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    Wanted: Sonor Benny Greb Signature Snare

    As the title says, I'm looking for a Benny Greb Sig snare drum. Just hankering for some new to try out and haven't had much luck finding one at a good price online. I have some K Con rides, Meinl Extra Dry Thin crashes and hats, and a couple of snare drums to trade if you're interested. I can...
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    Need help with pickup and shipping snare from Waukesha, WI

    Hi everyone! Anyone living near Waukesha, WI that wouldn't mind helping me out to pick up, pack and ship a snare drum over to Raleigh NC? I'd, of course, be happy to compensate you for your time, gas, packing/shipping costs, beer etc. Thank you! :)
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    OT: Need help with local pickup near Huntington, WV

    Hi everyone. So I'm arranging to buy an electric guitar from a guy. He's never shipped electric guitars before and would really prefer a local sale but I really want that guitar! Was wondering if there's anyone here lives around the area and wouldn't mind helping me out? He says he lives...
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    Craviotto or Noble & Cooley... Help me decide!

    I love the sound of walnut snares and I've decided to treat myself to a nice steambent walnut snare for Christmas. Need everyone's opinion here to help me decide on one! Like the title says, I've narrowed down my search to either a Noble & Cooley or a Craviotto. The N&C is 6x14 and the...
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    WTB: Zildjian 16" K Dark Thin Crash *FOUND!*

    Hi everyone! Looking for a 16" Zildjian K Dark Thin Crash in a lighter weight, around 1000g or slightly under. Something that opens up with a really light touch to pair with my 18" K Dark Thin which is on the lighter end of the spectrum also. I also have a 16" K Dark Thin that weighs 1115g to...
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    *Please Delete

    Hi everyone! I just came across a guitar that I really "need"/want on eBay but it's local pickup only. It's closing soon and the price is real low right now, probably cus of the local pickup only. Wondering if there's any bros here living around Ft Lauderdale area willing to help me out to pick...
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    *SOLD Yamaha Loud Series Oak Snare 5.5x14 Habanero Sparkle Burst

    Yamaha Loud Series oak snare drum. Made in Japan. 5.5x14. Habanero Sparkle Burst, which is kind of an orange fade sparkle color. This snare is literally brand new, never even played on before. Will come in its original Yamaha box if you want it. Was a gift from my local Yamaha dealer for some...
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    WTB: Solid/Stave Walnut Snare

    Got myself a 5x14 stave walnut snare awhile back. Loving the tone of walnut so much I wanna add a 6" or 6.5" depth one to the family. Still kicking myself for missing out on the Tama Star sold here on DFO a couple of weeks ago. A stave or steambent one would be great. Tama Star, Hendrix, HHG...
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    How would you divide up your practice time?

    Let's say, hypothetically, I have 3hrs a week (or 6hrs, for those of us with more time on our hands) to practice on the drums. And for context, let's say this would be more technical practice - strokes, foot technique etc, not the more creative aspects like songwriting or jamming on new grooves...
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    How Do You Store Your Cymbals?

    Happy weekend, everyone! There's been threads here for ideas on how to store hardware, and I've seen a few threads on the diff types of racks people here use to store/display their snare drums. But i couldn't find any threads on how everyone stores their cymbals. I'm reorganizing my gear and...
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    Recommendations for a snare of a different flavor

    Hi everyone! So I've got a very modest bunch of wood and metal workhorse snares to cover my basics - An Acro, a Pearl Steve Ferrone brass, Pearl Ultracast, Taye StudioMaple, Ming Pure, and most recently, a Liberty Birch and 13" Gretsch Mark Schulman Sig which I got after reading the Amazon...
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    WTB > Meinl Extra Dry Thin Ride and Crash

    Hello. Looking to buy a set of Meinl Extra Dry Thin cymbals, preferably a 22" Thin Ride (I might be persuaded to get a 20" if the tone is dark and low enough), a 16-18" Thin Crash and a pair of 14" Medium Thin Hats. I'm kinda new here, but been reading a lot of threads for knowledge and have...