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  1. mfryed2112

    SOLD Vintage mics

    I don’t know anything about these, don’t know if they work??? If you are a tinkerer then these are for you. $75.00 shipping included
  2. mfryed2112

    Prestige session select

    The 3 drums shown here, plus a World Series snare( I know nothing about these) and the rack for $200, deal? The drums look a little faded
  3. mfryed2112

    Sabian AAX X-crash

    Has anybody bought one of these?
  4. mfryed2112

    OT- nfl playoffs

    Who ya got? Pittsburgh had a major meltdown last night and the Browns were able to capitalize. I don’t see them making it past the Chiefs. I would have been happy with an 8-8 season, The browns exceeded that though. This is not the last you’ve seen of this team, they’ll be back next year!
  5. mfryed2112

    Sold Speed kings for part/rebuild

    What you see is what you get, the 2 newer beaters are nice $50.00 shipped
  6. mfryed2112

    Sold Ludwig project 6 ply drums

    12x15 and 13 x16, pretty sure that these were concert toms and bottom hardware was added. both drums have bottom bearing edges, both drums have concert Tom mounts, previous owner added a classic mount to the 15 and three classic mounts and floor Tom legs to 16. These belonged to the kit that I...
  7. mfryed2112

    Rogers throne

    At least I think it’s a Rogers? Other than missing the rubber Footies, this throne is in really nice shape $60.00 shipped
  8. mfryed2112

    Tama stilt stands

    6 stilt stands, plus 2 very nice Tama double braced stands and one Tama x-hat. I would like to sell this as a package deal. I’m putting in a price just for the sake of putting a price on this, please feel free to make a serious offer. All of this hardware is in like new condition. $1.00 lol...
  9. mfryed2112

    Way off topic, but music related

    I have four brand new in the box, never opened David Bowie Barbie dolls, lol. I bought them two years ago. $75 each, I pay shipping!
  10. mfryed2112


    Most of these heads are brand new, about 75% are, or very lightly used and could basically pass as new. 24 inch, emad, coated ps3, pinstripe 22 inch, 2-pinstripes, attack, Slingerland logo, and a really strange clear fiberskin 20 inch fiberskin 18 inch, ec2, G1, black dot 16 inch ec2, G1, evans...
  11. mfryed2112

    Sold Slingerland lugs

    Small tom lugs, 8 with mounting screws, they are very nice! $40.00 shipped
  12. mfryed2112

    Zildjian time line

    Someone thinks these are 70s?
  13. mfryed2112

    Ludwig 5 pc, 6 ply

    Players kit. 14,15,16,18,24. I can’t be 100% sure exactly what is going on with his kit. The 14,15,16 are concert tom sizes, and all three have small lugs. They were originally drilled for clip mounts. The owner installed classic mounts in a different spot than the clip mount on the 14 and 15...
  14. mfryed2112

    Charlie Pride
  15. mfryed2112

    Sold Drum dial

    Brand new, never used. $45.00 I pay shipping.
  16. mfryed2112

    Sold Supra and acro

    The supra is a players drum as you can see it is pitting pretty good, needs a new batter head. $175 shipped. The acro is very nice and just needs a light cleaning. $145 shipped.
  17. mfryed2112

    Sold Christmas miracle cymbal sale #3

    I believe this is the third year in a row I have done this. 21 inch sweet ride 18 inch rock crash 18 inch medium crash 18 inch medium thin crash 14 inch rock hats All A’s of course, these are in really nice shape! No damage whatsoever, no keyholes, No cracks and no flea bites. A light cleaning...
  18. mfryed2112

    Sabian AA crash

    Looking for a plain ole AA medium or medium thin crash, 18 inch.
  19. mfryed2112

    Tom Sawyer-bluegrass version

  20. mfryed2112

    80’s tama swingstars

    Picked these up last weekend. new batter heads plus bass drum reso’s and 2 heads for myself were more than I payed for the kit. Not pictured are all of the cymbal stands and throne. Thin shells, they sound great!