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    Anyone use Meguiar's Scratch X 2.0 on a Lacquered Drum?

    I just picked up a Yamaha bass drum in Piano Black that's got a lot of scratches. I have a tube of Meguiar's Scratch X in my auto cleaning toolbox and I wondered if anyone has used this on a lacquered drum? Thanks, JH
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    Anyone try the Tama SLP Snares?

    I've been looking at the Classic Maple 5.5x14 (the one with the stick saver hoops) and the 6x14 G Maple. Any thoughts? JH
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    Zoomatic Tension Screw Size and Thread Pitch

    Does anyone know what the tension screw size and thread pitch on a Slingy Zoomatic is? It looks like a #10 but not sure if it's a 24 or 32 thread pitch. I just got a Zoomatic with a box of toys and it looks like it's in good shape other than the stripped threads on the tension screw. Thanks, JH
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    Hole Spacing for Slingerland Rapid Strainer

    Does anyone know if the hole spacing was consistent throughout the run of the Rapid strainer? Dr. Wenk mentioned that the hole spacing never changed for the Zoomatic but he didn’t mention that for the Rapid. And does the TDR follow the same spacing? Thanks JH
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    Slingerland Snare - What is it?

    Just got another Slingerland snare. It caught my eye because I had one just like it in my late teens, early 20's. On first glance it looks like an Artist series but on a closer look I'm thinking that it's a Hollywood Ace that someone put a Zoomatic strainer on it. There's extra holes on the...
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    Pearl 1973 ish Wood/Fiberglass Rehab Complete

    I've had this kit for about 25 years or so, they belonged to my father-in-law. They have been in boxes for most of the time I've had them. I pulled out the snare 2 years ago, I was in the market for a brass snare and that got me thinking about the old Pearl in the attic. Figured it was just a...
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    Steve Gadd Snare Drum Versions

    I was wondering how many versions there have been of the Yamaha Steve Gadd model snare drum. Aside from the current one that's out now (for $999!!!) I know of 2. I think the original was the one with the black triple flanged hoops and came in maple, birch and steel. The next version was the one...
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    Looking to swap Yamaha Recording Custom Bass Drum 16X20 for MCA 16X20

    I have a piano black Yamaha Recording Custom bass drum 16X20 that I want to swap for a Maple Custom Absolute bass drum, same size, same color. Prefer a gold badge (to match the rest of my pieces). Any takers? JH
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    Slingerland 70's Sound King Shell Question

    I just picked up a mid 70's Slingerland Sound King snare that I picked up cheap and I have a question. The shell is dented under both the strainer and the butt probably because of snare over tightening. I plan to run this over to the repair shop this week. I haven't been able to find any closeup...