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  1. mwhuskey

    Vintage Slingerland Cowbell-to-Mic Stand Mounting Assembly

    Anyone ever seen one of these or know how it works?
  2. mwhuskey

    Vintage UFIP? Rivet Fetish? Sizzle?

    Saved it from the dumpster and was curious if anyone could shed some light on it and a potential sale price. 19.5" UFIP, 1728g. See pics. Thanks, mwh
  3. mwhuskey

    Wanted '70s Drum Hoops 12/13/16 and 20 Key Rods

    Greetings Vintage Types! I picked up my first vintage project with some 1979 Ludwig Acrolites in 2-Band Swirl (black/clear) and the first need is hoops for 12" (6 hole), 13" (6 hole) toms and 16" (8 hole) floor tom. Also need the key rods to go with. Looks like the 12" are about 2" long and the...