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  1. Tomb

    18” Depth Bass Drums. Your thoughts?

    I had an 18" deep DW once. didn't do anything for me. I much prefer 14" depth
  2. Tomb


    not so much into mixed cocktails these days, although I do like a dark and stormy now and then. Usually a good Bourbon, neat. Tito's or Kettle One martini, or just straight on the rocks I do love beer. Boston Lager, Harpoon, Lagunitas, Bent Water out of Lynn, Mass has some great brews. The list...
  3. Tomb

    OT: if DISCO isn't something you care much for..

    I like Abba and have enjoyed playing along during this time of no gigs on my e-drums. Roger Palm and Ola Brunkert those guys had the groove. Try playing some of those tunes you'll realize they're not so easy, until you nail the feel
  4. Tomb

    57 years ago tonight

    I remember it like it was yesterday, and knew right then. thank you Ringo!
  5. Tomb

    Greasy. Hats off to Brady grrrr

    I really enjoyed watching him connect with Gronk for those first two, then watching the defense completely shut down the Chiefs. We in NE have known all along TB12 is the greatest off all time. And if superbowl LI didn't cement that, surely yesterday has. He taught this team to believe in...
  6. Tomb

    Should I go for the Ludwig set?

    they look beautiful. go get 'em
  7. Tomb

    Should I go for the Ludwig set?

    I have a CM in those sizes 20/12/14 and love it. That said you may want to hang onto the Premiers too, or at least until you know which kit you prefer
  8. Tomb

    Last-Minute SuperBowl Band Replacement

  9. Tomb

    OT - Super Bowl predictions

    I didn't understand that FG either. I'm sure there's a lot of second guessing going on today in Packer land. Anyway, I'm happy for TB12, and Gronk!
  10. Tomb

    Anyone got/getting to gigs with a truck?

    yes, tacoma 4 door pickup. i can fit everything inside (leaves little or no room for a passenger) or if the weather is nice and i'm not going far i might put the hardware case in the back that said i'm probably going to get something bigger down the road
  11. Tomb


    thanks Paul this is very helpful! I will look into the Presonus and Jamulus as well
  12. Tomb


    thanks saw that. they have made improvements to the service (paid tiers, bandwidth etc.) since the spring
  13. Tomb


    one of the groups I'm with is getting setup on this jamkazam and the band leader sent me a link to Berhinger interface boxes. I have zero knowledge of any of this stuff, and so just started looking into which device I should get. I bought an e-kit so I could play during covid without driving my...
  14. Tomb

    I must really miss playing

    one of the groups I'm with wants me to get on this jamkazam and the band leader sent me a link to Berhinger interface boxes but I only started looking into it i'm just going to run my edrums through it. hopefully good enough for these long distance sessions, but if you have any advice please share!
  15. Tomb

    Is it a Sonor SQ2 demo, or an Alice In Chains cover?

    great playing Mike! Kit sounds good too
  16. Tomb

    "Me And Bobby McGee" Janis Joplin/Kris Kristofferson

    one of my bands we do The Highwaymen version, which is my favorite
  17. Tomb

    Ever see a professional band get booed off stage?

    Aerosmith opened for Sha Na Na early 70's Suffolk Downs in East Boston. I think their first record had just come out, but not charted yet. They were getting good airplay on the Boston stations so they had a good home base of fans which made up most of the crowd, and after their set the crowd...
  18. Tomb

    OT: First the bad news, then more bad news

    Sorry to hear. It's very treatable and no doubt the doc will lay out the plan for treatment, but I feel for you having to wait. Keep us updated. You got this
  19. Tomb

    New Classic Maples arrived! ...and wow are they pink!!

    wow, that is just beautiful. congratulations!
  20. Tomb

    Throw-off location while snare is on stand.

    was 3 o'clock forever, but a couple years ago I switched to 9 o'clock, and I can't for the life of me recall why, but I like it!