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    The quietest kit? What to stick in a rehearsal room.

    Some woods have more low end then others so I would start with something brighter with more attack. Bass is what travels and removing low end will help reduce volume. I would go with a birch kit as they record great and have less low end compared to maple or babinga. Next smaller shells...
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    Skill level vs Gear level

    I have always been of the mindset that gear, unless it is hindering your ability won't, make you any better of a player. Things like pedals and sticks should be of the utmost quality and beginner to pro should ideally have the best they can afford or best for them due to their stylistic choices...
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    Yammie SC's

    its not the current model i can tell by the badge. the current model should have shallower toms most likely as well. I just picked up a basically new SC in white for $435 from GC. With shipping and tax it was 500 to my door. Also came with all new remo heads that I was gonna grab anyways. They...
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    Meinl Classic pack

    Seling a meinl classic cymbal pack. Played around the house hand full of times, never gigged bought it as a setup for my kids to learn on. $300...
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    OT: Bourbon drinkers? Favorite Bourbon...

    best bourbon I have had to date is Angels Envy...
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    Sonor SQ1 - Hot Rod Red discontinued?

    Amazing deal. I kinda want to call all the GC near me to see if they had a similar price
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    Studio reference monitors? Looking for recomendations

    These! hands down for the money you will need to spend a few grand to get something with a flatter off axis response. I have them in my studio and 7 in my bedroom for a atmos setup.
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    Amazon deals thread

    Is their a GC gear thread?
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    Ludwig Classic Birch 6 piece W/cymbals

    wow awesome price GLWYS.
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    Sonor SQ1 - Hot Rod Red discontinued?

    WHAT thats an insane price! on discount they are 1899 at drumcenter of portsmith. Thats about a grand off normal pricing. Love those in store GC deals. Almost makes me want to go on a road trip around to see whats the best price on gear. I would buy that kit in a second for 999$! nice score. Did...
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    To you Yamaha Stage Customs users, what heads are you likin'?

    I have Remo coated ambassadors. And a Remo power stroke kick on my 20" kit. Sounds awesome and I can get a really low tune out of them now...
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    I pulled the trigger.

    nice I just bought one also in white. Amazing kit for the money.
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    Red Wine Tama superstar doublebass kit- Axis Longboard AL2 - Located in MA

    Local pickup only- 01772 MA Looking to sell a Tama superstar double bass kit. $500- Deep wine red, 2- 18x22" bass drums, 2- floor toms 12x14" & 14x16", rack toms 8x10" & 10x12", Diecast hoops both kicks are virgin. No snare included and I dont have the tom mounts. Bought the kit used at GC...
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    Dw Performance vs Yamaha RC Sq1 Sonor stage customs

    Finally finished my sound proof drum room and looking for a new kit just because. I recently bought a stage custom to start out with something that sounds good for recording and I was honestly surprised at the sound and the quality of the kit. Put remo ambassadors on it and kit really sings. I...
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    20” kick vs 22” kick

    i have always wanted a 20" kick and decided to get an inexpensive stage custom to try it out. Kit gets here today. However, I trigger and highly fill my kick drums so I cant speak to how the sound really differs. I wanted the 20" for lower mounted tom positioning, easier to move in and out of a...
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    WNY drummers - Buffalo Drum Outlet is closing

    any killer deals?