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  1. Iristone

    My $.02 practice pad

    Basically a piece of duct tape over some hard foam. Hope it helps other in-quarantine drummers. ;-)
  2. Iristone

    vintage ludwig - I'm a believer!

    So I bought a silver sparkle 12" tom in an attempt to expand my Club Date SE set. Build quality was funny to say the least: wood joints were not meeting perfectly, there was something that looks like lifting at both the inner and outer seams (wood itself was nicely glued). Ply separation at...
  3. Iristone

    Your favourite snare for a high/low tuning?

    All of my snare drums have quite a tuning range. I like to experiment in which spot they sound the best and make the most of their respective characters. I used to like to tune my Ludwig Legacy low for a fat thunk and the Gretsch RB high for a sharp crack. Recently though I decided to reverse...
  4. Iristone

    AKG D12 (kinda) rant

    I've bought an AKG D12 for $400 or so. Allegedly it'a the best microphone for a bass drum. Not surprisingly, mine has a pretty steep roll-off below 100Hz, which seems to be a very common failure in these mics. I tried to open it up (WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!) and knocked a wire broken...
  5. Iristone

    Remo international dealer peculiarity

    Apparently when I buy new Remo heads in China they somehow must go through the EU dealers? :scratch:
  6. Iristone

    Remo head reformulation?

    Sorry for my verbose postings today, but I've noticed another interesting phenomenon. I've bought a new Remo coated Ambassador head. I think it's the best coated Remo I've had ever! The coating is thick matte white, similar to a Vintage Ambassador I bought last year (I used to believe the VAs...
  7. Iristone

    Ludwig Centennials and Signets

    Can't believe they are still in stock and being sold at dealers after 5 years of being officially discontinued. I've heard rumours that they are still secretly being made at the Ludwig plant! Any caveats? I'm eyeing on a Centennial Zep set in silver sparkle, but may not really pull the trigger.
  8. Iristone

    Ludwig Tambourines

    Were they 3-ply? Does it affect their sound when played on the head?
  9. Iristone

    Speed King hurts on E-drums

    I've noticed when I play my vintage Ludwig Speed King on my Roland KD-10, it generates a lot of vibration no matter what beater I use, and hurts my knee pretty badly (and it's far from age-related - I'm not even adult by American standards!). On my acoustic Ludwig bass drum it's fine. With my...
  10. Iristone

    8-lug die-cast hoop reduce to 4-lug over time?

    Forgive me if the title reads a bit cryptic, but I've noticed that when tuning my vintage Gretsch and Premier snare drum (both 8-lug with stock die-cast hoops), I have to crank every other lug a bit more than the remaining 4 lugs, or the pitch will be lower on those lugs. In extreme cases (as...
  11. Iristone

    Tom and Jerry splash cymbal tone

    Been watching lots of classic Tom and Jerry cartoons during the spring festival break. Along with having a few good laughs, I kind of get interested in the cymbal tone when Tom gets hit on the floor, etc.. I guess it's an Avedis Zildjian splash cymbal typical of that era. Any insights?
  12. Iristone

    OT - Happy Spring Festival

    Greetings from China. :hello2:
  13. Iristone

    Another Rhythm Tech Active Snare System thread

    Seems discontinued. I bought one NOS, and found it greatly enhances brush sensitivity! For 10-lug drums (like my Ludwig Legacy) maybe I can substitute for a real-deal Dynasonic frame reissue with matching hoop. For my 8-lug Gretsch snare this seems a great solution, but any idea what can I turn...
  14. Iristone

    Premier 2000 loose throw-off

    So I finally received my Premier 2000. It's un-snared (is it a word?) sound is fantastic, but I cannot get the throw-off mechanism to engage - the snare wire will not touch the bottom head even if cranked all the way. Turned out the butt side of the clam shell mechanism is loose and have some...
  15. Iristone

    Vox Telstar Reissue

    Another NAMM news: Seems that the drum industry is getting really exciting this year. :laughing5:
  16. Iristone

    New Rogers Drum Kits?

    A local dealer posted this piece of news, along with what seems like a screenshot from the PDF catalog. Needless to say I'm EXCITED! But I can't find it anywhere else. Any insights? :blob5:
  17. Iristone

    Rogers pre-BB lugs?

    There's a 1953 Rogers 6-lug snare for sale in my country. Lovely duco finish, single flanged hoops, 3-ply I think, and very cosily in my price range. I wonder if the lugs are prone to cracking, though, like the BB's. Any ideas? :hello2:
  18. Iristone

    Club Date SE expansion

    Hi all! I've a Ludwig Club Date SE set (the 2012 cherry/gumwood model in 22/13/16). It sounds absolutely gorgeous, but I often find its 3-piece configuration a bit limiting. I've bought a vintage 6-ply Ludwig 12" tom, but I feel there could be a better sonic match than this (the Club Dates have...
  19. Iristone

    Rokton/Formanta UDS

    Hi all, I've seen a Rokton (aka Formanta UDS) e-kit in good condition for sale on eBay. I've always wanted a set of analogue electronic drums to play synth textures, etc., and this seems a great way to realize my dream! This is an analogue drum synthesizer made in the Soviet Union. Not to be...
  20. Iristone

    My mini-review of DW Ultralight and Tama Classic

    Hi all, I bought one of each cymbal stands in my attempt to lighten my hardware bag. Now I LOVE them both! Build: Despite their low price tags, both stands were built as nicely as everything else out there. The Tama has a tiny bit of rough edges around the cup washer, no big deal since they...