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  1. LBCD

    Time Flies..... Tama Granstars are still the bomb

    On the road in 89, transfered from an old cassette tape.
  2. LBCD

    Help me I.D. These Temple Blocks.

    Any ideas? I don’t own them, I was asked about them from a guy on a vintage car forum I regularly visit. I see Ludwig, Leedy and Slingerland all made them and would appreciate any info I can share with him. Thanks!
  3. LBCD

    Infinity Drumworks Raw Shell

    Picked this 13 x 7 Maple/Mahogany/walnut snare up from Infinity Drumworks. It’s a beautiful shell and very well made. I’m getting around to putting it together and just waiting on the parts from DFD to arrive to finish it. Not sure what edges to do yet but so far it’s a very nice shell and...
  4. LBCD

    OT: Redwood/Stainless Wall & Douglas Fir/Steel tables

    Last year we had to have our beloved 25 year old trees I planted removed. My wife was really sad because they hid all the wires and the neighbors huge easy up over the back wall UGH!!! So to make her happy....I took a stick of 2” x 2” x 1/16” stainless steel and cut them into posts. I then...
  5. LBCD

    $98 DRUM KITS

    WTH!!!! I keep getting these FB pages with high end kits on sale for $98!!! Sonor, DW, Yamaha's so disgust to me that people would do this crap...
  6. LBCD

    100 Days Like This

    I joined the band right after this was released. The drummer played a Yamaha kit what I think was a Tour Custom and sounded great. Their rehearsal space was on the 3rd floor of an old red brick building turned into loft spaces overlooking downtown LA.
  7. LBCD


    I was born into dad was a pro bass player back in the late 60's/70's and still plays to this day. All of his 3 sons play multiple instruments with drums being the No 1 choice. I'm the oldest and this is my middle (4.5 years younger) brother Roy's band from the 90's, the snare is the...
  8. LBCD

    In Tune with the Moon

    This is my old friend from 100 Days Like This, went on to playing bass with Idaho and Pete Yorn. Here he his reviving an old song from my old band from the late 80's
  9. LBCD

    As I Do

    Back in the summer of 82 myself and 2 friends started playing in a punk/mod/rock cover band. We were probably 15/16 years old and having a blast. A couple of years went by and we broke up and another couple of years went by...the bass player started playing guitar and found out he could sing...
  10. LBCD

    Forever Sigh

    Recorded in 92 with Virgin records. We hooked up with Miles Leonard, a young A&R guy with Virgin Records, he signed The Verve and later down the road he signed Cold Play. He liked us and he let the band stay at his Flat for 6 months while we were working out a deal with Virgin. EMI bought...
  11. LBCD

    100 days Like this

    I played with these guys from 90-92, moved to London and lived there for a year during that time. Recorded at Machine Elf Studios in Hollywood in 91. I'm playing a beater kit, Ludwig 10" tom, Slingerland 14" tom, MIJ stencil 22'' kick and a Yamaha SD-493 snare. Cymbals are Ufip 20'' ride...
  12. LBCD

    She Swears Like A Sailor 2005 Keller drums

    From the 2005 release "Tell No Tales". I played with The American wake from 96-2011. I'm playing a Keller kit I built 20x15, 16x12, 10x8, 8x7 and 13x3.5 Sabian AAX 17" and 18" crashes, 21" Phil Collins ride, 8" and 10" Sabian HH splashes and Zildjian 14'' K Mastersound hi hats.
  13. LBCD

    Cutting an inlay at home.

    I’ve been wanting to cut inlays into my Slingerland bass drum hoops and gave it a shot this morning. Really not that hard to do and my first try ever turned out great. I thought this up falling asleep last night LOL. I have a router table I made years ago that I just set on 2 horses. I took a...
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    Duplicate sorry

    Please delete
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    Slingerland Tour Series Save

    Snagged a lightly used 5 piece 10,12,14,14,20 Tour Series kit today. Maybe one or 2 small dings on the kit but all the chrome is pitted and dirty. The previous owner bought it new and left it sitting in a practice space for the last 15 years. I know there are issues with this line from Conway so...
  16. LBCD

    Remo Black Dot Heads

    I've seen a couple of videos with these heads lately and it has brought back some great memories. Back in the late 70's and 80's a lot of guys used these heads not just on roto toms ;) but on their snare, toms and kick. I used one on my 14 x 8 Tama Artstar in the late 80's, going back to some...
  17. LBCD

    Ludwig bass drum spur mounts

    I was noticing how much they are off from each other. Was this common? Wouldn’t think so but it was back in 67 man... One side of the drum is lower than the other when the spurs are extended out. The fix is to either purchase longer spurs or remove the mount and re drill the mounting holes. The...
  18. LBCD

    Walberg & Auge Orphan Tom

    I ended up inheriting this drum from my late cousin. I absolutely love it and will never part with it. I’m pretty sure finding a W&A bass and Tom in the same fishing is unattainable. The easy thing to do is purchase a Gretsch bass and Tom and refinish them. Of course the wrap is not going to...
  19. LBCD

    Turning an Extra Tom pad into bass drum

    I had this idea and it turned out great. I took a 12” pad and reworked the trigger point, added foam and welded up an aluminum stand for it. The top mount mounts to the cross bar on my rack and there is zero movement. Have used it now on my weekend gigs for 2 years and still sounds and acts...
  20. LBCD

    Flipping Drums To Fund Your Other Hobbies

    How many of you have the time and energy to do it? The back story.... Back in 03 I purchased a 1941 Ford from a guy back East. I had the car for 2 years and decided to make it a daily driver. Little did I know the seller hid a ton of body damage with fiberglass and paint and it was going to...