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    Zildjian 24” Kerope

    Selling my 24” Kerope. Great cymbal, I just have too many dark/washy rides and need to fund the purchase of something smaller and more articulate. $400 plus shipping. I have a video but I’m having issues posting it, I’ll try again later.
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    Yamaha Recording Custom 2018 10-12-14-20

    Selling my 2018 Yamaha Recording Custom drum set, 10-12-14-20 bd with riser in piano black. Pricing them at $2000 plus actual shipping. I am the second owner, I purchased them from a shop through Reverb in April of this year. Some of the best drums money can buy, I’ve just decided to play a kit...
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    Zildjian 22” Special Dry Crash

    I know you guys have been dying to try one of these, so here it is! Zildjian special dry crash, the 22. Make a great light ride, very thin but very prominent stick, trashy shank and crash. I don’t have a weight, but I have a video! $275 plus shipping