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  1. Capt Wierd

    John Mcquaid

    Has anyone heard from John, talked to him last Spring, tried calling his landline, it's disconnected, cell phone is constantly busy
  2. Capt Wierd

    Canister Thrones?

    I have 3 Premier thrones, white, black and Royal Lavender for my Kenny Clare Royal Lavender Reso kit. I had about 5 or 6 over the years
  3. Capt Wierd

    English Drums In The 1960s

    Robin, Those were the Projectors and I think the 5000 series in the US, not sure
  4. Capt Wierd

    English Drums In The 1960s

    Robin, It's been a long time
  5. Capt Wierd

    Carlton Drums

    Holder is original
  6. Capt Wierd

    G Stamped 13" HI-Hats

    Hey JP, I can vouch for Darren, he has a drum stick company selling Pellwood sticks in the UK
  7. Capt Wierd

    Wish me luck, Premier Oyster Project (updated photos)

    Another vintage Premier kit, up and running. Good luck Trix
  8. Capt Wierd

    Old English Kits

    Here, I am, Baz, long time no "see", as Kerope says I'm on FB as CJ Blundell Jr
  9. Capt Wierd


    For the last friggin' time, no steel wool, bronze wool avaiable at Ace Hardware
  10. Capt Wierd

    Walberg and Auge

    Thanks My email address is cjb at atlanticbb dot net
  11. Capt Wierd

    Walberg and Auge

    Sorry GrandpaCleve, Thanks for the reply, Got a little tied up and at my age, if she's good looking and strawberry blonde, I'll play the "tie me up" game all night long I am really looking for the Walberg and Auge catalog as my base of research. I also found an even older company catalog...
  12. Capt Wierd

    Walberg and Auge

    Hi, Thanks for your response, right now I'm looking for a 1930s hardware catalog. I"m doing a little research on the marketing of W & A products to the drum manufacturers in the UK. I don't need the actual catalog, files on a CD would be great
  13. Capt Wierd

    Walberg and Auge

    A friend of mine and myself are looking for any W & A catalogs from the 30s
  14. Capt Wierd

    Vintage Boosey & Hawkes Ajax Drum Kit

    Yo, Dave, if he wants to keep the drum pedal, no worries, I have many contacts in the UK that may sell you one
  15. Capt Wierd

    Vintage Boosey & Hawkes Ajax Drum Kit

    John McQuaid on this forum has a set of those but with double headed toms. They made that finish in several different flavours, Lime green with gold threads, (Ajax), Red with Gold Threads, (Ajax), Black with Gold Threads, (Carlton, known as Electra) and Black with Gold Threads(Premier, known as...
  16. Capt Wierd


    Temple blocks were mostly made in Korea out of boxwood and were originally used in Budhist ceremonies. They were aslo made in other parts of the Far East. As usually seen,, American temple block set ups consisted of 5 temple blocks, while the British set up was 4 temple blocks
  17. Capt Wierd

    eBay Buyer Filed A Case Against Me!

    I will call this guy tonight and try to get it settled
  18. Capt Wierd

    eBay Buyer Filed A Case Against Me!

    PM sent, J
  19. Capt Wierd

    Are These Premiers Metric??

    Hey, I have enough trouble with the Premiers and Carltons, but definitly not Imperial, the Kaiser was long gone. Just a note, 28 inch Premier calfskin heads don't fit 28 inch Carlton bass drums, interesting, eh?
  20. Capt Wierd

    Are These Premiers Metric??

    Sure, they never were metric sizes but people kept using that nomenclature because American heads wouldn't fit, England was never using the metric system back then, it's the same when using Imperial gallons to fill up the tank in your car many years back in Canada and England before the metric...