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  1. SteveB

    Slingerland question for you guys in the know

    Hi! A buddy of mine is trying to sell a set of Slingerlands and I'm looking for the street value on them as they stand. I can't get any pictures over here unfortunately is a 5 piece with what looks to be a 5x14 Artist metal snare, all in Sky Blue Pearl covering...3 cymbal...
  2. SteveB


    Are these guys still up and running. I went to their home page and got nothing. There's just some clutter here and there. Man, I hope Andy still exists because I just had two fiberglass shells made up. The lugs are Trick's small ones and the floor tom brackets are the black cube shaped...
  3. SteveB

    Miscellaneous Drum Parts

    Who is providing parts now? I'm putting together a few shells and the last time I did this I used Andy Foote who I believe is out of business. Thanx in advance!
  4. SteveB

    Jeff Porcaro

    This is great...I haven't seen it until just now. Love his attitude..and his playing of course.
  5. SteveB

    Summer's Just Around the Corner

  6. SteveB

    Gibraltar 8600 Series Hi Hat Stand

    Guys, I have a ten year old Gibraltar flat based hi hat stand, and while opening up my case noticed that part of the rod was disconnected. I never even looked at the mechanics until now. My question is this: Does this lower rod extension connect to the upper part? I've tried threading what I...
  7. SteveB

    Concert in honor of the Boston bombings I don't think too many know this happened because channel 5 in Boston did this in conjunction with Don Law, a long time promoter in town. I'm hoping the...
  8. SteveB

    The sound of a drum

    With all these topics about Drum Dials, pitch settings at heads and Gauger and Ludwig suspension mounts I thought it would be fun to revisit an old and ongoing discussion about the makings of a drum's sound. I have my own unsubstantiated opinions but I'm more interested in what the rest of you...
  9. SteveB

    Totally OT

    Have any of you had issues with sound by way of a browser? I know this sounds strange, but the other day I had one side cut out and what was left of the right channel was both breaking up (studdering) and maybe 10 bpm slower than usual. So, I went and grabbed another card down the street from a...
  10. SteveB

    Pearl Drums

    I've never seen this line up until just recently. I had to notice there are no suspension mounts...maybe this belongs in the Vintage section. :icon_smile:
  11. SteveB

    I was just sent this

    I'm in awe of her talent, especially when I realized where she gets it from.
  12. SteveB

    Very OT...because it involved guitars

    A buddy of mine just sent me this. For those in the know is this for real? If so that line in the sand is getting wider by the minute. Carefully strip all your fancy drums and hide those exotic shells in a safe in the basement. I heard brass is next! :shock: The link...
  13. SteveB

    Thank you Chris

    I can't seem to find the original thread so I'm starting one of my own. I really can't thank you enough for what you've given us. I can easily understand your need to draw back as I could never in a million years afford to offer what you've done all along without complaint, while remaining...
  14. SteveB

    Speaking of Sabian

    I picked one up a few weeks ago from Shane Kinney, a member here I believe. First off I think the concept is cool as all hell. I'm not sure this is THE cymbal or not; of course it's not because all cymbals are limited, but for a cymbal doing both the distinct job as a ride, crash or mix of both...
  15. SteveB

    More Todd...with Daryl

    Even Steven) turned me onto this site some time ago. Of course I shared it with all the singers I know around here I've worked with. At any rate here's a more recent stint taking place at Todd's house. Todd is in very good form on this, and of course Daryl is too. My recommendations would be...
  16. SteveB

    Updated 2011 CT Show Pics

    My girlfriend Sandra took these shots while everyone else did their thing. The lighting was tough downstairs for the clinics but they give you an idea anyway. Enjoy!
  17. SteveB


    Hey guys, When the site had a face lift I noticed the column over to the right and clicked on the "name" or handle of the person trying to get in touch with me, and when I didn't see a message I never bothered to go deeper and ignored the list. Just today I tried hitting the word "conversation"...
  18. SteveB

    This is what it's all about

  19. SteveB

    Bobby Elliot appreciation week

  20. SteveB

    Pretty amazing I think

    I don't know if this kid has been posted here or not but you can see the kind of work he put into this, and for that I commend him. There isn't a lot of subtlety but neither is there in this particular orchestral piece which is pretty square edged. Anyway... &feature=player_embedded