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  1. Nacci

    Madonna Was A Drummer?

    Who knew? Just finished watching; “Madonna and The Breakfast Club.” On HULU. Just, a kind of beautiful, poignant, well done documentary of the early life and career of Madonna Ciccone. She had left Michigan for New York, met a fellow named Dan Gilroy and moved into an abandoned Synagogue with...
  2. Nacci

    Tama Mastercraft Snare Parts.

    Hello all. I’m looking for random pars for the 80-85 Tama Mastercraft snare. Perhaps you have some orphans sitting in your parts bins and don’t recall why. These parts would be the muffler, the rollers for the extended wire system, the blocky throw off, the protruding butt plate and the first...
  3. Nacci

    Tama 6.5” Superstar Mastercraft in Piano White Lacquer

    If you have one you’d like to sell, trade or if you have a lead on one, please let me know. Thanks.
  4. Nacci

    Tama 6.5” Tama Fibrestar Snare

    If you have one you’d like to sell or trade please let me know. Thanks.
  5. Nacci

    Zildjian 15” K Hi Hats.

    Am I correct that at some point Zildjian made 15” K hats? Not Kerope or EAK or Light or Custom but just straight K. If I’m not off on that does anyone have insight on why they are so hard to find?
  6. Nacci

    Interesting Parts

    I’ve been going through my drum parts trying to organize and re-familiarize. I came across a bag of older parts and within that bag a few things stuck out. I said to myself; well that’s kind of interesting so here they are. Anyone want to take a crack at identify them? Perhaps you have an...
  7. Nacci

    Tama 6.5” Mastercraft in White

  8. Nacci

    14” Sonor Delite Floor Tom. Brilliant Champagne.

    Anyone looking for a 14” x 12” Brilliant Champagne Square Badge Delite floor tom? This is a clean conversion from hanging to floor with legs and prisms from stdrums. No extra holes. Pretty clean. A few minor blemishes that may or may not rub out. I don’t know and didn’t try. Like most...
  9. Nacci

    “Brainiac” CDs.

    Hello DFO friends. I’m looking for the three main CDs from the band Brainiac. Maybe you have them and don’t listen to them anymore or burned them to digital and the CDs are just sitting around or perhaps you can just burn them for me? I have cash, PayPal, all kinds of drum gear and parts, an...
  10. Nacci

    OT, The Great Vehicle Sell Off?

    This is clearly off topic, even for this forums standards but has anyone else noticed this. I scan Facebook marketplace regularly for certain items I am after and to sell stuff for pocket money and recently I have noticed that our areas “For Sale” “Yard Sale” and “Marketplace” groups are...
  11. Nacci

    Eric Moore- Get Your Freak On

    I posted this before to crickets but I don’t care, this guy is incredible.
  12. Nacci

    Friday Five Fer; Jane's Addiction

    The Grunge/Alternative scene became synonymous with Seattle Washington but several of its's most popular bands hailed from Los Angelos, the most Avant-garde of which was Jane's Addiction. Two anecdotes concerning Janes Addiction. When I was in my teens in a garage band we were in need of a new...
  13. Nacci

    Friday Five Fer; "Temple Of The Dog"

    Released on April of 1991, Temple of the Dog was a one off dedicated to deceased lead singer of Mother Love Bone; Andrew Wood. The band's members would go on to form two of the most iconic bands of the era, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden For drummers, it is a real treat in that we get to listen to...
  14. Nacci

    Sterling Fuentes

    This fella popped up on my Vintage Tama forum selling a very cool snare. I checked out his profile and this YouTube video popped up. Is it just me or could this young man go out on tour with Liefson and Lee on the spot?
  15. Nacci

    Most Expensive Ply Snares.

    After years of trying out different snares I settled on simple plywood snares being best for me. I have a decent snare collection, nothing to turn heads. Some of my favorites are the Vintage Tama Mastercraft Rosewoods. These are getting pretty hard to come by and pretty expensive for a...
  16. Nacci

    Western Drummer That Brought Us Exotic Grooves.

    I’m hoping to get turned on. dsop posted a great video in the recent Steve Smith doing Steve Smith things thread that I though was just great. I knew Smith has been studying some form of Indian drumming and have even made good natured sport of his vocalizations but it is really paying off...
  17. Nacci

    Dennis Chambers with John Scofield: Wabash

    I must have watched this a 100 times, Chambers is so good, he plays with this beat like a cat with a mouse and Scofield is just from another planet. A classic in my opinion.
  18. Nacci

    Levee Breaks as 1/2 time shuffle =....

    Rosanna? I was playing “When The Levee Breaks” this morning; just reveling in how beautiful a groove it is. I went off to do something else and my subconscious must have been working it over because the next thing I know I’m thinking; that groove really sounds like 6/8 to me, I’m going to go...
  19. Nacci

    Hayman Drums

    I saw these pop up on my feed. I don’t know anything about Hayman Drums but immediately loved everything about the look of these drums, especially the lugs and the badge which make or break a drum for me. Also, I think the bass drum mounted tom holder is a real work of art. Such great lines.
  20. Nacci

    If you could sell.....

    ...every piece of drum gear you own for exactly what you paid for it, no exceptions, and start over, would you do it? The whole lot would instantly disappear as soon as you said yes and the sum total would be in your PayPal account.