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    SOLD: Gibraltar Vertical Stealth Rack with extras $250

    This is a complete Stealth Rack with the Vertical set up for a hanging tom and cymbal arm. This comes with an additional PDP snare stand to mount the tom in a basket if desired. 9.5mm L rod on the tom mount. I also have a brand new in the package Gibraltar Universal Tom Mount with a PDP bracket...
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    Which Famous Musician Would You Bring Back To Life for 24 Hours of One on One?

    Thinking about the thread with the similar title, it got me thinking of who I would like to bring back to life for one full day and spend that time asking/doing anything with that person. Who would you want to get to know personally or ask about their experiences where that person would give...
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    WTB: Modern Ludwig Classic Maple 20 or 22 or 16X18 floor in Sky Blue Pearl

    Looking to add to a shell bank. Prefer 14X22 or 14X20 bass along with an 18 floor. Basically, I would consider anything SBP and with cast badges and not vintage.
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    Ludwig Classic Maple and Silver Dots: Glorious win or waste of money?

    I'm thinking about trying Silver Dots for the first time. Things I've read are all good. I did use CS Black Dots on my previous Keystone kit and really liked them. Seems the collar on the SD's are much better and the actual dot is a bit thinner than the BD. I don't need durability since I never...
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    Didn't expect this from my girlfriend-buy more!

    I received a new (used) cymbal today and she asked me what it was. I said a ride that I used to have. The recent Soul Side ride I bought isn't speaking to me so I decided to get one that I had from 2001-2015. HHX Dry Ride. Love them and found a nice deal on Reverb. Anyways, she says, " are you...
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    DW5002AD4 conversion to straps. How difficult is this?

    I recently replaced my trusty (12years) 5002 pedal with the newest version. Although it feels great and familiar, something is slightly different to me. I'm thinking the swiveling spring post or the bearings are the difference now. Anyways, I grew up on a Slingerland Tempo King strap pedal and...
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    So, I'm going to do a thing to my CM bass drum

    So, yeah, I ordered another (sixth) DrumArt head that is a bit plain but will be black on white. I got the bright (pun) idea to illuminate the head to make it glow to add some flair to the look. It should make the black logo pop. All my other heads had more art or were fully printed with color...
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    DELETE-ALL SOLD 5X14 Ludwig Acro Reissue LE in full satin w/P86

    Going to offer my fabulous Acro for sale. It has 40 strand wires and a P86 along with a PS4 head and internal muffler. The all satin hardware is just stunning. $275 shipped in the lower 48 Also offering this nearly new Gibraltar 8700 Hardware pack with extra boom stand and Yamaha 7210...
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    Let's talk drop clutches for DW stand

    I used to use a DW drop clutch years ago and never really like the action of it. It was too "heavy" to engage. I've tried other brands that fit the rod of a DW and none have been ideal. My all-time favorite DC is from Yamaha. That thing is butter but being Yamaha (different is cool) it won't fit...
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    Tribute kit for my mom

    I've had this in mind for a memorial and today I'm ready to reveal it. She passed away a few months ago unexpectedly. Mom was such a huge supporter of my drumming and I have to give all thanks to her for her encouragement over the years. Christmas was always a special time because it meant I...
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    When things don't go as expected...sometimes better

    I was offered a casual Sunday gig this weekend with some cats I've never played with before. I accepted because I was told it was acoustic guitars and me on percussion. I love this arrangement and my band does quite a few of these 'patio'-type gigs throughout the summer. I enjoy the creativity...
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    Drumset tweaks and fine-tunes. What are some of yours?

    So, I've had my current kit for 4 years and have it all dialed in perfectly to fit my riser and meet my playing needs. I also have some cool gadgets and devices to make life and drumming a little easier. Here's a short list. Stick Ark bass drum foam stick holder Tama quick release cymbal...
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    I finally have the Legend. The search is over!

    Twenty years ago, I bought a snare to go with my new short stack kit. It was a Legend free-floater maple in 7X12 and it was my workhorse for many years and gigs. When it was time to move along, I foolishly included it in the sale. I've regretted that for the last 10 years. In the meantime, it...
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    SOLD! Ludwig Classis Maple Snare 2016 SE Oak veneer

    Brand new for 2016: Classic Maple snare with the satin oak veneer. I added die cast hoops and Puresound wires along with nice Remo Emp reso and 77 batter heads. Plus, it has the brand new Atlas throw off. Super thin shell for a deep tone and tons of bark and crack. Great sounding drum. It's a...
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    SOLD-Yamaha DS-950 throne

    Nearly new DS-950 throne. This is the super heavy duty 4 legged model. The top is a monster sized bench.
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    Wanted: Trick double pedal shaft for DW pedal

    Like to try the Trick shaft for my DW 5000 pedal. If you have a new or used one, let's talk.
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    Ludwig Keystone 14X14 floor pewter glass

    Pewter glass was a one year/first year only finish for the newly released Keystone line. I'm hoping to find the 14" floor in that finish.