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  1. drummingbulldog


    My oldest brother Jim passed on Monday. He was the one who got me into music & drumming. He was 11 years older so when I was little in the mid 70s, he was playing to Kiss records. He was into Sabbath, Van Halen, the Doors, Beach Boys, Alice Cooper & went through a 50s retro phase. My other...
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    Cymbals gone

    So one of our members wanted to trade cymbals but I cannot locate it. In looking for said cymbal I've also realized I'm missing a few more. I am hoping they turn up because I hate knowing something is gone. So a zil bell, 16/18 projection crashes & a 21" K crash ride; poof. I haven't used any of...
  3. drummingbulldog

    Sam Bacco Gretsch

    So through Facebook I found out my drums were likely redone by Sam Bacco at Fork's. I had no idea about Gretsch Central. My drums are a dark green sparkle. I am looking for a matching 10" tom to go with my 12x8 & 14x14. It should be noted that my drums are thought to be an early 73 or so kit...
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    Demo recording

    A songwriter friend I know has a ton of songs & I've been helping by demoing drum tracks. I've been having a blast. The kit at the studio is a cool Ludwig club date 20/14/12. I'm gonna use my Gretsch kit next time though. I really love the feel when a tune is gelling & you know you're getting a...
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    Audix D6 like new. Used twice 200.00

    Anyone? It's a great mic for rock.
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    OT-Got a new pistol today

    So I'm driving my mother in law's husband to an eye dr appointment today & he tells me he has something for me. We get home and he gives me a Ruger LCP. I don't know if any of you are gun guys or not. I'm not really but I do have a small collection. This gun he gave me was purchased in 2013 and...
  7. drummingbulldog

    Nigel Olsson

    I just heard Rocket Man on the radio. It reminded me of how good Nigel's ride sound was. Does anyone have any information of his drums/cymbals?
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    20's Ludwig

    If you have Facebook, look up Ludwig in the Facebook market. James is located in St Augustine, FL. He is a good guy.
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    Gretsch 4x14

    I did a demo session for a friend this weekend. I ended up just using the 4x14 snare for the whole 11 tunes we tracked. I was blown away. This is a modern era Max snare and it just sounded so good. I was thinking of selling it but not now.
  10. drummingbulldog

    Gretsch Marquee 14" floor tom

    Looking for a marquee 14" floor tom in satin indigo. Help please.
  11. drummingbulldog

    Paiste Colorsound question

    I have always liked how they look. How do they sound? Back in the 80s when I first saw them I wanted blue ones bad.
  12. drummingbulldog

    Thinning the herd. I want to offer here 1st

    I will do photos & sound files if requested to email/text. Just PM if interested. No cracks. Diril 22" D Ride $200 (USD) Paiste 20" Sound Formula Full Ride $200 Zildjian 20" Avedis Ping Ride $125.00 Zildjian 15" 60s stamp Avedis HiHat pair $225.00 Zildjian 8" 50s Avedis Splash $150.00 (the...
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    Wall of Voodoo cover

    This cover of Wall of Voodoo's Blackboard Sky was recorded last year. The kit was a Gretsch 73 SSB 12/14/20 with an 8x14 Tama Artwood w/S-hoops. Cymbals were Sabian 14/16/18 AAX dark crashes, 21" HH raw bell dry ride & 13" Zildjian K hats. Thommy Berlin on guitar/vocals. Roy Peak on bass...
  14. drummingbulldog

    Sticks-do you break them?

    I started playing in 1982. For the first ten years in broke a fair amount of sticks. Usually at the tip/shank area. Once in a while I would break in the middle or by the grip but usually that was due to defective grain. Most of all when my sticks break now it is from internal fracture like a...
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    I just saw the film Lenny with Dustin Hoffman. If you have not seen it's pretty cool and there are some cool shots of the 60s round badge Gretsch kits & old Zildjians. Plus, Valerie Perrine is topless. Did I mention the old Gretsch kits? Lol
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    Gretsch USA/New Classic question

    Years ago I bought a Gretsch 5x14 shell off Ebay. It was wrapped in white marine pearl & was drilled for center lugs. It is a 120th Anniversary shell. I contacted Gretsch to order lugs for it. They said the lugs were made in Taiwan and not available for sale. I have seen a version of my drum...
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    For the Tommy Aldridge fans

  18. drummingbulldog

    Tama Artwood maple Sharing this with you. I...
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    Refinishing a big kit-need help

    I have a buddy who has a large Mapex ProM kit that he stripped/sanded/stained. His stain job is awful. I have not tried to unstain a stain job. Is there a way to do it? It's a dark brown or ebony stain. I would like to go to the original maple wood or paint/lacquer them black. It has 20"/22"...
  20. drummingbulldog

    Marvin Smitty Smith snare drum

    Does anyone have one? If so, can you give me pros & cons. Thinking about one and would like feedback.