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  1. bellbrass

    Neil Peart's Zilco / Azco ride from the 70s and 80s

    I've just finished about an hour of internet research trying to find out exactly what kind of ride Neil played on all those classic Rush albums up until the time he switched to Sabian. Some argue it was a standard 22" Zildjian Ping Ride, some say it was a Zilco / Azco 22" Rock Ride, some say it...
  2. bellbrass

    New Rogers Dyna-Sonic

    I had ordered another snare from a dealer, and didn't like it, so I returned it, and - on a whim - decided to get the reissue Rogers Dyna-Sonic (is that the right way to spell it?). I've never owned a Rogers anything before, but had read here ad infinitum about the Dyna-Sonic wooden snares. I...
  3. bellbrass

    Camco Chanute / LA, Gold Sparkle, 22/12/13/16

    I'm just seeing if there's any interest for this kit. Traditional rock sizes: 22 x14, 8 x 12, 9 x 13, 16 x 16. The floor tom is an LA Camco; the rest are Chanute, with the late-era Oaklawn 6-ply shells. The entire kit was re-wrapped in gold sparkle at some point. From what I can tell, the rewrap...
  4. bellbrass

    Steve, Sherrie and Steve

    Check out this photo of Steve Perry, with his then-girlfriend Sherrie Swafford, back in 1982....and there's some guy in the background who probably wishes this photo hadn't been posted on the internet.
  5. bellbrass

    Who consistently makes undersized shells?

    I'm looking for manufacturers of new drums (not vintage or discontinued lines) who make significantly undersized shells...not the standard amount of undersize, so heads can fit. I'm talking about more than that. So far, people have told me Ludwig and Sonor high-end kits have fairly undersized...
  6. bellbrass

    New Ludwig Legacy Mahogany Mod Orange snare has arrived!

    I had really missed the sound of the 5" Legacy Mahogany in Nickel Sparkle I had years ago, so I ordered this in November. It came in a few days ago, and I got it out today and played it, and really like it. I fiddled about with the tuning and the EQ, and then there it was - THE sound. I really...
  7. bellbrass

    Looks like "Chromey" sold for more than half a million.

    According to this article from Chromey Sells
  8. bellbrass

    New Ludwig Legacy Mahogany Limited Finish

    I just saw this leaked form a dealer's FB page...looks like Sable, or a satin variation thereof, and cool wood hoops with silver sparkle inlays. Also, that cool silver oval badge as well.
  9. bellbrass

    Was Taylor Hawkins playing a Gretsch kit with Leedy lugs last night?

    Just watched a clip of the Foo Fighters from Saturday Night Live last night, and it really looked to me like he had Leedy beaver tail lugs on his kit. His front bass head said Gretsch, though. I wonder what's going on....maybe Leedy isn't dead?
  10. bellbrass

    Recommendations for cleaning Gretsch Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finishes?

    I recently received a nice new Gretsch USA Custom set, my first nitro finish Gretsch kit. Has anyone here had any experience with how to clean the outsides of the shells (the painted parts)? I've wiped down once, using Novus #1, but I'd like to hear from folks who know for sure what's safe to...
  11. bellbrass

    New Drum Kit Day! Gretsch USA Custom - Mystic Blue Gloss (Update - more pics)

    I saved and saved for these, and sold off some of my collectable snares...I had been wanting a Gretsch USA Nitrocellulose lacquer kit for a long time, and finally took the plunge. It arrived today, and after a quick look-see, appears to be flawless! Can't wait to set it up and see how it sounds...
  12. bellbrass

    Happy Birthday to Mr. Bun E. Carlos!

    A very happy birthday to Bun, excellent drummer, author of some of my favorite-ever posts here on DFO, and owner of one of the best vintage Ludwig drum collections around. Hope your day is rockin'!
  13. bellbrass

    FS: Gibraltar 9608 Heavy-Duty Throne

    I'm not sure of the exact model of this throne; I've had it for years and I bought it new from my local drum shop. I'm pretty sure it's the 9608 Series, though. It's a heavy-duty throne with memory locks and a thick motorcycle-style two-tone seat. I've never gigged with it; it always stayed in...
  14. bellbrass

    A Nice Holiday Story to Share

    So, I've been a little down lately over not being in a band / not gigging, but something happened yesterday that really made me feel good. My middle niece and my eldest niece came by our house yesterday en route to meet more family for a luncheon. They had their kids & husbands in tow. My middle...
  15. bellbrass

    Would you join this band? "No rehearsals needed."

    So, I was contacted by a fellow who wants to put a band together. He's checked out my profile, experience, and drum cover videos, and he tells me he thinks I'm a good drummer, and "what he needs right now." The only thing is - he and the singer are located in a small town, in another state...
  16. bellbrass

    New Gretsch USA Custom snare - Mystic Blue Nitrocellulose hi gloss (now with poll!)

    This isn't my first Gretsch USA nitrocellulose lacquer snare, but the first one that I've been crazy about. The pictures do not accurately represent this color. It's more of a purple-blue in natural light. In brighter light (aka flash), it looks like a blue sparkle. You just have to see this...
  17. bellbrass

    The Great Steve Gadd - Please recommend his best tracks.

    I am on a Steve Gadd kick lately. I think the man is genius. I've mostly gravitated toward his work with Chick Corea, which I find incredible, but I'd like to hear from you all on his best work that I may not have heard of, especially from the 70s and 80s. I know he's done a lot of great...
  18. bellbrass

    SOLD: Earth Tone heads, set: 22/12/13/16, excellent / very little use

    I'm selling this set of Earth Tone heads. The sizes are: 22", 12", 13", 16". The bass drum head (22") had about 8-10 hours of practice time in my house. The rest of the heads were used as resonant heads, and a stick has never touched them, but also have 8-10 hours of use. Asking $150.00 or best...
  19. bellbrass

    Here's my "My band broke up, and boy, am I bummed" thread.

    I've been playing with these guys for 16 years; the guitarist and bass player for even longer. The singer has been trying to recover from an injury that prevents him from singing, and it has been over a year since we've played out live. I've had some conversations with the other guys, and it...
  20. bellbrass

    Patrick Keeler w/ Raconteurs playing new Ludwig Cooper Sparkle Vistalites

    I love the band & love their new album; here is a clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live where Patrick is playing a Ludwig custom Copper Sparkle Vistalite kit. The video has a peek of Patrick & the kit here and there; would love to see better pictures of the kit - it looks gorgeous. Raconteurs - Don't...