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  1. Buffalo_drummer

    PDP Concept Maple Classics

    What are people's thoughts who own them? I've been eyeing them up for a while but only been able to play them in a local GC. Have a chance to grab a monster set with a 26" kick, 13, 16, 18 for under $600.
  2. Buffalo_drummer

    **SOLD** Sabian HHX Manhattan Jazz 19”

    $225 shipped lower 48 Bought this a few years ago when I was playing a lot of low volume gigs. Used it as a ride and a crash in louder situations. Works great for both a light ride and medium weight crash. Great condition, no edge dings, when I got it it had what looks like a miss drilled...
  3. Buffalo_drummer

    Accessory Trays

    What is everyone using to hold IEM's, brushes etc.? I want something big enough to hold a few things but not too big. The British Drum Company Butler looks interesting but I'm not sure it's really that functional for actual percussion accessories. Thoughts?
  4. Buffalo_drummer

    Oriollo Snares

    I'm in the market for an aluminum snare, thinking Geo Way, Acro, Oriollo etc. I know some guys on here swear by Oriollo's and I have an opportunity to grab one for $400 shipped. Looking for feedback from guys that have them, as far as, tonal characteristics, tuning range etc.
  5. Buffalo_drummer

    Ludwig 110th Anniversary Black Beauty

    Has anyone heard one? I have a line on one and wondered how the sound differs with 8 lugs, single flanged hoop from traditional 10 lug BB’s
  6. Buffalo_drummer

    Canopus Snare Wires

    It looks like they only make 2 different sets of wires, Vintage and Backbeat. Anybody have any reviews of either?
  7. Buffalo_drummer

    *SOLD* Sabian HHX Legacy 21" *LOWER PRICE*

    Beautiful cymbal! Great wash underneath a nice stick tone. 2000g $275 shipped lower 48.
  8. Buffalo_drummer

    Gauger Flex Frame

    How durable is this for gigging? Does the frame fit in drum cases/bags?
  9. Buffalo_drummer

    Sabian Artisan Med Ride or Groove Ride...

    Looking for a cymbal with some more wash and "air" under it. I already have an HHX RBDR and I love it for many situations but I have many gigs where I think a "lighter", washier ride would these 2 seem to be very crashable. I listened to a ton of samples on the web of these two...
  10. Buffalo_drummer

    The Greatest Drummer You've Never Heard Of - Mark Miller

    When Talas was in their prime, they would play around town quite a bit but my parents would never let me go to the shows with my older brother. I used to listen to "Live Speed on Ice" all the time and study the photos of Mark's drums on the sleeve of the record. Fast forward a couple of...
  11. Buffalo_drummer

    SOLD - Tama Speed Cobra HP910 w/Case $149 shipped

    Very good condition with the usual wear and tear from use. I kept it at home with my practice kit. Comes with new style Cobra beater and hard case. $149 shipped to the lower 48
  12. Buffalo_drummer

    What are my options?

    Recently sold a C&C PDII, when the buyer received it he noticed it was cracked down the lugs screws. I suspect the lug may have had pressure put against it at some point. Box was packed correctly and there was no obvious sign of damage to the box. He noted that. Looks like the inside ply is...
  13. Buffalo_drummer

    For Sale: P85 w/P33 Butt, Dunnett Clamps

    (1) P85+P33 = $35 (3) Dunnett Clamps $20 each
  14. Buffalo_drummer

    Air Vent Install

    What's the best way to hold a round air vent while securing the backing screw? My DW vent has a nyloc backing screw that I can only tighten so much before the vent starts spinning. I used a 1/4" allen wrench inside to vent to hold it, but once I hit the nylon in the bolt it started spinning.
  15. Buffalo_drummer

    *SOLD* Price Lowered: C&C Custom Player Date II Black Tie Butcher Block 6.5x14 - FREE SHIPPING

    $300 + Free Shipping lower 48 Just bought it but another drum I want more finally became available. Very Good Condition. Not looking for trades. The Player Date is a quality, American-made drum set at a player’s price point. The Player Date II has a warm, round tone that is a bit brighter...
  16. Buffalo_drummer

    What throw is this?

    Did some looking online and can't seem to find it. Looking to swap out my Dunnett for this [if it fits] or something less bulky. An Indie perhaps or RCK? Anybody have good experiences with either?
  17. Buffalo_drummer

    Opinions wanted...

    had my eye on a 6.5” Ludwig maple classic or standard maple to add to the collection but stumbled on a C&C PDII that can be had for the same price. Never having played a PDII, are they at all the same or does the mahogany ply change the maple sound? I also have a 12&Vine 8x14 so I am familiar...
  18. Buffalo_drummer

    *FOUND* Late 40's WFL Rim

    Late 40's WFL. Looks to be a "Stick Chopper" type of rim, the one on the drum is bent in a few places. Drum still sounds great put I'd like to replace if possible.
  19. Buffalo_drummer

    Ludwig Standard Maple

    Those who own one - is the outer veneer pretty durable? Played the 8" and 6.5" over the weekend and I'm interested, given the price point.
  20. Buffalo_drummer

    *** SOLD *** Roland SPD::ONE PERCUSSION Pad

    **** SOLD **** Includes mount and AC adapter [Can run on batteries as well]. Bought it a few months back and have never used other than a few taps when it arrived. $179 Shipped to the lower 48. The Simplest Way to Add Authentic Percussion Sounds to Your Performances The Roland SPD::ONE...