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    Yamaha Maple Custom Bop Kit

    Hey y'all, a bit of a long shot but I wanted to see if anyone has a nice Maple Custom kit lying around. Hoping to find some with the earlier gold lugs but would consider an absolute or hybrid maple if the price is right. An 18" kick is a must. Die cast hoops, extra toms and a snare would be huge...
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    Ludwig Bronze Snare Pre 1994

    Been searching for a nice bronze Ludwig for quite awhile and with my birthday coming up, I thought I'd check in to see if a forum member has one they would be willing to part with. I've read that Ludwig changed shell suppliers in 1994 with the reintroduction of the Black Beauty and wanted to get...
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    Weirdo Zildjian Trans 22" 2666g and Thin 40's/50's Flange Hi Hats

    Cymbals I no longer play. Please message with any offers or trades. The 22: The hats: Thanks!
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    Fibes Fiberglass Snare 6 x 14 and Canopus RFM Bass Drum 12 x 15

    Here the links to some drums I'm trying to move. Also potentially on the chopping block are a players Gretsch Round Badge 20" bass and 12" tom. Please message me here with any offers or trades! Fibes...
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    22" Old A Trans or Small Stamp

    Hey dudes, I've been hunting for a good cymbal to use with an exceptional trans stamp 18" that I've been using for a bit. I mostly play jazz but I'm looking for something with stick definition that will stay above the wash. So I'd consider a cymbal at most any weight. If anyone has something...
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    Canopus Neo Vintage Drums

    Thinking of trying out a set of these beauties but they're so expensive! Anyone have a used set kickin around? Thanks!