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  1. Christian C.

    *ALL SOLD*

    The prices do include shipping to the US48. No real issues with any of the cymbals, I just have more cymbals than I have room for in cases. I tend not to clean my cymbals, so fingerprints and stick marks may be present. Weights and/or Sound Files are available upon request. 1) 22" Zildjian A...
  2. Christian C.

    Recommend me a snare drum - pretty please?

    So. My Birthday is next week, and I feel like treating myself to a snare drum. Not to mention that G.A.S. is once again rearing its ugly head. I'm primarily looking at new snares. Metal shell, 5x14 or 5.5x14. Leaning towards Aluminum, but not really looking for a Supra or an Acrolite, per se...
  3. Christian C.

    *SOLD* Gretsch 5x14 Full Range Hammered Brass Snare

    Up for sale is a 5x14 Gretsch Full Range/Silver Series Hammered Brass snare drum. I bought this drum new a little over 3 months ago, and have played it sparingly. For all intents and purposes, it's still in brand new condition. Nothing wrong with this drum, just looking for something different...
  4. Christian C.

    What's your latest drum purchase?

    Show off your most recent drum purchases here! :headbang: Since we have a thread like this for cymbals, why don't we have one for drums and everything else drum related? Here are my purchases/arrivals over the last 3 months: Custom Pork Pie birch shell kit in blue sparkle wrap. Sizes are...
  5. Christian C.

    Next snare purchase - need suggestions.

    I have a serious case of G.A.S, and the only cure is another snare drum! :headbang: But seriously, I'm looking for suggestions for my next snare purchase. Here's what I own currently: 5x14 Ludwig Supra (70s) 6.5x14 Ludwig Supra (Modern) 6.5x14 Tama Dynamic Kapur The size I'm looking for is 5x14...
  6. Christian C.

    Cymbal purge! - Zildjian, Paiste, Istanbul

    It's time to downsize the collection! All of these cymbals have been lovingly cared for and are free of cracks, dings, dents, keyholes, curses, etc. Shipping to US48 only. Paypal is preferred. 16" Zildjian A Medium Crash - 1142g - $120+shipping. *SOLD* 18" Zildjian A Medium Thin Crash - 1406g...
  7. Christian C.

    Istanbul Xist 21" Ride

    In great condition, lightly used. No issues other than a few light scratches. This cymbal weighs 2734 grams. Here's the soundfile of this exact cymbal. $150 + shipping OBO
  8. Christian C.

    Tama Superstar Classic 5 Piece

    Up for sale is a barely used set of Tama Superstar Classic drums in Cherry Wine finish. These drums are 6 months old. Hardly a scratch or ding to speak of.The heads are fairly new. The tom and snare hoops were upgraded to 2.3mm hoops. Pearl iso feet on the floor tom. Thin 5mm maple shells. Nice...
  9. Christian C.

    *SOLD* Paiste 2002 22" Ride Cymbal - Black Label - 1979

    A beautiful example of a classic 70s Paiste 2002 Black Label 22" Ride Cymbal, one of the cleanest you're going to find anywhere. Zero keyholing, zero bending of the mounting hole (which is common on these older 2002s), no cracks, no dents, no damage of any sort. Slightly lighter than the current...
  10. Christian C.

    *SOLD* Zildjian 60s 18" Crash

    Here's a beautiful example of a classic Zildjian crash. Rich, shimmering sound. Opens up easily. The weight is 1440 grams. Mounting hole is very slightly out of round. $120+shipping. PayPal preferred. Sound clip:
  11. Christian C.

    Remo Quality Control Slipping

    Has anybody else noticed Remo's quality control slipping again? I had one fairly new 12" Pinstripe that wouldn't tune up to save its life, and I went and bought a brand new one today and it's completely dead on arrival. I put an older Emperor on the drum and it tuned up easily. What gives?
  12. Christian C.

    Rogers Big R hardware questions

    I'm about to take delivery of a mid-late 70s Rogers Big R kit. 5 ply shells, memriloc hardware. I plan on overhauling the tom mounts and bass drum spurs to INDE hardware. Here are my two questions: 1) What is the hole spacing for the rack tom mounts/bass drum spur receivers? 2) What diameter...
  13. Christian C.

    *Sold* 1988 Yamaha Recording Custom, Pre-YESS

    Up for sale is a beautiful Yamaha Recording Custom in Piano Black. Pre-YESS. Dated November 1988. The sizes are 22x16, 12x10, 13x11, and 16x16. I've owned these drums for almost 7 years and have only taken them out of the house twice. Overall, the drums are in great shape for their age. There is...
  14. Christian C.

    New Cymbal Hum

    So I bought a brand new Zildjian A 19" Thin Crash from Memphis Drum Shop. It sounds great, but there's a strange hum that occurs as the cymbal decays. The hum is so dominant that it will actually make my snare buzz. I've tried it on every cymbal stand i own, and there's little to no difference...
  15. Christian C.

    Zildjian A 22" Medium Ride

    Up for sale is a Zildjian A 22" Medium Ride. The cymbal weighs 3,106 grams. Great sounding cymbal. It's surprisingly low pitched, almost like a K. Killer bell as well. Only issue with this cymbal is the profile is a bit warped. Not sure if it happened during shipping or if it's a manufacturing...
  16. Christian C.

    Yamaha 7000 Series Steel Snare Drum

    I bought this drum NOS about 3 years ago. Seamless steel shell, same shell as the Recording Custom steel snares. Has the extended snare mechanism. Fantastic sounding drum. Very sensitive. The top hoop was replaced with a 2.3mm hoop. $125+shipping. PayPal preferred.
  17. Christian C.

    *Sold* Zildjian A Custom 20" Crash

    This cymbal is only a year old. It's in great condition with only a few light scratches/scuffs. The weight is 2034 grams. $175 + shipping. PayPal preferred.
  18. Christian C.

    *SOLD* Zildjian 50s 20" 2000g

    Up for sale is a nice small stamp (late 50s) 20" Zildjian A Crash/Ride. The weight is 2000 grams. Overall, the cymbal is in good shape for its age. No cracks. The only issues of note are a minor keyhole, a small rough spot on the edge, and a very slight dip in the edge in that spot. Sound...
  19. Christian C.

    Date that Zildjian!

    I picked up this 20" Zildjian Ride today for a very fair price. It weighs 2000 grams. Could you guys help confirm the stamp date? Possibly 1950s? It does have the larger modern mounting hole
  20. Christian C.

    *TRADED* Zildjian A 20" Crash Ride (Redesign)

    I've owned this cymbal for less than a year. The Weight is 1982 grams. Classic Zildjian A Sound. The crash is big and explosive but responsive at low volumes. It makes a nice light ride as well with a great bell. Sound clip available upon request. $160 + shipping. Paypal preferred.