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    "Low" "Medium" "High" Snare Drum Tuning

    I watch all these demos on YT and notice that when testing a snare, usually superimpose low, medium, high tunings. The demonstrator will usually turn the lugs a bit and then call it medium tuning and so on. My question, which I know is going to be subjective, is what constitutes low, medium...
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    What is the Quality of Heads from DFD

    I have ordered parts from them before and they were always top quality. Their heads with no logos are 1/2 the price of the brand names. Is there any difference in quality if anyone has ever used any of these
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    DW6000 Strap Pedal Cam Hits BD Head

    I have been using this pedal for one year and went to change the head. I noticed a scuffing down by the pedal and when I examined the cam I saw that is was rubbing. To correct I had to back the pedal off the hoop. Is there any other fix to this
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    Quality of Recent Mapex Drums

    I know that in the 90's they were a lower quality drum company. But from what I have read recently they seem to have lifted their game and make some professional level drums. I heard some demos on the Black Widow and the drum seems to be very well made and sounds fine. Does anyone have any...
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    I thought 60's Supraphonic Snares Came with 2.3 Hoops

    I always believed that the old supras had 2.3 while the Acros had 1.6. I was very surprised to find that that the old supra hoop weighed 443 grams and the new supras 202X weight 645. Do all the 60 Supras carry the lighter hoop?
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    For Anal Drum Tuners

    Of which I am one. I use a Drum Dial, Iphone Pro Tuner, and my pitch perfect ears;) I have been experimenting on my 196X supraphonic. I know how to seat a head and tune a drum. I am trying to understand why when I use the DD and tap two lugs (one reads 85 and the one next to it 89). The Iphone...
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    Finished My Comparison of 60's Supraphonic to 2020 Version

    I have some interesting results. Both snares had new ambassador heads. The 60's snare had Evans 360 reso head and the 2020 version had Ludwig Weathermaster. Snare wires were original to each drum. The newer snare weighed 7.6 pounds while the older one weighed exactly 7.0 (I didn't weigh the...
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    Ludwig LM400 Supraphonic Snare

    Just got this. (Switched out the batter with an Aquarian Focus-X center dot) Wanted to compare with my other supras from earlier periods. Test is over so here it is $400 Can be picked up in Atlanta or shipped for actual postage. (I have a business account so get a discount)
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    What is the most consistent Ride Cymbal

    I am looking for a 20/21 inch ride for pop/funk and don't have the time to go around to drum shops and try cymbals out. So I go to YT and listen and find what I like. The only problem is that as you all know no two cymbals sound alike. So I am asking what is the most consistent cymbals out there
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    Ludwig Vintage Snare Reso Heads

    I have several Ludwig Snares from the 1960/70/80 which are all original except that the reso head has been replaced. I like all my snares to be as original as possible. Does anyone know where I can get one of these. I would be willing to swap a brand new Remo
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    Is This The Original Head that came with this Snare

    I just bought this museum quality Acro (rounded B/O badge). It had this Rocker head.. I try to keep things original but am not familiar with this batter head. If not original, what quality is it?
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    What kind of Tama Drums are These Yeah, I know they are ugly and not pro level but I am looking for a spare set to teach with
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    Cannot find anything on this Ludwig Model 110 I looked everywhere so I assume it is in fact a "Rare" model so I bid on it. Anybody know anything about this
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    Agner Drumsticks

    Someone in this group sent me a pair awhile back when I was looking for Steve Gadd "type" barrel tips. He sent me a green pair of NY Fusion. Nice 16 inch. According to their website most of the sticks come in 3 weights and there is a mark on the butt indicating either light, medium or heavy...
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    Bosphorous Master Vintage Cymbal

    I have heard these on YT and they sound great.. Except that all the demos are jazz related. I know they are light and quite crashable. My question is do you think they are suitable for funk..rock etc.
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    Yamaha Drums made in Japan Vs. Taiwan

    I know that there are those who will only by Yamaha drums made in Japan rather than Taiwan But in reality is there any difference in quality between the former and the latter?
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    Sonor FM Snare Vs Regular Steel

    Is there any difference in material and or sound between the Sonor Ferro-Manganese and regular steel snares
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    Installation of a Pratt Muffler.

    I am installing a Gretsch Pratt Muffler. Don't know if this is correct or not. Please look at the pictures. The first one is with the felt being held down by the 3 holes are the bottom. It pulls the felt off the top part of the bracket.
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    How to Remove This Rust from a Nickel Ludwig Hoop

    Hoops comes from a 1960 Pioneer. Definitely looks like nickel same with lugs. I polished with Cape Cod and it will not shine. Magnet sticks. There is a clump of rust on the inside of the hoop. What is the best way to remove. Since it is not chrome I didn't know if I an still use alum/coke...
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    What Would You Do

    Would like an Opinion. I have a set of Tony Williams Yellow Paint from 1970. Original drums are 22,12,13,16. I had a 14 made about 4 years ago and found a 10 and 6 1/2 on line Both are not from the 70's. I don't use the snare. The 12 and 13 have extra holes since I use Gauger suspension which...