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    OT Avoid DAP Water Based Contact Cement!!!

    There's a factory tour pic from Ludwig floating around that shows a lady applying pearl using the 3M 77 in a can. Good enough for Ludwig...
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    What is this finish on this drumset?

    I'm almost positive it's just Mapex Green Apple Sparkle Lacquer, with a bunch of really nice stage lights hitting it to give it the funky undertones.
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    Bearing Edges: How Flat Is Flat Enough?

    There are quite a number of different theories about flatness. I personally use ANSI certified granite plates that place my edges within a couple ten-thousands of an inch of being totally flat. I prefer over-kill when making them, drums tend to tune up easily and sound great if the edges are...
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    Any Builders who use Keller Vintage Mahogany Shells?

    I use them, pretty happy with them. I feel like the reinforcement rings are just a hair on the big side depending on what I'm going for, but other than that they are quality stuff.
  5. Acid Etched Copper - Heavy & Distressed

    Acid Etched Copper - Heavy & Distressed

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    How to put Lights in drumset

    Here's a couple more videos for inspiration since my last post in this thread...lots of cool stuff can be done with LED's.
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    Real Fire Kit Progress

    I dig how you did the collars of the bass hoops as well, very nice touch!
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    Buffing the clear coat

    If failure is not an option, I would recommend taking the same finish and applying it to a scrap of wood, and practicing your wet sanding and buffing on it before starting the shell. What compound depends on the type of finish, how far up the grits you're going with the wet sanding, and what...
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    Ayotte Drums Web Site

    Website is still down, and people have started coming out of the woodwork in Facebook looking for their orders. I believe Ayotte finally bit the dust for the last time. Hope I can find the 12/14/20 african walnut satin kit on ebay someday that I've always dreamed of. Such beautiful drums...
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    Ayotte Drums Web Site

    Still no website, still ignoring all the requests to get in contact on facebook, still bouncing e-mails. I wonder if it's finally, really, absolutely the end this time around? :neutral:
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    Ayotte Drums Web Site

    Yup, Ray is doin' his thing with the Raya. I've only seen one of his new kits: I love the stainless steel badge and the matching blue acrylic gaskets under them. I'm up in the air on the rest of the drum. Still believe Ray is the godfather of beautiful drums, wood-hooped Ayottes have...
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    Ayotte Drums Web Site

    DRUM! Magazine did a piece a few months ago that listed the 10 best and 10 worst things about the first ten years of the decade. Ayotte was listed as one of the 10 worst things about the last ten years. With that hanging over your head, I think you'd be on the phone with tech support until the...
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    Let's talk Cocktail drums

    Thanks for the kind words on that kit...glad you dig it! Definitely one of my favorites. :smile: Unfortunately I don't have any high-res photos of it...that was before I invested in nice camera equipment. Which gives me an idea, when the leaves start changing in the next month, maybe I'll...
  14. 14"x7" Solid Shell Series, Paua Abalone Inlays

    14"x7" Solid Shell Series, Paua Abalone Inlays

    Some sweet abalone work one of my regulars ordered...and waited way too long for! But she's done, and turned out better than I'd envisioned. Lots of closeup pics and specs on the blog:
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    Let's talk Cocktail drums

    /shameless plug/ about a dozen pages of good stuff right here: I'm currently working on a kit that transitions between a cocktail kit and a micro bop kit, and nests into one case...will have video of that one when it's...
  16. Little mo abalone work...

    Little mo abalone work...

    Specs here:
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    Modern Drummer- October Kit of the month 2011 (like an Addiction)

    Hey guys, thanks for all the kind words. This project has been one of my absolute favorites of all time, and it's awesome that Modern Drummer recognized the uniqueness of this build. I've got the article up on my blog, you can check it out here...
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    Modern Drummer- October Kit of the month 2011 (like an Addiction)

    A little late to the party....but then, I've been swamped the past six months or so. I'm the busiest I've been in 10+ years, and all these incredible kits have coincided with my first's been quite the time, but I digress. Incredibly grateful for the opportunity to build this kit, and...
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    Galane Custom Drums

    I wondered if there'd be a chance to share this picture...
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    mint 60's super classics aren't that rare, right?

    I'd hang on to them. When I left for college I had a trixon conical double bass set, ultra-rare ludwig psych red jazz kit still in the factory plastic, couple DW sets, some craviotto/dw snares, ludwig classic maples in bermuda sand...the list goes on. Each semester I sold off a kit or two to...