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  1. Flamomattic

    1964 Slingerland white satin flame pearl set

    I’m thinking to pass on a very clean Slingerland set , 20/12/16 and matching 1965 6 lug snare. I wanted to post here to see if there was any Slingerland fans that may be interested. I’m open to offers and thought a starting price of $1250 seemed fair. I’ll post some pics and if you’d like more...
  2. Flamomattic

    Dating a Slingerland set.

    Hello All and Merry Christmas! I apologize in advance if this has been beat to death but I’m pretty new to the forum and tried searching and have found some answers. I recently acquired a black and silver badge purple glass glitter set of 20”-12”-13”-16”. They are 3ply what looks like mahogany...
  3. Flamomattic

    Swivo-o-matic era Rogers bass drum 22x14

    Hello Everyone, This is my first post as I’ve lurked around for a short while. I thought I’d put this bass drum here for potential swaps. I’m not an expert on Rogers stuff but this appears to be a 60’s? Swivo-o-Matic era bass drum. It’s yellowed black strata? The spurs are complete and original...