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  1. stinkingbadges

    Vintage Rogers accessories

    Sold my 1966 Cleveland's recently. :( The buyer had no use for these: All came with the kit and are very good condition especially considering the age. Swan Leg high hat - $75 Buyer to pay shipping SOLD! Rogers Pedal - $75 Buyer to pay shipping (missing one set screw on peddle length...
  2. stinkingbadges

    Ludwig Baseball bat muffler

    I know this is like looking for Moby-Dick (the whale, not the tune), but I am seeking a 60's era B/B muffler for my Acro project. Thanks!
  3. stinkingbadges

    Wanted - 1960's era batter hoop to fit Keystone Acro/Supra

    Need a 14" batter hoop to fit a Keystone Acro project. Must be in good - very good condition. Would consider a Brass one too.
  4. stinkingbadges

    Throw off replacement recommendations

    I have a snare drum that I'm giving to my nephew. The throw off is shot. The hole spacing is 1 1/2". Looking for something inexpensive that works. Would appreciate any ideas. Thanks, Matt
  5. stinkingbadges

    Zidjian Crash Ride, Sabian Medium Ride...price reduced

    Regular paypal accepted on all these cymbals. 20" Zildjian Crash/Ride from the late 60's - $100 plus shipping 20" Sabian Medium Ride in good condition $100 plus shipping
  6. stinkingbadges

    80's Rocker to 67 Psych Red almost complete

    Back at the end of December I posted a thread and asked for help identifying a Ludwig snare. Thanks to the Vintage Bros., it was determined that this was an 80's Rocker. I bought it. Removed and cleaned all the hardware. Stripped off COW wrap and painted the inside the off-white to match the...
  7. stinkingbadges

    Ludwig experts, a little help please

    What is this snare drum? Is this a Ludwig Standard? The ad says it's chrome wrapped over wood but I don't see that in the pic. Any ideas as to when it was mfg? Thanks!
  8. stinkingbadges

    Slingerland Nashville Radio King - SALE CANCELED!

    Selling my Slingerland Nashville era RadioKing Snare. 5.5 X14. Purchased some years back from Forum Brother LossforGain. I've never gigged this drum since the purchase and have hardly played it. It has the well known wonky throw-off that these drums are known to have had. My understanding is...
  9. stinkingbadges

    Tonights Grammys - Gary Johnson Jr. - Shameful

    At tonight's Grammy Awards, Gary Johnson Jr.and some dude I'm not familiar with just absolutely butchered Albert King"s "Born Under a Bad Sign". It wasn't even close, Johnson missed the cue for the solo and the poor bastard that was singing with him did his best. It was all down hill from...
  10. stinkingbadges

    OT: Christmas vacation in San Antone and Austin

    We are taking a trip to SA, Austin and ending up in Fort Worth on vacay during Christmas week. The Fort Worth end is covered as we are staying with friends there for New Years. Wondering if some of my forum bros out there could point me in the right direction for musical entertainment in SA and...
  11. stinkingbadges

    70's Slingy -3 vs 5 ply

    Question for the Slingy experts out there. When was the last year Slingys were made with 3 ply? A friend of mine says 1976, but i thought it was earlier than that. 1972 maybe? Thanks!
  12. stinkingbadges

    Saw a Legend with the Master Last Night....

    It's been a while since I've seen a performance that repeatedly sent chills up my spine. Tony Bennett at the Merrill Auditorium in Portland, Maine last night was one I will never forget. In a word he delivered so well it was unbelievable. I got misty eyed( which never happens!) He had Harold...
  13. stinkingbadges

    My newest addition

    Wanted to share with you all my first made in Japan kit. Tama Star Classic Performers in birch. The finish is Dark Cherry Fade. Sizes are 8x10,9x12,10x12,11x13,16x16.16x22. Also pictured is my Rogers 6 1/2 Super Ten from the Big "R" era. This kit offers all the flexibility I would ever need...
  14. stinkingbadges

    Port Hole Question

    Aye matey it's not for seafarin! Sorry, couldn't resist. So I have acquired a new to me kit and the 22" BD has a 7" hole in the black reso head. The person who cut the hole did a rather ragged job of it and I am looking for recommendations from the crew for a trim ring to fit over it. I was...
  15. stinkingbadges

    16x24 Ludwig Super Classic BD

    It's been awhile since I've run a 24" BD. Over the last few years I've been playing 20" BD so have gotten out of practice tuning one of these tubs. Its a late 90's 16X24 Super Classic. It has the original ported "Ludwig" reso head and an Evans Emad with the foam dampening ring around it. I'm...
  16. stinkingbadges

    Old tricks...maybe?

    Back a hunnert years ago I tried playing double bass. Could not master it and really didn't give it much of a chance. In a fit of point of purchase idiocy after playing single pedal for 45 years, I bought a Mapex Falcon double pedal the other day. Finally got it out and set up on a BD today...
  17. stinkingbadges

    New arrivals

    Hey Gang, Just wanted to share a few pics of my new additions. Pardon the pics but they are going to be stored for awhile. I have a knee scope tomorrow so will be out of commission drumwise. Anyway, they are from the year 2000: 16x24 virgin, 13x11, 14x12, 16x16 with the matching 8x14 coluseum...
  18. stinkingbadges

    mystery ludwig finish

    I may have a chance to buy a set of 1998 or so Ludwig's in great sizes and USA made all maple. The color of the finish is a laquer in a some sort of green fade that shows the grain of the wood. It's supposed to be one of the nicest finishes from that era. I've been told they are in nearly as new...
  19. stinkingbadges

    Gene Krupa Slingy "Artist"

    Here's an interesting one. 6 day auction and already over $300. Beauty drum. Those that know: is this legit? I'm not buyin, I'm just watching.
  20. stinkingbadges

    Octopooder has an Octoplus

    The obsequious Pooder has done it again....where does she get this stuff????? What a cool set!