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    Wanted: Ludwig 16x16 pre serial red sparkle

    Chrome hardware preferred. Thanks!
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    WTB: Vintage banners and decorations

    Looking to buy old banners and dealer decorations. Thanks!
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    6, 8, 10 inch heads

    Brand new in bags attack heads, all clear 1-ply. Selling in sets of 10 - $30 plus shipping per set. Thanks for looking.
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    Wanted: Roto Tom stand and rail

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    Wanted: 25.5 bass drum head

    Condition doesn’t matter much — just needs to go on the back of a display drum
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    Ludwig Floor tom leg mount wing nusy

    I’ll take either size really. I have a lot of casings that are missing the insides. Thanks.
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    Wanted: Vintage project kits and snares

    Mostly interested in vintage stuff that’s missing parts or needs work. Snares cool as well. Thanks!
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    Wanted: inlay

    Greenish faded BDP — enough for a 22 hoop. Would even take wrap off a drum Gretsch silver glass glitter — enough for 2 hoops. Would also take old drum wrap to cut into strips.
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    Wanted: 14x20 and 8x12 obp toms

    KB badge. Thanks!
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    Leedy tube lug

    For a utility model nob snare
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    9x13 slingerland black tom

    5-ply preferred. Thanks
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    WTB: blue sparkle club date bass

    Preferably with no mods. Thanks!
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    SS parts

    ISO: Two SS ends and knobs for this 20s Super. Please pm if you have one for sale:
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    Tama parts

    Looking for a muffler and the snare guards to complete this drum. Thank you!
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    Hole Spacing on Hoshina Snare

    Has anyone seen this hole spacing on a butt plate/strainer? I'm kind of stumped. I'm looking to find the correct pieces to complete this kit and so far, haven't been able to even figure out what the correct parts are.
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    (8) trixon tension rods

    For a floor tom Thank you
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    Vintage Banners

    Any brand and/or condition. Thanks!
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    Old bass drum or floor tom wrap

    Looking for old wrap taken off drums. Would be used to make inlay. Holes, rips, tears are fine. Thank you!
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    WTB: Keystone gold sparkle kick

    Any size (going with 13 and 16 Toms). Would like to match color as much as possible. Rail preferred. Thanks!
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    Gretsch Broadkaster 16x16 MBP

    Looking for a 16x16 MBP with rocket lugs to match these. Thank you!