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    Lazer copper snare 6.5x14

    Lazer brand 1mm copper snare 6.5x14 Essentially brand new, I played it a few times but didn’t touch the factory heads. snare wires are adjustable on both side. (Throw off and butt plate) Comes with padded bag and in original box $350 plus shipping I accept PayPal Would consider trade for...
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    Drum kits for sale. Ludwig/Yamaha

    Ludwig centennial silver sparkle Finish has a gold tint to it now 12x8, 16x15, 24x16 Good sounding drums in good condition All remo heads $800. Ludwig centennial 14x13 silver sparkle Bought new in February. Was a store return due to damaged box. Drum is in great condition. No floor tom legs...
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    Wanted 24” Ludwig bass drum

    Looking for a 24x14 or 24x16 Ludwig bass drum 1970s. Maple with re rings. Any finish is fine, going to rewrap. As long as shell and edges are good.
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    Kit in sizes 12 14 16 24 silver sparkle

    Looking for a kit in sizes 12x8, 14x14, 16x16, and 24x16. I prefer silver sparkle finish but if the sizes are the correct size I can always rewrap them. I’m open to most brands, even custom kit. Also older vintage kits as well. Let me know if anyone has something like this. Thanks
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    Ludwig Centennial & Yamaha stage custom for sale

    I have a Ludwig centennial kit for sale The kit is silver sparkle finish but now has a sort of ginger ale look to it, except on the 14” floor tom. sizes are: 12x8; have to add slight pressure to get the top head on but goes on and tunes up amazing 14x13; brand new out of the box, just bought...
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    WTB: silver sparkle drum kit

    Looking to buy a silver sparkle drum kit, sizes 12x8, 14x14 floor tom, 16x16 floor tom, and 24x16 kick. Virgin kick drum and no rack mount on the 12.
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    (Yellowed) silver sparkle lacquer fix?

    I finally found a matching floor tom for my kit, but it is brand new. When next to the rest of the kit, it shows that the original drums have faded to a more yellowed/gold silver sparkle. These drums are all silver sparkle lacquer, not wrap. Is there a way to get rid of the yellowed look on the...
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    WTB: Ludwig centennial 14x14 silver sparkle

    Desperately searching for a Ludwig centennial 14x14 floor tom in silver sparkle. I have PayPal and will pay for shipping.
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    Wanted: Ludwig centennial 14” floor tom silver sparkle

    I’m looking for a Ludwig centennial 14x14 floor tom in silver sparkle finish.
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    Ludwig NeuSonic and Yamaha stage custom for sale

    I have a Ludwig NeuSonic kit in Coral Red finish for sale. Sizes are 12 16 22. All Ludwig factory heads except for the tom resonant heads, those are Evans. Kit is in really great shape. asking $700. I can ship anywhere in US, buyer pays. Yamaha stage custom nouveau it for sale Sizes 10 12 16...
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    Wanted: Silver sparkle drum kit sizes 12 14 16 22or24

    I'm looking for a silver sparkle drum kit with sizes 12 rack 14 and 16 floor toms with a 22 or 24 kick. I would love to have a ludwig centennial model but I am open to any brand. Thanks
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    WTB: Drumcraft series 8 kit

    I’m on the search for a drumcraft series 8 kit. Preferably 10 12 16 22 in black satin finish. Been looking for a while now and hoping I can find a lead on one.
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    Zildjian k dark thin 18 & 20

    Selling my Zildjian k dark thins Have an 18 and 20. Both in mint condition. Used here at my home space. Never gigged or anything. Possibly open to trades for other Zildjian ks but would prefer to sell to fund new sweet crashes. -18- $250 -20-300 Shipping is available. PayPal accepted. I will...
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    ISO: Yamaha brass snare

    Wanting to buy a Yamaha brass snare 5.5x14. I do have PayPal. Send me a text or email if you have one. 417-770-7366 or [email protected]
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    Audix d2 for sale like new (2)

    I have 2 audix d2 mics for sale $150 for both -both in perfect condition, no signs of use -both include bag and clip for each Ive only had them for a few weeks, downsizing and dont need these at the moment. I cant figure out how to upload pictures on here from my phone, so email or text...
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    Wanting drumcraft drum

    Wanting to buy a drumcraft series 8 kit. Id like to find a series 8 black sizes 10 12 16 22. If anyone has one or a lead on one please let me know.
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    Satin chrome hoop

    I need a satin chrome hoop for my snare. I've tried drum factory direct and they didnt have them. Anyone know where I could get some?
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    Wanted: satin chrome drum hoop

    I need a satin chrome triple flange drum hoop 14" 10 lug for a snare batter hoop. Looked online with no luck. Need one to match my snare
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    Satin chrome hoop

    I need help finding a satin chrome 14" 10 lug batter hoop. I need just the top hoop to match my drumcraft aluminum snare. I've looked online and haven't been able to find anything. A standard hoop will work.
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    Drumcraft aluminum snare 6.5x14

    I'm in search of a drum craft aluminum snare 6.5x14. I've been looking every where for close to a year now with no luck. Any info is greatly appreciated