. longfade

    UPS insurance claim

    Well, this is a first for me. I had a set of acrylic sonors shipped to me and they arrived yesterday with significant cracks on the FT and BD. The fellow who shipped them packed them carefully, marked the box 'FRAGILE - DELICATE INSTRUMENTS' all over the box, and photographed the contents and...
  8. longfade

    OT - Kitchen Cabinets

    I hope it doesn't seem vain or otherwise inappropriate to post these pics, but I'm pretty proud of this! About 2 1/2 years ago we moved into an old 1900 house and wanted a new kitchen (of course). After looking around a bit and pricing new cabinets - most of which were just junk, IMO - I...
  9. longfade

    Spam in message box

    I just deleted it w/o reading it. Did anyone else get that message in their inbox? After what apparently happened w/Vintage Drum Forum I'm curious.
  10. longfade

    Calling Blkonyx

    I tried PM'ing you about maybe shipping some drums to Seattle but I noticed that your PM box might be full. If you're willing/able to ship a kit to Seattle, would you shoot me an email? It's [email protected] Thanks man!
  11. longfade

    Sonor acrylics vs. Vistalites

    I've been actively looking a set of vintage vistalites for quite a while, and in the course of doing so have also seen some of the vintage acrylic Sonors out there. I loved the Vistas that I used to have, but I also love old Sonors and would be very happy with the acrylics I think. Does anyone...
  12. longfade

    Any NYC folks willing/able to ship a kit?

    Doubtful I'm sure, but figured I'd ask: is there anyone in NY (Jamaica/Queens are) that would be willing to pick up and ship a kit to Seattle?
  13. longfade

    Cruise ship drumming

    I'd be amazed if this topic hasn't come up before, but I was just wondering how many among us have done a cruise ship gig? I did it for 6 straight years, right out of college in the 90s. I personally loved it, but I worked with tons of guys who just hated it. I worked for NCL and Holland...
  14. longfade

    Jack Benny

    I’ve been listening to tons of old time radio programs over the last 2 or 3 years, and have recently discovered Jack Benny’s radio show. Holy Hell, he’s funny. I just love his ironic, self-deprecating humor. Are there any other Jack Benny, Fred Allen, Red Skelton, etc., fans around here? Man...
  15. longfade

    What are these Ludwigs?

    Wow, I don't think I've ever seen anything like these before. Does anyone know anything about them?
  16. longfade

    Lotsa stuff on SFO Craigslist

    Just in case anyone's looking for something this fellow has. Prices seem reasonable and there's a lot of pretty interesting stuff.
  17. longfade

    OT - unlocked cellphones

    I've been the "anti-cell-phone guy" for quite some time now. I'm still very ambivalent about having one, but I inherited a nice Blackberry Bold from my boss who retired and I've recently started thinking about jumping on my wife's plan. She's with Credo and we're both very happy with their...
  18. longfade

    Any Columbus Ohio folks willing/able to ship a kit?

    I found a great deal on a kit in Columbus but it's on CL and I am sure the guy won't ship to Seattle. Is anyone here willing and/or able to grab them and ship them to me? Big long shot but I've gotta ask!
  19. longfade

    Premier bop kit I know there are a few knowledgeable Premier guys here. Can anyone identify this kit, based on the lame pictures? My guess is XPKs. If so, does anyone have any opinions about them?
  20. longfade

    Tempus drums?

    I am seriously considering grabbing a local Tempus fiberglass kit in bop sizes. I've read that fiberglass is different from Acrylic in that they're fairly warm and dry w/o a lot of overtones. I tune my jazz kits high and wide open, especially the bass drum and based on what I've read it seems...