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  1. vintagedrummersweden

    Sonor snare identify - D426?

    Was that one on "blocket" a couple of weeks ago? ;) After market strainer and the numbers on the badge is probably a hand engraved inventory number, or an old five digit phone number. I've bought some vintage stuff with both on, and with "personnummer" (social security number) engraved in them...
  2. vintagedrummersweden

    What's your favorite snare drum?

    Oh, the choices one has to make...
  3. vintagedrummersweden

    Keith Moon isolated tracks

    Keith's drumming I brilliant! The way he plays for the song - some things with the bass, some accenting the lyrics and a whole lot with the guitar. He really brings the songs to life. And his playing to prerecorded tracks later on, before it was standard routine, is equally brilliant, with his...
  4. vintagedrummersweden

    Ear protection- what do you use?

    Molded with different inserts: 7 db and 25 db (took the wrong one to an Iron Maiden concert once, big mistake...)
  5. vintagedrummersweden

    Ludwig Spur Lok Hi Hat stand Recommendation

    I've got a 1124 that is my to go stand for lightweight gigs. Used to be my main stand for years and could still be if I had a working spare one... The plastic link arm is the weak part.
  6. vintagedrummersweden

    Anyone owned a Stainless Steel Kit?

    I've got a late 70's Ludwig s.s. kit, 22, 12, 13, 16. Sounds great, not as "hard" as one could imagine, and looks terrific!
  7. vintagedrummersweden

    Tuning toms for OUT FRONT

    Well, as long as you eat it with a tuna-ing fork...
  8. vintagedrummersweden

    Tuning toms for OUT FRONT

    Buddy's drums sounded like they were mic'ed, at least when I heard him with his big band... he had a mike on the snare drum, possibly for when he played brushes.
  9. vintagedrummersweden

    1973 Pearl Hairline Silver kit

    You can start looking here for information:
  10. vintagedrummersweden

    Radio King, Premier and Sonor Orphans

    Get some fitting heads for that Super Ace drum and play it before you sell it! I've got a 4X14 60's wood Royal Ace with a Tama strainer mounted and it's been one of my to go snares since the 80's. Die cast hoops and a thin wood shell, sounds great!
  11. vintagedrummersweden

    What is the most consistent Ride Cymbal

    Paiste 2002 20" ride. It's not just consistent, it works with any style of music - IMO.
  12. vintagedrummersweden

    Leedy triangles

    Well, it's one of the few instruments that, despite it's small appearance, can be heard though a blazing symphony orchestra, so maybe it's valued for it's "loudness"...? ;)
  13. vintagedrummersweden

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Announces 2021 Nominees

    New York Dolls! They should be in there just for the sake of Jerry's pink Ludwig kit alone!!
  14. vintagedrummersweden

    Were there additional musicians in your family? Tell us!

    Grandparents had an pump/reed organ (quite an investment for a poor family) and my parents sang in a choir and played quite a lot - and listened to music all the time. One of their first furniture bought was a record player! We were all encouraged to play music, annoying our neighbors but the...
  15. vintagedrummersweden

    57 years ago tonight

    I really think you should tell him again on From my drum room... ;)
  16. vintagedrummersweden

    30” bass drum

    That drum is going to be awesome!! I used to have a 28" Premier marching bass drum - it had the Premier gull wing 70's spurs and they worked just fine. The best thing about bass drums this big is that you don't need a bass player - just kick harder! ;)
  17. vintagedrummersweden

    One tune that blew you away.

    On my brother's reel to reel player, early 70's - made a big impression on me. Featuring George Wadenius on guitar and vocals, later on in Blood, Sweat and Tears. Great drummer, Slim Borgudd, who was the drummer at my first live rock concert experience!
  18. vintagedrummersweden

    Best Paiste for hard rock?

    I bought a pair of 18" 2002 marching cymbals that works great as crashes. They're thick and heavy but open up easily and has that Paiste shimmer. And they cost me less than a single 18" 2002 crash...
  19. vintagedrummersweden

    anyone got any interesting/different Hi Hat top + bottom combinations?

    16" Paiste 2002 black label medium over 16" 2002 red label power crash.