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  1. Bongo Brad

    Cymbals for Modern Worship/Praise and Gospel.

    My church prefers the black rubber ones. :pale:
  2. Bongo Brad

    What’s your favorite 20” crash?

    I'm with JDG. I love my IAK crash ride.
  3. Bongo Brad

    Will added rivets kill value of K Complex Ride?

    Yes, the rivets on that cymbal totally destroy the value. Please send it to me right away for proper disposal. :cool:
  4. Bongo Brad

    Living Loving Maid (and Songs That are Too Short)

    Now I want to listen to more Sabbath. Thanks Joe.
  5. Bongo Brad

    Rdavidr on drumeo

    I'd like is videos more if they were shorter.
  6. Bongo Brad

    No nuts cymbal sleeves

    no felts?
  7. Bongo Brad

    When you learn cover songs............

    I try to learn it best I can, then eventually forget it & play it my way. Most of the people I play with want to do everything our own way, so I don't stress over it.
  8. Bongo Brad

    Shaker - ball bearings? What is inside and where to buy more?

    Lead shot can be bought at hunting stores. I've build a couple shakers with it.
  9. Bongo Brad

    Adjusting to a large kit

    remove a tom.
  10. Bongo Brad

    a low volume bass drum beater/recommendations

    Second the Vater bomber, or any other bomber style for quiet boom.
  11. Bongo Brad

    22" Zildjian Avedis

    I have a 20” IAK custom dry available. It’s heavier than your 22”, but it’s plenty dark.
  12. Bongo Brad

    Sabian HHX Revamp? Coming soon?

    Do the bells look smaller in that video than other HHX cymbals?
  13. Bongo Brad

    When Playing HH do you play on the top or the edges

    Top, edges, sometime I'll even tap out a rhythm on the stand.
  14. Bongo Brad

    Zildjian "Flange/Bop" Hats questions.

    Are these both flanged? Maybe try mixing these with other hats before giving up on them.
  15. Bongo Brad

    Snare drum "display" stand?

    You might be better off making a tree display.
  16. Bongo Brad

    OT: Favorite hot sauces?

    Melinda's XXXX
  17. Bongo Brad

    Wheeled thrones - Yay or Nay?

    DO IT!!!
  18. Bongo Brad

    Backbeats-Dead Center or Rim Shots?

    The leader last night told me he liked the way I hit rim shots during a break down to generate more excitement. I didn't even realize I switched it up.
  19. Bongo Brad

    "MUPPETS" Music Friday Five Fer

    I didn't remember all the lefties in Electric Mayhem.