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  1. Hemant

    Quality of Recent Mapex Drums

    Yes -- Mapex is ISO9000 certified and audited for ongoing compliance. It does not mean a lemon doesn't slip through controls. However, this is the second NIB Saturn kit and hardware components I have purchased - along with some factory ordered add-ons and all have been perfect. One thing I do...
  2. Hemant

    Quality of Recent Mapex Drums

    I just took delivery on Saturn V in Cherry Mist Burl in standard depth. Absolutely stunning inside and out. It replaced a 2010 Saturn III kit I had bought because the electric berry burst finish matched the stage show of an agency backed cover band I had joined. My thought was to flip the kit...
  3. Hemant

    Bring on the funk!

    Purdie solo -- simple in concept - but the feel/soul is so greasy good.
  4. Hemant

    Prince's Quiet Good Deed. Paid Off Medical Bills of Sixth Best Drummer of All Time

    It is a shame that charity and fundraising remains an integral component of our citizen's health care planning, even for those with some form of insurance. The total percentage of GoFundMe accounts that are set-up to cover medical costs is a staggeringly large portion of their user base...
  5. Hemant

    "Thunder Island" Jay Ferguson (Live)

    Outstanding. I rediscovered the song when Sirius XM had their limited "Yacht Rock" station. Call it what you want -- the musicianship in that video is high. Being of a certain age I immediately dismissed AM radio, disco and other pop after I discovered hard rock around 4th grade. I consumed...
  6. Hemant

    John Densmoore

    Frank Lisciandro's book "An Hour for Magic" includes his exclusive photos from the LA Woman studio session.
  7. Hemant

    Dropped Facebook

    Agree. I actually enjoy the Facebook product but it has taken some curating which the app allows you to do. UPSIDE: I have reconnected with many people from as far back as kindergarten. We have re-established deep friendships that had evaporated from my life for a myriad of reasons. It has...
  8. Hemant

    Pearl what is up with them lately ?

    That Session Studio Select line (birch/african mahogany composite shell) is killer. Warm, fat and punchy like the old Yamaha Tour Custom birch/mahogany layup from the 80's. Apparently it was Pearl's best seller out of the shell recipes on one of the myriad of lines I can't keep straight -- so...
  9. Hemant

    Greasy. Hats off to Brady grrrr

    Keep Jameis Winston at QB and the Bucs don't win that title. One player matters. As a Ravens fan, I have had my playoff heart broken by Brady more than once, but I can't deny he is GOAT. He said he wanted to play until 45. Given his acumen at reading and diagnosing defenses, and advancements in...
  10. Hemant

    Chick Corea has passed away

    Damn - So sorry to hear of Chick’s passing. I had a chance to see him with Gadd at Blues Alley in DC three years ago. The only time I saw Chick live. Absolutely brilliant. Support live music and the venues that host them when they return - and don’t pass up the opportunities to see your...
  11. Hemant

    Saturn V kit vs Tama Superstar Classic kit......Your opinion?

    I have owned the Mapex Saturn III and recently took delivery on a Saturn V. This is a high end heavy duty pro-grade drum set in terms of sound, fittings and finish. I have the Cherry Mist Burl veneer and it is absolutely stunning with black chrome hardware. It looks like a piece of fine...
  12. Hemant

    Prestige session select

    Mahogany/Maple hybrid shells - sound fantastic. $200 is a great deal if the shells are structurally sound. I would wrap them if the finish is beat up.
  13. Hemant

    Drumming's Biggest Crab Apples: A Top 50 List in Progress

    Saw Weckl at Blues Alley several years ago and at NAMM one year. He was simply not into fan engagement and quite surly on both of those occasions. Whatever -- if someone is simply not that into small talk, posing for photos and autographs -- that is their prerogative. I just vibe on the...
  14. Hemant

    Rediscovered YES 90125

    Yep - Cap Center was a big part of my youth and teen years. There was no indoor downtown arena in the 70s-80s so aside from the NBA and NHL franchises - every major music tour stopped there along with Ringling Bros., Ice Capades, WWF, Monster Trucks etc. There was a show or sporting event almost...
  15. Hemant

    The perfect all-purpose crashable ride

    I played a couple of 21" - 22" Dream Bliss mini-bell rides at Dale's Drum Shop that fell into this category. For Rock - can't say enough about my 24" Paiste Giant Beat multi!
  16. Hemant

    Rediscovered YES 90125

    90125 was terrific from first cut to last and it still stands up IMO. I was 13 or so when the album came out and it was my entry to the rest of the band's catalog. "Owner of a Lonely Heart" was obviously the killer single and I loved how White copped the Stewart Copeland snare sound and vibe on...
  17. Hemant

    Robert Palmer on Letterman in 88

    Palmer rocked hard in a 3 piece suit. I believe Tony Thompson and Dony Wynn split drums on his 80's albums. "Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley" from the 70s is also a favorite. The Meters (Zigaboo Modeliste on drums), members of Little Feat, Simon Phillips and Bernard Purdie all played on that...
  18. Hemant

    Johnny Carson, Drummer

    Carson was on cover of MD with Ed Shuagnessy
  19. Hemant

    Best double bass drum pedal at any price?

    I like the Tama Iron Cobra Power Drive. I have two of the doubles and a couple of the singles as well. Reasonable price and professional grade. I also have a Speed Cobra but it is just a bit too smooth for me.
  20. Hemant

    Nate Smith: If you don't know, now you do!

    Love him. Ace of Aces.